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  1. 3.10 Curragh Broome 8.25, 4/5(7/1) no value won Pondus 7.75, 11/1(8/1) value Bowerman 7.45, 10/1( 8/1) value Thundering Nights , 7.35, 12/1(8/1) value 2nd
  2. Curragh 2.35 Lancaster House 9.2 , 8/1(7/2) no value won Speak In Colours 8.2, 9/1(17/2)no value Know It All 8 , 9/1-10/1(7/2) no value 3rd Current Option 7.9 , 10/1 (15/2) no value 2nd The bookies have all 4 near the top of the betting .
  3. Seems a lot more active which is great
  4. Has this forum got busier over the last few months? The horse racing section, anyway?
  5. I’ve read somewhere that older horses are stronger than younger horses, which could help jump horses against their younger counterparts. Obviously there will be a cut off age where a horse is just too old . Once they hit 12 I get very itchy about backing them. I have no stats to back this up, but I think that the gap between younger and older horses in jump racing is closer than the gap between younger and older horses in flat racing . It seems logical to me that that’s the case but would be happy to be proven wrong. It would also help with ratings if it was true because I could apply differ
  6. Not so good. The two 8 year olds bettered the 6 year old 😂
  7. Totally with you on this . 10 year old jump horses still have it in them to win top top races . 7 year old flat horses, although won’t improve any, might still remain competitive. Well some will anyway. I think the way round it is to look at their form. If a 7 year old won two starts back in same class and their mark isn’t too harsh, then you could have them down as still having the ability to be competitive. Ones judgement is needed for individual horses .
  8. Yes I gathered. So you reckon I deduct 10% off their rating if they are above a certain age
  9. Blue De Vega would have had a significant deduction for age as he’s 8 and that’s old for flat horses. Came from the dark is probably at its peak as a five year old and was strong in the betting. I felt comfortable with Tis Marvellous’s rating although 7, so would have had a deduction but would have still have been top rated no doubt . Came from the dark would have been second rated if I’d used the age ratings . Keep learning and tweaking and hopefully get a good run out of it. Not bad so far.
  10. Thanks MC . Could use that with my ratings. I don’t deduct points for horses aged younger than 10 but going off that I might start deducting horses that are aged 9 because there is a significant drop aged 9. It’s not often I bother with races with 4, even 5 year olds.
  11. Came from the dark wins . Top twos prices dropped massively before the race. Will start age rating tomorrow.
  12. Out of interest what’s the age of decline in jump racing?
  13. Ratings might be slightly too high for the older horses, so the ratings on some of them in the top 3 might be too generous. Not taken into account age, yet, but will add in age rating for the weekend and also going forward into the flat season .
  14. Nice one MC . I can see why that would be the case in the sprints but I’m surprised it’s that young for 1m+ races
  15. 2.15 Newbury Charlie D 9, 18/1(17/2) value nowhere Cleonte 8.25, 9/1(9/1) right odds 4th Couer De Lion 7.7, 18/1(10/1) value nowhere
  16. What’s considered old for a flat horse. For example 10-13 for jump horses is considered getting old although plenty still retain ability at 10-11. What’s the equivalent for flat horses . For my ratings I deduct points for double figure age , you see, and need to apply it to the flats.
  17. Newbury 1.40 Tis Marvellous 8.15, 13/2(5/1) value Blue De Vaga 7.9 , 10/1(5/1) value Came From The Dark 7.05, 5/1(6/1) no value won
  18. Surprised top rated never won but the top 3 were the top 3
  19. Oh I think it’s Wanderlust who lives in Asia . My bad haha
  20. Do you live in Asia ? What’s the racing like over there?
  21. I’ve had two 1-2s that I can remember since I’ve been rating the way I’m doing it at the moment . One was at Cheltenham in a very big handicap so I’d say you can make it pay but it’s remembering or being arsed to do it. The jumps are winding down now so it’s probably best to leave it be unless it’s a big race with a nice pot. Since Cheltenham my jump ratings are not as good,it could be just coincidence, or horses and trainers ready for a break until next seasons jumps . Scottish national Sunday, so that will be worth doing.
  22. Domaine wins. I was suspect about the distance too. His form got franked today by Manofthemountain .
  23. Good run by Coo Star , but just got touched off again.
  24. Newmarket 3.00 Group 3 Oxted 8.75 2nd Summerghand 8.1 1st Emaraaty Ana 8 3rd Oxted obvious favourite as he brings the best form and is race fit. Odds are 2/3 so no surprise if he wins . Second and third clear of rest.
  25. The winner was 9/1 and second 7/1 in a 11 horse race . What sort of money would you get back , say from £3 forecast ?
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