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  1. Newbury 1.35 Outbox 6/1 2.45 Chindit 15/8 won 3.20 Gin Palace 25/1 ew/Johan 14/1 ew Jonah placed
  2. 3.20 Newbury Gin Palace 7.95, 25/1(13/1) value Johan 7.5, 14/1( 14/1) right odds On This Is Us 7.3, 16/1(14/1) value Danyah 7.25, 7/2(15/1) no value Matthew Flinders 6.8, 7/1(16/1) no value Gin Palace 5 points ew 25/1 Johan 5 points ew 14/1 Gin Palace has a low draw which isn’t ideal and cold trainer, but at that price I’ve got to play him. Good distance record and runs well at the course with 5Ibs claimer . Johan nice draw and hot trainer .
  3. 2.45 Newbury Chindit 7.8, 15/8(7/1) no value won Alkumait 6.2, 11/2(9/1) no value Nando Parado 6, 6/1(9/1) no value Very short in the betting but clear of the rest. Chindit 10 points win 15/8
  4. 1.35 Newbury Outbox 8.2, 6/1(11/2) value 3rd Red Vernon 6.55, 14/1(7/1) value Without A Fight 6.5, 6/1(7/1) 2nd no value Outbox looks the bet . Hot favourite Al Aasy may want it softer and also may need the run. Outbox 10 points win 6/1
  5. Yes, the big handicaps I’m ok with, but for example I had Broome at 7/1 today. Just can’t have him a 7/1 shot in the race he was in today . He only just won, mind .
  6. There’s 3 I’m going to rate.
  7. Scottish National Mighty Thunder 11/1 ew The bet was put on yesterday, and is only 8/1 now with sky bet . I did put him up yesterday in another thread at 11/1.
  8. 75 points returned(+65 points profit)
  9. Enjoying the flats so far 😂. I’m hoping it’s a bit easier to rate than jumps .
  10. Broome completes the double. 75 points returned . Thundering Nights second .
  11. Speak In Colours came 5/11 so top 4 rated finished in top 5.
  12. I might try and add one or two things and see how it works. Don’t want to interfere with it too much though.
  13. Any chance you can do my tax returns 😉
  14. Just a quick one. You know when we do our own odds and we have top rated 11/1 but bookies have them 7/2. Is that the bookies being tight or is it our odds out by a few points ? If we are out by a few points is there any way we can get the odds down to be more realistic. Ok it’s killing the value factor a bit , but if our odds are out then surely it’s better to get them more accurate . Use points for horses strong in the betting is maybe one solution .
  15. Mighty Thunder ran a blinder lto . He just got beat by the very short priced JP horse who looks a good un. 5Ib rise to contend with, but we’ll see.
  16. Aye Right keeps running his balls off in very competitive handicaps. He deserves a big un but I’m not sure he’ll stay .
  17. 2.35 Curragh , Lancaster House(7/2) 3.10 Curragh , Broome (4/6) 13/2 double , sky bet £20 win
  18. Going for the Curragh double tomorrow Lancaster House/Broome 13/2 10 points the bet
  19. 2.35 Curragh , Lancaster House (7/2) 3.10 Curragh , Broome (4/6) 10 points double 13/2 Will start a profit/loss update from tomorrow for the start of the flat season
  20. Scottish national Mighty Thunder 7.5, 11/1(15/1) no won value Coup De Pinceau 6.8, 22/1(17/1) value Vintage Clouds 6.65, 10/1(17/1) no value Soldier Of Love 6.6, 8/1(18/1) no value Big River 6.45, 16/1(18/1) no value Top rated looks the bet as I think he stays all day . 5 points ew Mighty Thunder 11/1
  21. Aidan O’Brien/Ryan Moore double? top rated in both races
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