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  1. 5.15 Newcastle Anyonecanhaveitall 11/8 bet365
  2. 5.15 Southwell Break the Silence 13/2 EW bet365
  3. 4.55 Kempton Interrupted Dream 9/2 bet365
  4. 150 Dn: Bielsa (res: Muthmir)225 Dn: Shine So Bright (res: Sir Dancealot)300 Dn: Juan Elcano (res: Threat)335 Dn: Sir Dragonet (res: Logician)410 Dn: Forbidden Land (res: Kingbrook)445 Dn: Baltic Baron (res: Qaysar)555 Dn: The Trader (res: Kitaabaat)
  5. 210 Dn: Angel's Hideaway (res: Di Fede) 240 Dn: Saroog (res: Charles Kingsley) 310 Dn: Stradivarius (res: Dee Ex Bee) 345 Dn: A'Ali (res: Alligator Alley) 420 Dn: Visinari (res: Molatham) 455 Dn: Maori Knight (res: Arabian Moon) 530 Dn: Flavius Titus (res: Citron Major) 600 Dn: Benadalid (res: Light Up Our Stars)
  6. 2.10 Doncaster Angel's Hideaway 8/1 EW sbet
  7. 210 Dn: Graceful Magic (res: Company Minx) 240 Dn: Enbihaar (res: Dame Malliot) 315 Dn: King's Lynn (res: Harpocrates) 345 Dn: Boomer (res: Cloak of Spirits) 420 Dn: Drummond Warrior (res: Saluti) 455 Dn: Good Birthday (res: Davydenko) 530 Dn: Mutamaasik (res: Archaeology)
  8. NR in first race, please replace with: 150 Dn: Misty Grey
  9. 150 Dn: Lampang 225 Dn: Bravo Faisal 300 Dn: Tis Marvellous 335 Dn: Ascot Week 410 Dn: Litigious 445 Dn: Loxley 520 Dn: Roundhay Park