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  1. the bookies are being verry generous ,I'm going with Real Madrid double chance @1.87
  2. In my opinion Portugal is a bit overrated, yes they are european champions but most of it had to do with the way the tournament was played. I see a close game ,most likely a draw . Chili +0,5 @1.60 Germany's defence has not been reliable throughout the tournament , Mexico are fully capable to score. A high scoring affair is a possibility over 2.5 @1.85
  3. Germany at 1.40,was expecting it lower. Are they missing some player?
  4. Man United win @ 1.95 I don't see Ajax posing a lot of threat. They have an inexperienced team that can be sloppy in defence.
  5. Nice one @Notorious ,to bad I didn't saw the parlay, hope I don't miss on the next one
  6. No serious betting this time of the year,will educate and prepare myself for next season. Nevertheless I will have a close eye on the mls, brasil serie a,swedish allvenskan and japanese J league.
  7. combine acca 1 and acca 2 and you have THE MONSTER odds 461.33. Don't miss out on this one!
  8. Bournemouth win @ 2.22 Frankfurt/x @1.47 Hertha/x @ 1.72 Gijon-Las Palmas over 2.5 @1.44 over 0.5 goals Levante @1.78 Ingolstad-Bayer Leverkussen bts @1.55 Hoffenheim +1.5 @ 1.74 total odds @ 38.8 LOST
  9. Luton win @ 1.55 Gladbach win @ 1.69 Juventus-Torino bts @1.55 Swansea-Everton over 2.5 @ 1.89 Dortmund-Hoffenheim bts @ 1.55 total odds @11.89 LOST
  10. segunda devision games Numancia-Murcia bts @2.10 Vallecano-Levante over 0.5 goals Levante @1.78 x/Levante @2.43 Girona FC-Heresca bts @1.89 over 2.5 @2.04
  11. Dortmund-Hoffenheim Hoffenheim +1.5 @1.74 Frankfurt-Wolfsburg Frankfurt DNB @1.88 under 2.5 goals @1.82 Hertha-Leipzig Hertha/x @ 1.72 or Hertha DNB @ 2.55
  12. Bournemouth-Stoke city Bournemouth @ 2.22 bts no @2.28 Swansea-Everton over 2.5 @ 1.89
  13. must be amazing to start from scratch and seeing your project evolve over the years. I'm also planning to build my own model , but I don't have the necessary knowledge yet. I'm planning to take statistic and machinelearning courses next year. Most of the models do not take team characteristics,the quality of players and the quality of an event in consideration( ex a shot from 33 yards has not the same goalscoring threath as one from 10 yards. A predictive model that somehow can introduce those nuances would definItly give you an edge. I don't know if it's realizable,we will see
  14. Can't thank you enough,i'm so delighted, loving it! Those elo ratings have been so helpfull in my betting strategy.
  15. Ajax-Lyon Ajax win @2.35 WON over 1.5 Ajax goals @1.97 WON
  16. City-United; hometeam corners over 6.5 @2.06 corner handicap city-2.5@2.10
  17. zulte waregem-aa gent: OVER 1.5 goals @1.35 walsall-port vale:Walsall DNB @1.55 chelsea-southampton:BTS AND CHELSEA WIN @2.90 gijon-Espanyol:OVER 2.5@ 1.92 carpi-Trapani calcio:CARPI@1.92 RISK 5 euro return 111.85 euro
  18. Gijon- espanyol over 2.5@1.92 Atletico-villareal: bts@2.25
  19. chelsea-southampton: bts @ 1.85,bts and chelsea win@ 2.90
  20. odds on a Juventus win has gone through the roof @6.40,Anyone has an idea why? I don't see any injury concerns
  21. I thinks it's because Hummels and Boateng are playing both were doubtfull.I'm really surprised to see them start, they are certainly not fit. I would not be surprised if Ancelotti will have to make an early sub. My bookies don't offer Hummels , Boateng to be booked @ 4.00,
  22. Real -Bayern: Real to win @ 2.47 Martinez is suspended and both Hummels and Boateng are doubtfull.Neither looked fit in the practice footage I saw. I would be surprised if one of them,let alone both would start. Lewandoski will probably start.Neuer did miss the training at the Bernabeu. Bayern has not been impressive in their champions league away games. winning four losing four and drawing two of their last ten. In the Bundesliga they managed two wins two draw and one loss in their last five awaygames.Safer bet would be dnb @ 1.81. Leicester-Atletico: atletico to win@ 2.10 Atletico have won the first leg 1-0. In my opinion it will be a lowscoring affair. Leicester will not be keen to commit theirself in the first half. Atletico will have most of the possesion not taking to much risks. Leicester will have to make some defensive adjustements.Huth is suspended and Morgan will not be fully fit. Since the 1-2 loss against fc Barcelona mid february,Atletico Madrid have been the most in form team in La Liga.Winning 6 and drawing 2,scoring 15 and only conceeding 3 times. over 1.5 team goals @2.23 There's definitly value but I think the most probable outcome is a 0-1 victory. I hope they can squeeze in a second one. Monaco-Dortmund: first half over 1.5@ 1.91 I don't see much value in the over FT. I will not bet on the game outcome. given the Fabinho suspension and Sidibe's appendicitis I think it can go either way. Both teams have firepower and shaky defences,i expect a goalfest Fc Barcelona-Juventus: If you want to go on vac to the Bahama's this is the one. I will be all over this one draw or juventus @2.60,juventus to win@ 6,00,over 1.5 team goals juventus @3.00,juventus to score first half@2.48,over 1,5 goals first half@2.17,Juventus to win atleast one half @3.00, juventus win and over 2.5@9.00,juventus to win both halves@20.00,Juventus to score both halves@5.25,Cuadrado to assist@5.50, Madzukic to score @4.60 The odds on Juventus are ridiculous! they are no midtable La Liga team,absolutely disrespectfull from the bookies but that's perfect for us.Juventus won the first leg 3-0 and in my opinion It will not be any different. Fc Barcelona will have to go all out, they will be even more vulnerable at the back.Mascherano,Pique and Mathieu are doubtfull for this one.
  23. hahahaha ,love the comments big shot. Will tail it but I'm not convinced about Leicester and Monaco. Leicester has to score so Athletico can play their beloved game. Monaco are somewhat suspicious at the back,I think Dortmund can outscore them. Odds on Juventus are ridiculous.
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