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** March Poker League Result : 1st rosco, 2nd muttley, 3rd Like2Fish **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Marek76, 2nd 1945harry, 3rd Budgie 65, 4th dj.orange, 5th Procalc **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **

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  1. Welcome to Punters Lounge @ray2520 :ok 

    We always give our visitors a voice here so to remain neutral and true to our core, unless we can see it's very spurious claims. We can't get involved like previously because of all the new rules, but I will invite our contacts at Unibet for comment for you. You're welcome to update the thread at any time.



  2. :welcome to Punters Lounge @Ilovemath  :ok 

    I've moved this to where it will get most attention. However, I must advise you that any attempt to sell this software on here via whatever means or any spam, and it will be an instant ban if not emailing team@punterslounge.com for approval. We are a free community and always will be, thanks for your understanding. :cheers 

  3. 45 minutes ago, LeMale said:

    Hi. I've mentioned this a while ago and can't remember if something can be done or not. I seem to remember you asking exactly what message said and i couldn't remember word for word. Anyway, this is what it says(in title) and it doesn't let me add any more "likes" to comments etc. Hoping you can help, thanks. @Sir Puntalot

    That's very odd! Never heard of that before, let me do a few checks. :ok 

  4. 20 hours ago, Valentine said:

    Big bro....been going through the old threads, mining data and preparing for the post Corona Season as no knowledge is useless.

    Have a question, Pinnacle sports claim to welcome winning punters, so in your industry experience.....do you really agree.

    Will they truly honour withdrawals consistently without undue limitations no matter the sum?

    Absolutely in my view or at least they used to, but no UK punters can bet there these days so I can't vouch for that now. They're not shy in taking a big bet though. :ok 

  5. 1 hour ago, BillyHills said:

    Thanks to everyone who entered, we had 87 in total to try and claim the 40 spots in the Virtual Grand National.

    The draw was made by a random name picker, the video will be uploaded for transparency.

    The final field is as follows

    Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 17.05.03.png

    Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 17.05.14.png




    1st : £80
    2nd: £45
    3rd: £35
    4th: £25
    5th: £15

    Best of luck to all who were successful and for those that missed out better luck in our next competition.




    Good luck everyone and huge thanks to @BillyHills for organising this as brilliantly as ever! :cheers 

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