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    CloughandTaylor reacted to Tiffy in Easter Fixtures > Apr 11th - 16th   
    Luton let me down (again), probably should have left this alone as Orient are scrapping for survival.
    Birmingham were looking ok until the 85th minute.
    What happened to Derby,! Their play off ambitions are surely gone now.
    BUT, took Leeds on the DC. The game looked like Newcastle were all over them like a rash, the corner count was 19-0!! But for all that they could only score once.
    Chris Woods will now be on the legends wall at the Amex, along with the Burton team.!
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to allyhibs in Easter Fixtures > Apr 11th - 16th   
    Hibs could finally clinch the title today with a win and that is what is going to happen. The odds are obviously too skinny so i'll stick my neck out and say we'll run out comfortable winners in front of a near capacity crowd. Hibs -1 at 2.00 for me. Easy peasy 
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to StevieDay1983 in Help Steve   
    Honestly, it's fine. I do need the help! Come guys, don't be shy. Dig deep. I need to find my next meal from somewhere after Jose threw that last one away!
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from andrewcalo in Help Steve   
    Yes indeed, probably smarter than his old man and seems a better run club since.
    Really did show EUFA to be a limp organisation, those of us that witnessed the game were aware of what went on (apart from the useless English media.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from andrewcalo in Help Steve   
    It is ok to bet against them these days as they are no longer able to buy the referee, Van Den Stock is no more, along with his ref.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from ElPrincipito007 in Help Steve   
    It is ok to bet against them these days as they are no longer able to buy the referee, Van Den Stock is no more, along with his ref.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from Division in Betting Log [Division]   
    Only just found this, some really good picks here, unlucky not to be 100%.
    Best of luck and will be following from here.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from Bronxie in Easter Fixtures > Apr 11th - 16th   
    Wolves v Brighton. AWAY @ 2.42.
    Very surprised at the odds of 2.42 BF Exchange for Brighton, (2.24 is computer price) against a very average home side with much less to play for.
    Fancied Forest to win at Wolves last week at around 4 ish,  Assombalonga`s shot hitting a defender on the goal line before Wolves went and scored on the break 20 seconds later was the pivotal factor in that game, has to be remembered that Forest are as far from Brighton in ability as they are in location. One of the main reasons for backing against Wolves last time was the two home defeats to Birmingham and Wigan in the last six games they hosted.
    Forest v Blackburn. Home @ 2.22 BF Ex.
    Huge game for both teams today as Forest can feel safe with 3 points while Blackburn winning will only leave part of the job done. This is not the hopeful bet of a fan, but the result of the upturn in fortune expected when Warburton became Forest manager. Was not expecting 3 points from the home game with high flying Huddersfield last week, but 3 points it was along with a resounding 2-0 success. The Terrier`s fans on twitter were happy not to have gone home with a 5/6-0 defeat and were surprised to have been comprehensively outplayed, fairly sure that those that commented will have noticed such a price on Forest today and i hope the fans will have the ground rocking again after what has been another disastrous seasonal performance by the owner of our club.
    Maybe more later with team news and good look to fellow punters today, be careful though not to get involved in the false prices on offer as always at this time of the season, a must win is no guarantee of a result at a short price when a team has been average or poor of late.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from Bronxie in Easter Fixtures > Apr 11th - 16th   
    Well done on sticking with Wigan in the face of such stern resistance, at 0-2 it must have looked bleak at odds of just over evens, one of the reasons you fancied Wigan was as you said "fan support", they never even had that in the PL which is why they find themselves in this position to be fair.
    The only lesson for the "boys" to learn here was that they were correct to oppose odds that were so artificially short and a "must lay" on the exchange.
    Plenty of cash traded at 0-2 to back that up and will be plenty of similar games today.
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to Division in Easter Fixtures > Apr 15th - 17th   
    English Premier League
    Tottenham v Bournemouth
    Bet: Tottenham To Win & Over 2.5 Goals @ 1.67 Paddy Power
    Estimated Win Percentage: 65%
    English Premier League
    Man Utd v Chelsea
    Bet: Chelsea To Win - Draw No Bet @ 2.05 Bet Victor
    Estimated Win Percentage: 56% (ex. push)
    Champions League
    Monaco v Borussia Dortmund
    Bet: Both Teams To Score & Over 2.5 Goals @ 1.53 Coral
    Estimated Win Percentage: 73%

    This is a pretty decent treble that pays over 3/1.
    From my betting log: https://forum.punterslounge.com/topic/159737-betting-log-division/
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to StevieDay1983 in Easter Fixtures > Apr 11th - 16th   

    The first part of the packed Easter fixture schedule can be found above with odds and ratings available. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a very tricky and turbulent period for us as punters and fans. A lot of teams have erratic form as teams fight for their lives and honours. Some of us will see our teams relegated and others will see our teams enjoy the elation of titles and/or promotions. Best of luck on all fronts guys!
    @Tiffy, @Kenton Schweppes, @canaries91, @CloughandTaylor, @rangers234, @allyhibs, @skyblues88, @salmonman, @allthethings, @Tanktop, @sajtion, @Icongene, @Punki85, @DW_United, @discipline, @dogmeister, @MuineBheag, @Vcg2007, @amtopm, @KingSoccertips, @kulikTS, @waynecoyne, and @betcatalog, you are all vital members in this section whose opinions are truly valued. What are you thinking regarding these fixtures? Also, any inside information you can give on your own team would be very helpful.
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to Tiffy in Midweek > Apr 4th & 5th   
    You won't hear this from me very often, BUT for 1 night only "Come onyou Eagles, lets get a win tonight!!"
    Gone for them DC!
    Wish me luck
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from Tiffy in Midweek > Apr 4th & 5th   
    Man Utd just cannot be backed at the price, computer says 1.81, bookies know there will be plenty of takers at 1.57 so there we have it.
    Leicester sadly look like they could rip hopeless sunderland to bits and will take the -1.5 @2.35 Betfair Ex.
    Have lived in the city for 35 years and heard all the stories of the players celebrating in town for too long over the summer, so a defeat to Hull who were struggling to field a team on the first day of the season was the start of the downward trend. Ranieri may have been accused of tinkering, but there were too many players not worthy of a shirt for many months, Ranieri was too loyal to those players and that was a bigger factor in him losing his job in my view. I once many years ago watched a Leicester v Forest reserve game from alongside the dugout as a mate was a steward in that position with no other fans anywhere near. Shakespear told the young sub to warm up and then called him to the line before verbally tearing his attitude apart as he felt the guy was not listening to instructions. Not surprised to see him get maximum effort from this mob that showed Ranieri no respect or loyalty.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from StevieDay1983 in UK Week > Mar 28th - Apr 2nd   
    Just two games for me today as the results will be as unpredictable as ever at this time of the season.
    Preston v Forest.   BTTS.
    Preston are very consistent and strong at home, a record of 6-3-1 at home when playing bottom half opposition.
    Preston on a run of four straight wins at home and seven since a defeat but concede on average one goal at home to bottom half opponents.
    Forest stats are not worth looking up for this game as Mark Warburton was unveiled four days before a stirring first half and late fight back in the 2-2 draw against bitter rivals Derby.
    With the ridiculous international break he has had time to work with the players and install his ethos for an attacking display while keeping a tight defence.
    For this game and as Forest need something from it i think BTTS is great value at 1.9 BF Exchange.
    Fleetwood v Swindon,   Home win.
    Plenty in the stats to suggest a Fleetwood win so nothing clever there, but at this stage of the season the computer price of 1.62 is correct as expected for two teams in this position, yet Fleetwood are available at a huge 1.85.
    Have tried to find the injury situation for both teams without success before posting, would advise anyone else to do the same before KO as the price is so wrong.
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to StevieDay1983 in UK Week > Mar 28th - Apr 2nd   
    So you don't think the Leyton Orient manager departing could actually give them a boost. The whole new manager/ caretaker manager effect that so many clubs experience?
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to Sir Puntalot in Weekend > Mar 18th & 19th   
     to PL @rashers
    Great first post  
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from StevieDay1983 in UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th   
    Only thing guaranteed about Forest v D**by is that it will be as bitterly contested as ever, not a betting game as both in poor form.
    Both will be looking for the "new manager bounce" factor, incredible that this is the 5th consecutive "derby" where both teams have a different manager than the previous encounter, says it all about how these clubs have been run the last few years sadly.
    Pressure of a relegation fight versus pressure to grab a play-off spot, no bet loud and clear from me.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from discipline in Europa League > Mar 16th   
    @discipline, @andrewcalo.
    Bit of a dead rubber here as it gives the appearance of a normal Juliper League game as the tie is dead. 
    Genk have not conceded more than 2 goals at home in the league and have beaten Gent 2-0 at home in December.
    Genk have scored the opening goal in 12 of 15 home games and for that reason in this situation, i believe odds of 2.08 for a home win to be value here in a game i would normally not get involved in.
    1pt Genk @2.08 Betfair Exchange.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from Tiffy in UK Weekend > Mar 10th - 13th   
    Shocking result all round for Celtic
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from Sir Puntalot in Weekend > Mar 10th - 13th   
    Chievo @ 2.08 for me today.
    Empoli without top scorer and always likely to concede away are the two main factors in my view, ought to be around 1.7>1.8 so a good price too.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from Tiffy in UK Weekend > Mar 10th - 13th   
    Great picks with the corners @Tiffy.
    As for Newcastle, think that defeat was universally welcomed as they are such shocking losers with little respect and no class, hope Brighton pick up the silverware as well as promotion.
    Celtic -1.5 @ 2.06, should cover the handicap today.
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to Tiffy in UK Weekend > Mar 10th - 13th   
    Thanks @CloughandTaylor yes you are right about them being bad losers. We have a feeling down here that they the wheels could fall off their promotion challenge and Huddersfield could finish in the top two with us! Wouldn't that be nice....
    Hope my luck with CORNERS carries on for today.
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to Icongene in UK Weekend > Mar 10th - 13th   
    I'd certainly avoid Norwich personally. Seems like they are right back in a slump having gone through a decent run to put them back in play off contention. I'd fancy BTTS in that one.
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    CloughandTaylor reacted to StevieDay1983 in Vincent Tan Set To Sell Cardiff City   
    Yeah, my mate is a Forest fan so he shares his grievances with us on a frequent basis. My friend Jonny did the documentary I Believe In Miracles and he had some choice words to say about the Forest owners. It's no surprise no legends of the club want to be associated with them.
    I think Cellino got the attention because he was outspoken about it. He also appeared to even sack managers who seemed to be doing a decent job but not an excellent job. It's a depressing state of football and the FA has to shoulder a lot of the blame for letting such people take over clubs. The fit and proper persons test is a joke and I have no doubt some individuals are benefiting financially from turning a blind eye to certain figures. Football remains far more corrupt than we admit but because so many benefit from the joy and money it brings then nobody is really keen to uncover the dirty underworld.
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    CloughandTaylor got a reaction from StevieDay1983 in Vincent Tan Set To Sell Cardiff City   
    I am in no doubt he will sell, no desire or loyalty from these guys when the reality that the EPL dream is not as easy to achieve as once imagined.
    Playing football manager with real clubs is a trend that overseas owners seem keen to try, until a long spell in the championship dims the optimism.
    We have the same problem at Forest, but in our case sacking a manager every six months and starting again, is a consequence of being owned by people with no idea.
    Laughable that the media chose to go after Cellino, they have quietened since he cleared most of the debt, appointed the right manager, and made the play-off a real possibility.
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