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  1. Took 18/1 for finest view now at 22s and 11/4 for Honey I’m good Also want to make a point of mentioning Irish Prophecy who I flagged up on here for his last run over fences . Ran well after a break running very prominent and was stretched by the 3.2 miles running out of steam around the 3m mark and maybe lack of fitness. He’s been dropped 7Ibs for that and also has a run over hurdles under his belt . I think he could be ready to strike very soon and at a big price, maybe today will be his day back at his preferred 3 miles . Also just noticed he has a 5Ibs claimer on board today , so he’s very well in here imo .
  2. Galway 6.00 Quantum Realm 146 6/1 Pakens Rock 145 10/1 Your Darling 144 7/1 Bodhisattva 144 33/1 5 points win Quantum
  3. Galway 5.00 Nucky Johnson 149 20/1 Shecouldbeanyhing 145 6/1 Sundial 145 9/1 Weddell Sea 144 14/1 Lucid Dreams 143 14/1 5 points win Nucky Will do the blazers chase tomorrow once back from work , I want my bed now.
  4. Bangor 3.20 Current odds Finest View 119 14/1 Well Educated 117 20/1 Inca Prince 116 15/2 Onward Route 116 12/1 Let Me Be 116 20/1 Bangor 3.55 Current odds Honey I’m Good 141 5/2 Saint Arvans 140 11/1 Mr Mafia 136 11/1 Irish Prophecy 136 20/1 Empire De Maulde 136 14/1 According to RP forecast both top rated will drift so I’ll wait and see if they do. 5 points win both .
  5. No luck , hope this dry run ends soon before I have to stop the kids pocket money to fund my nags 😉 P/L jump season start date 8th October 2022 +60.19
  6. No luck , hope this dry run ends soon before I have to stop the kids pocket money to fund my nags 😉 P/L jump season start date 8th October 2022 +60.19
  7. No luck , hope this dry run ends soon before I have to stop the kids pocket money to fund my nags 😉 P/L jump season start date 8th October 2022 +60.19
  8. Good run from Icare Allen there wasn’t too far away in 4th . Nice one for the ew backers but no money for me who had it on the nose . Good run for my money that’s all you can ask.
  9. No better feeling than putting in your own work and the horse winning , or going on a good run with your selections.
  10. Just didn’t have the time for it today or should I say last night . Doesn’t look the best of days anyway. Tomorrows racing looks better.
  11. I don’t think anyone is judging his selection skills . He obviously knows what he’s doing, but some people sometimes question him putting out throw away bets for bookies and also his profits that he puts out there. Not sure if any of that has any grounds for discussion but I do know it’s hard to get on at the prices he puts up.
  12. This may help although it doesn’t give exactly what you’re after but you could build severing around this I suppose.
  13. Galway Hurdle Icare Allen 158 22/1 Cash Back 157 25/1 Da Capo Glory 156 22/1 Filey Bay 152 5/1 Tudor City 151 14/1 5 points win Icare Allen
  14. I’m trying a new tactic tomorrow with my jumps selections . I think I need to improve my ratings a touch and I’ll see how this works . Completely different to how I normally do it. Stratford 5.25 Gentleman Valley 134 5/2 Mr Years 133 4/1 Shantou Express 130 6/1 Hoganville 130 11/2 Gentleman comes out on top. Ticks the boxes for distance , going and class too. He’s actually upped in distance an extra 3 furlongs but I suspect he’ll stay that . 5 points win
  15. Way back last of the finishing horses . Wave Of The Sea the only one in my top 5 to finish in top 5 P/L jump season start date 8th October 2022 +70.19
  16. Definitely isn’t , probably same thing sent out to other websites .
  17. It didn’t seem too bad yesterday but obviously the rain arrived overnight . Galway got off lightly I think and the going has gone from Yielding to Good/Yielding which favours my selection and the likes of Hewick. Hewick will have to run to 170+ to win this I’d have thought which is an almighty ask.
  18. Galway Plate Chase Easy Game 9.32 18/1 Fury Road 8.97 12/1 The Goffer 8.91 14/1 Kilcruit 8.9 13/2 A Wave Of The Sea 8.76 40/1 Super competitive race 22 runners. This race is usually won by unexposed novice types carrying less than 11 stone but the last two renewals of been won by classy types Hewick last year and Royal Rendezvous the year before carrying big weights . Hewick returns along with some other big names. Hewick scores low on going and his current mark hence why not in the picture for me but he’s a real class act. I hope conditions don’t get too testing for Easy Game although he has won on soft ground before but wouldn’t want it too bad. Finished second in this race two years ago and 10th last year off a pound higher but was hampered twice which killed momentum near the end. 11,4 isn’t the end of the world because he’s has lots of class about him . I’ll be brave and go 5 points on the nose
  19. I noticed his price earlier and thought that’s too big surely
  20. Big jumps race in Ireland worth 270k euros, The Galway Plate. Will look forward to going through it on a bit. Any thoughts ?
  21. Regarding Lord Riddifords previous form you can ignore that because every time he’s won at Goodwood he’s had poor form . He loves the course , connections target this race so anything previous or after just put a line through because this is his target. Also helped he was on a lower mark than his previous festival win. Well done winners. Existent was my top rated for this race which finished 2nd. Lord Riddiford and the favourite were joint top rated in the RPR/Weight experiment I’m doing
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