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There are plenty of factors to take in to consideration when putting money on teams.

Form, sentiment of team, what they have to win/lose and of course statistics.

Form is easy to trace, team news usually gives answers to their morale and sentiment and their league positioning speaks towards the win/lose scenarios.

Statistics are my bread and butter and I want to share a few useful links here. 


  1. The Stats Don't Lie

This website has stats on football and horse racing. 

I only use it for football where you can compare globally, the best teams based on the factors chosen such as BTTS, Overs/Under etc.

Of particular interest and kinda special to this website are:

  • BTTS and win
  • Early goals
  • Scored first
  • Scored in both halves
  • Win to nil
  • O1.5 team goals

The list goes on and on...


    2. FootyStats

Similar website to above with a lot of similar metrics.

The interface is much better however as you can sort by league and most BTTS, average goals, form at home vs away etc.

Of particular interest:

  • Daily games with form
  • Average stats between teams
    • H2H Overs/unders, results, BTTS, HT results etc.
    • Total percentages of the above correlated to their opponent giving an average
  • Own metrics of home advantage vs away advantage -> how their performances differ between home and away
  • Average goals by months, 10 minute or 15 minute increments
  • Frequent scorelines

A lot of useful ones there.


    3. WhoScored

This is a well known one.

The only reason I use WhoScored is for form, bookie prices and most importantly, match specific absences (injuries or suspensions).

They cover previews for big leagues and they are decent but I wouldn't follow the correct score previews.

Finally, I am not affiliated with any of these sites.

I hope you find them useful :cigar


p.s. drop any useful websites in this thread.

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https://www.jokecamp.com/blog/guide-to-football-and-soccer-data-and-apis/  nice read,sums up most of the statistal resources. I like http://www.simplesoccerstats.com/stats/matches.php ,I like that they give you the equity odds for different markets(over/under,bts)

I like the soccerway layout but only use it to see the fixtures and head to head. The game stats are not reliable and the injury and suspension info are way of. 

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footystats.org and soccerstats.com look quite alike but i prefer footystats because you can look at past records, but soccerstats have more information and covers more leagues.

Footystats have a wonderful "Match Search" function that comes in handy for upcoming match based on your preference  

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Nobody comes close to Flashscore for everything to do with goal updates, stats and odds in my opinion. You'll have noticed we were testing out our own livescore with odds and goal updates, pick your own games etc... but we've decided to put it on a stand alone site instead for technical reasons I won't bore you with. ;) 

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On 07/06/2017 at 0:38 PM, Rivilearner said:

I came across this site https://www.fctables.com/ and found it really useful especially their "team form Index" 85% accurate.

i have being following the TFI and when it shows a positive index for the home side and they are ahead in league position it a very strong indication that the home team will likely win ( though if both teams are very close in position like 8th and 9th position playing each other its likely a draw match).

can anyone follow this ?



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