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  1. UK Week > Apr 25th - 30th

    Huddersfield make 10 changes at Brum, there are surely rules to stop this. Brum miss early penalty though should see off the reserves despite brum being so crap. Wonder if Harry`s dog has delivered a brown paper bag to the Udders boardroom.
  2. UK Week > Apr 25th - 30th

    Some very rare value around today in my opinion and not what we tend to see at this stage of the season, going to break with tradition and have a few pokes. Going to list the odds and bracket the computer odds of the games of interest below, any win bet that looks optimistic will hopefully be covered by LAYS of the teams at poor odds. Birmingham 2.55. (3.45) v Huddersfield 2.4. (3.0) Lay Brum @ 2.56 BF. Birmingham made a poor decision to sack Rowett and matched it with the choice of Redknapp for final three games, a proper lay despite home advantage. Both teams have all to play for so have to come down on the side of seasonal performance. Blackburn 2.1. (2.66) v Aston Villa 3.9. (3.1) Lay Blackburn @ 2.12 BF. Blackburn impressed me at Forest two weeks ago, shutting up shop and scoring with a dead ball situation to win 1-0, not performed like that since so just one win in last six is reason enough to lay them despite home advantage. Villa were so poor not so long ago, even the home fans were tired of the excuses from Bruce but have seen the upturn in form that such an expensive squad should be achieving. Brighton 1.6. (1.59) v BristolC 7.0. (7.0) Brighton WIN@ 1.6. No explanation required as Brighton really want this one and at value odds on all known form tables, and the fact that they have been the best in the division all season. QPR 2.52 (2.52) v Forest 3.15 (3.6) Forest WIN @ 3.15. QPR on a run of six straight defeats and would have been in real trouble had this run started a few games earlier, many of us thought that the punishment for breaking FFP rules should have seen them relegated to the conference instead of promotion to the EPL a few years back, as Leicester should have been with the administration scam that ensured promotion to the EPL sixteen years ago. Forest are recently out of embargo after three years for a lesser breach of the rules that also saw Leeds and Blackburn punished, all three clubs having paid a high price for not being able to reduce the wage bill. Blackburn may indeed suffer the biggest penalty and will sadly compound this sad situation of inconsistent punishment due to the corrupt nature of the game in recent years. Warburton will have Forest ready for this as last week`s win over Reading has given us a great chance of survival against the odds in another season of poor ownership decisions and another three managers. Forest have now beaten six of the seven top sides with one draw despite all of this, and would be a poor show not to get something from this all important game today after putting themselves in with such a live chance. Reading 1.84 (1.71) v Wigan 4.6 (6.0) Reading WIN 1.84. Reading really need three points at a real price here after the defeat last week, while Wigan are just poor and missing key players. Good luck today fellas.
  3. Easter Fixtures > Apr 17th & 18th

    Profit of 4.09. Leeds pick was a damp squib as no show first half. Typical of the bbc to claim that poor Leeds and Newcastle would be feeling it after the battle on Friday, wtf. Tennis is far more physical than the less demanding sport of football, often get 3 hour matches that are often brutal before turning out again two days later. The likes of Newcastle have huge squads due to throwing money at it as do many PL clubs, play in a virtually non contact sport and then claim fatigue
  4. Easter Fixtures > Apr 17th & 18th

    Not a place i bother with myself, but those that do say many away fans in there without drawing attention (shirts covered as any wise fan that just wants a drink will do). As i said the Navigation is a trouble free zone with great beers and many screens for the early kick offs.
  5. Easter Fixtures > Apr 17th & 18th

    Three singles today at odds against. Leeds 2.14 Cardiff 2.34 Burton 3.75 All way too big imo.
  6. Easter Fixtures > Apr 17th & 18th

    Hooters unfortunately is a magnet for twats on both sides, next time find the Navigation Inn on Meadow Lane turning left as you walk along the canal on London Road. Twats will not go anywhere near a pub that is full of real ale drinkers, and would not be able to cope with a few pints of the local brews either. Let me know if you are about in the future and there will be a decent beer waiting.
  7. Easter Fixtures > Apr 15th - 17th

    4.98 profit from Saturday. Boro v Arsenal. Boro are so poor recently that Arsenal can win and keep a clean sheet, this is a bet that i would rarely place on an away team but feel able to take a chance today. Arsenal WIN TO NIL, @ 2.76 BF Ex.
  8. Easter Fixtures > Apr 17th & 18th

    I have to fear for us today as Saturday was so disappointing with so much at stake, only difference today is that we will have space to play, something that was denied by a great performance by Blackburn at the weekend. Forest will have to fight for everything today and will be a no bet for me, but if someone gave me a 50 quid stake and insisted it had to be placed on this game, then the odds on Cardiff would look to good to be true. Wish you all the bad luck in the world today SD, but only today.
  9. Easter Fixtures > Apr 11th - 16th

    Agree with that SD, unfortunately as a fan of Direby`s most bitter rivals, i am sure they would prefer the owners they have to the clusterfook that Forest have had in recent years. The guy promised a third star (3rd European Cup) :D, now we fight relegation while six previous managers are still on gardening leave, and are currently 3rd favourites to win the Nottinghamshire County Cup, Third favs ffs........we always finished runners up until he arrived.
  10. Easter Fixtures > Apr 15th - 17th

    Everton v Burnley. Quite simply this is a match up between a home side with one of the best host stats, versus a spirited team with the most awful visitor stats. Everton -1.5 AH, BF Ex @2.54. Sunderland v W.Ham. Sunderland are so poor that instinct would normally tell me that a WHam goal would be enough to win the game and i was initially tempted to take the 2.7 on the ammers. One stat that interests me though is the performance of both teams versus bottom third of the table opposition. Sunderland have a record at home of 1-0-3 (conceding 1x2 and 2x3 goals in the defeats) and have not met such type of opposition at home since early February. WHam are 2-1-3 against this type away and only failing to score at Leicester, 4 at Swansea, 3 at Boro, 2 at Bnmouth, also scored once at Hull and Watford. Sunderland are a team devoid of confidence and almost as short on ability right now and can still only hope to take a point from a WHam side with quite a few key players missing. Noble suspended, Antonio, Obiang, Ried, and Ogbonna have played 124 first team games between them this season, and yet i still cannot see anything more than a point for Sunderland. Draw @4.4 BF Ex.
  11. Easter Fixtures > Apr 11th - 16th

    Very disappointing result for Forest after a dismal showing yesterday drags us back into the relegation fight, fair play to Backburn playing eight behind the ball and finding a winner from a set piece. Tough trip to Cardiff now and the history with Warnock will ensure we have a tough ask. Delighted with the Brighton result and the follow up from Leeds, Seagulls would be popular champions with the neutrals to say the least. Thanks to Brighton, a small profit on the day.
  12. Help Steve

    Yes indeed, probably smarter than his old man and seems a better run club since. Really did show EUFA to be a limp organisation, those of us that witnessed the game were aware of what went on (apart from the useless English media.
  13. Help Steve

    It is ok to bet against them these days as they are no longer able to buy the referee, Van Den Stock is no more, along with his ref.
  14. Betting Log [Division]

    Only just found this, some really good picks here, unlucky not to be 100%. Best of luck and will be following from here.
  15. Easter Fixtures > Apr 11th - 16th

    Wolves v Brighton. AWAY @ 2.42. Very surprised at the odds of 2.42 BF Exchange for Brighton, (2.24 is computer price) against a very average home side with much less to play for. Fancied Forest to win at Wolves last week at around 4 ish, Assombalonga`s shot hitting a defender on the goal line before Wolves went and scored on the break 20 seconds later was the pivotal factor in that game, has to be remembered that Forest are as far from Brighton in ability as they are in location. One of the main reasons for backing against Wolves last time was the two home defeats to Birmingham and Wigan in the last six games they hosted. Forest v Blackburn. Home @ 2.22 BF Ex. Huge game for both teams today as Forest can feel safe with 3 points while Blackburn winning will only leave part of the job done. This is not the hopeful bet of a fan, but the result of the upturn in fortune expected when Warburton became Forest manager. Was not expecting 3 points from the home game with high flying Huddersfield last week, but 3 points it was along with a resounding 2-0 success. The Terrier`s fans on twitter were happy not to have gone home with a 5/6-0 defeat and were surprised to have been comprehensively outplayed, fairly sure that those that commented will have noticed such a price on Forest today and i hope the fans will have the ground rocking again after what has been another disastrous seasonal performance by the owner of our club. Maybe more later with team news and good look to fellow punters today, be careful though not to get involved in the false prices on offer as always at this time of the season, a must win is no guarantee of a result at a short price when a team has been average or poor of late.