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  1. Mistake , sorry Will update bets when can
  2. Great Ipswich side at the time. One of the top teams in Europe around that time.
  3. Unlucky with Volcano just being held off by the favourite. Disappointing from the always crazy Gumball, but that’s just him🙂 P/L jump season start date 8th October 2022 -30.57
  4. Plumpton 1.15 Volcano 6/1(2nd beaten by a neck) and Diablo De Rouhet 10/1 both joint top rated. Both decent prices so will play both. Plumpton 2.50 Gumball 11/4 5 points win Gumball and 3 points win the other two P/L jump season start date 8th October 2022 -19.57 Back On The Lash is a non runner so altered bets in the 1.15 race
  5. Thought you were on about something else there mate 😉
  6. Galopin Des Champs now 7/4 for the gold cup. Hammered some goold horses , but any serious good cup contender would have eaten that field for breakfast then spat them back out and had them for lunch, too. Have bookies always overacted with prices and shortened horses after winning races they should have won well? Also nice to see Appreciate It win well on his first chase outing. Arkle bound hopefully .
  7. I’m trying to get out of the habit of having more than one horse unless it’s a big field or I really cannot split the two and they are favourable prices. Not only does it lessen your profit/loss total if you’re on a losing run, but it just annoys me that I’m picking more than one selection in what is usually not that big a field . Same with ew at small odds of 4/1-5/1. I think the fear of losing can be a problem. It’s a hard game to master is horse racing punting .
  8. Wtf is going on. They had rain all day/night yesterday . Temperatures in double figures today .
  9. There’s a decent class 2 at Lingfield today which warrants a look at, but I’m not sure what the going will be declared as because they have had covers on for the last two days which they are taking off this morning. You’d have thought they would have taken them off yesterday morning and let the rain get into the surface properly. I’ll sit it out unless I’m back from work early enough to go through it.
  10. I kind of know where you’re coming from. First time is a mistake and second time is taking the piss . Just think regarding the subject that is alcohol and drugs that addiction of some sort can play a big part in repeat offending .
  11. I think banned for life would be very harsh. Maybe he had a problem with the drug and alcohol also? Wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last to have those issues in horse racing .
  12. Also has a big personality which you can’t help but like . True star is Frankie .
  13. Hereford still hangs in the balance. Couple of class 2s there I was going to look at, but I’ll wait for the green light first .
  14. Looks like Cheltenham is off . My bets have just been voided . Thought they would have survived but oh well
  15. Cheltenham 1.15 , Third Time Lucki 6/1 Im not his biggest fan, but always felt he could go well in handicaps and todays mark of 147 will see him go close I think. He rides Cheltenham very well. Cheltenham 1.50 , IL Ridoto 5/1 more to follow hopefully
  16. Ive got it very similar Simply The Betts 9.53 IL Ridoto 9.39 Stolen Silver 9.22 War Lord 9.14 Im only siding with one though and I think IL Ridoto has Simply The Betts beat on their last race and he’s 1Ib better off from their last race beating Simply by 8 lengths. 5 points IL Ridoto
  17. The last race of the day at Cheltenham, the sun wasn’t a problem but they still decided to take out two hurdles I think it was . The ITV presenters all said they couldn’t understand why they were now omitting hurdles. It really is piss poor isn’t it. Would they have done that at the festival in March? I just hope tomorrow isn’t the same. Hopefully the races I’m on are not too late on the card .
  18. - 6 today although it’s felt colder 😉 P/L jump season start date 8th October 2022 -19.57
  19. I’m trying a lucky 15 every Saturday from now on. 0.50 a bet though .
  20. Omitted hurdles at Cheltenham so pulling my Indefatigable bet .
  21. 2.25 Cheltenham, Captain Cattistock 5/1 3.35 Cheltenham, Indefatigable 10/1 5 points win each , 1 point double 65/1 P/L jump season start date 8th October 2022 -13.57
  22. I’m being more selective with my bets from now on . Leave most of the midweek stuff unless it’s a decent class 3 or higher. Going to also narrow it down on Saturdays to a max of 4 races. 4 selections and also bang them in a lucky 15 or Yankee depending on the odds .
  23. Sorry to post late, been rushing about this morning for my lads footy cup final. Price shortened first two. 12.55 Fairyhouse The Dabbler 11/2 1.05 Kelso Cash To Ash 7/1 2.55 Huntington Mister Fisher 13/2 5 points each
  24. Good day of racing today. Tough , but good. Big fields , no ducking or diving, how it should be.
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