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  1. Non-League Predictions > Feb 17th

    For completeness, I took Curzon 4.03 as it got to 3.98 on the BetExplorer averages a couple minutes before kickoff.
  2. Non-League Predictions > Feb 17th

    Weston-East Thurrock o3.25 2.09 Utd of Manchester 3.46 Chippenham 4.06
  3. L1, L2 & Scottish Predictions > Feb 13th

    Added Bradford 4.08, same reasoning as Dons. The odds shot up late. And had I waited, Dundee X would stop being a play, with late money coming to them.
  4. L1, L2 & Scottish Predictions > Feb 13th

    Money toward Carlisle means I swerve. Today’s card: MK Dons 3.95 Carrick Rangers 3.90 Kilmarnock-Dundee X 3.53 Tamworth-Blyth taken yesterday o2.75 1.90, 3.5 units to win 1.5u (3 goals) or 3u (4 goals).
  5. L1, L2 & Scottish Predictions > Feb 13th

    MK Dons are just awful: Can't win away, in a terrible run of form. But this is exhibit A in when to consider backing a dog. They're playing at Oldham, who have a pretty good home record but are sitting with Dons in the relegation zone. And Dons have won there the past three years. In fact, prior to the 4-4 match they played in October, Dons had beaten Oldham the previous six matches. Odds are getting to the territory where I'll think about backing the dog: currently 3.65 on average. I'm asking myself how Oldham is that different from Wimbledon or Bury, two of the three places Dons have traveled to and won this season.
  6. L1, L2 & Scottish Predictions > Feb 13th

    Carlisle away to Notts County are probably value at 3.64 currently. They've won their their last two trips, and Notts haven't been so stunning of late. I'll hope to see the money flow toward Notts and then will gladly take Carlisle...should the money go the other way I'll lay off.
  7. Non-League > Feb. 12

    Took Tamworth-Blyth o2.75 @ 1.85 an hour ago, returned now and it's 1.8. I would imagine it will plummet from here given Blyth's record away this season. Hopefully it doesn't end 1-1.
  8. My one play is Walsall at 4.12. Another of these matches where neither side are lighting the world on fire, and the odds seem very high to me.
  9. Non-League Predictions > Feb 3rd

    Taken Leamington @ 3.95, plus the o2.75 at about 1.9. Also taken the Welling-Gloucester o2.75 @ 2.01.
  10. FWIW I don't back the Newport hangover argument. If anything, after facing a side that strong they're likely to find this match much easier going, and they're five points back of the last playoff spot. Also, If I were going to take the dog, I'd take either win or draw, because the payoff is huge for guessing right. In this league I tend to go for outright wins, but that's mostly early and late in the season.
  11. With the odds about to cross into 4.0 territory I might back Bury, who look a different side since the managerial switch. Bradford have a far better away record, but this is League Two, where that's really typical. New manager syndrome might put me off, but perhaps that doesn't hold with the former assistant taking over.
  12. Non-League Predictions > Feb 3rd

    FAT +4.5, Conf NS +1.4
  13. L1, L2 & Scottish Predictions > Feb 3rd

    +1.6 or so. Caught a big break with the late Oxford winner, but then somehow managed to lose the draw at Wycombe...two short-handed goals after the 93'.
  14. Non-League Predictions > Feb 3rd

    FA Trophy: Stockport X 3.40, East Thurrock X 4.11 Adding: Warrington X 3.39 Conf NS: Whitehawk 3.35, Tamworth 3.25
  15. L1, L2 & Scottish Predictions > Feb 3rd

    League One: Oxford 4.49, Wimbledon 4.03, Plymouth-Blackburn X 3.74 League Two: Stevenage X 3.63, Morecambe X 3.19, Carlisle X 3.30