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  1. UK Weekend > Mar 25th & 26th

    Doncaster-Plymouth X odds 3.96. Taking Plymouth would be 4.96, but it would surprise me more than a good old-fashioned draw. Kind of amazing odds when you consider the teams' position on the table, both set to go up.
  2. UK Weekend > Mar 25th & 26th

    And in League One, Port Vale to win at home against Dons, odds 4.03. Vale need wins, and Dons aren't particularly strong away...and Vale have beaten them once already. Also, it would be like a side to win the week after everybody was tipping them to beat last-place Coventry.
  3. UK Weekend > Mar 25th & 26th

    Crawley-Orient 2 odds 4.03 Accrington-Grimsby 2 odds 4.35 Strange odds by the looks of it. Orient are fighting, I'll concede they're probably doomed at 7 points down with 8 to play, and their form is terrible. But they're playing a safe Crawley side they beat over Christmas, so I'll take a chance with them. In the other match Stanley are in good form but Grimsby beat them in the first match and match up well home/away. Very generous odds for sides next to each other in the table, safe and out of the playoff spots.
  4. Weekend > Mar 24th & 25th

    Concord-Hemel o3.25 odds 2.17 Chelmsford-Gosport o3.25 odds 1.91 Stalybridge-Worcester o2.75 odds 2.13 Some high lines here, but it's not surprising with all the poor defense on display. The one I'm most confident in is the first. Strangely, the one I'm least confident is the Chelmsford match, because the home side have beaten a number of poor sides by 2-0 this season, and actually Gosport have kept clean sheets (granted, at home) in their last two matches as they fight to avoid the drop. Fingers crossed.
  5. Midweek > Mar 20th - 22nd

    And now you know why I don't make money at this. My first bet, the one I was most confident in, had nine goals. This one, two, after I said I didn't want to be praying for a late push, and that's exactly what I ended up doing. Push on the day instead of a big win.
  6. Midweek > Mar 20th - 22nd

    Adding Poole-Truro, O3, 2.12. 
  7. Midweek > Mar 20th - 22nd

    Eastbourne-Welling o2.5 odds 1.71 for me. Not the best price, but getting the o2.5 instead of 3.0 is a big deal to me. I was also mulling over goals in Halifax-Gainsborough, but the odds are set at o3.25 odds 2.21. I'd bite if the line on offer were o3. Considered Fylde-Stockport but feel this could be tight. Depends on Stockport's defense, as they are just 6-11 over/under this season away, the league's lowest ratio. Also thought about Poole-Truro...typically when there's an odds mismatch (Truro at 9.33?) there's a good chance of matches going over, but Poole play so many low-scoring matches I don't know if I have the stomach for praying for a third goal late for a push. 1-0 or 2-0 are definitely possible.
  8. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    Crawley 4.09 @ Grimsby Carlisle 4.32 @ Mansfield Stevenage-Portsmouth X 3.83 Not much to say about it, as these are bets based on stats, but League Two is just great for away dogs. I wanted to take Morecambe as well, just because of the price, but even with Plymouth's struggles closing down poorer sides at their home pitch, Morecambe aren't that good since they lost attack in the transfer window.
  9. Weekend > Mar 18th

    Last week's three overs looked really impressive but finished win-half loss-push, for +0.6 of a unit or something. This week...? Darlington-Brackley o2.5 odds 1.81 Eastbourne-Bath o2.5 odds 1.74 Dartford-Truro o3 odds 1.86
  10. Weekend > Mar 18th & 19th

    I have to feel that West Brom won't lay down at home...who wouldn't like to add to Arsenal's misery, really? Brom offer by far the most value this week, but don't know whether I'll touch it. 1-1 CS wouldn't be terrible as well.
  11. UK Midweek > Mar 14th & 15th

    For the sake of completeness, taken Yeovil odds 4.26
  12. Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th

    Monaco over 1.5 for me, but I'm hoping for lower-scoring first halfs so I can hit some totals at HT. 
  13. UK Midweek > Mar 14th & 15th

    I've taken three: Bury-Bristol o2.5 odds 1.95 Cambridge-Hartlepool o2.5 odds 1.86 Doncaster-Notts Cty o2.5 odds 1.83 I was interested also in Northampton-Port Vale, but I fear a 2-0. Actually, a 2-0 in the Doncaster wouldn't surprise me either.
  14. Weekend > Mar 11th & 12th

    A bit late, but just wanted to mark down what I took today...over 3 in Kidderminster-Alfreton and Bath-Hemel, over 3.25 in Gainsborough-Fylde. Two of them looking good well into the first half. I swerved on the two home dogs who only became bigger home dogs when a lot of money shifted the odds two minutes before kickoff...Concord and Bradford Park. 
  15. UK Weekend > Mar 10th - 13th

    Coventry-Bradford X @ 3.5 Colchester, Crawley, Stevenage to win @ 4.1ish   The first-half overs were Burton-Nottingham o0.75, Bournemouth-West Ham o1.