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*** Punchestown Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. Craig Bluenose, 2nd. Lee Grays & 3rd. Carole Dawney ***
** May Poker League Result : 1st McG, 2nd muttley, 3rd GirlyWirly **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st CertiF, 2nd PercyP, 3rd adamross, 4th Joelavfc, 5th Chris P **
** May Naps Competition Result: 1st Internetmails, 2nd Rug, 3rd Rolandcooper, 4th Adamross. KO Cup Winner: Xtc12, Most Winners: Mickyftm32 **

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  1. Didn’t have a bet but yes it would have been a nice win and even better forecast.
  2. Not bad that . Well done Richard .
  3. Cheltenham 4.25 Singlefarmpayment 8.9 , 4/1 ( 17/2) no value 4th Beware The Bear 7.95 17/2, ( 9/1) no value pulled up Coo Star Sivola 7.9, 8/1 (9/1) no value 2nd
  4. Cheltenham 2.05 Grade 2 handicap Benatar 7.75 , 8/1(7/1) value Two Taffs 7.6 , 22/1(7/1) value Coole Cody 7.5, 4/1(7/1) no value
  5. Just noticed Cheltenham have a good card for tomorrow
  6. I’ve had a practise go at this as it’s a decent card tomorrow . Count Otto 8.15 1st Chil Chil 7.55 2nd Dazzling Dan 7.5 Gun Metal 7.4 im struggling to rate form on the ones that haven’t ran for a while . What I’ve done is looked at their record when fresh and scored them on that , but I’m not confident doing that. Will be glad when most of them have had 1-2 runs .
  7. Regarding points , I keep it simple. 1 point=£1 . It’s rare I bet more than 10 points on a selection. I just like to keep things as simple as possible in what can become a complicated sport to bet on. I’m still not fully happy with my strategy. Hoping to smooth some things over for the flat season, then be ready for the jumps next season which I prefer .
  8. Always assumed hurdles and fences should be treated the same, but I tend to do better over fences . Just wondered if there’s something in it, and other people find themselves doing better one over the other . Maybe it’s just coincidence. Not sure how you could rate either sphere differently tbf . Might leave them alone for the most part and concentrate more on the chases next season .
  9. Does anyone think there’s a difference in doing well over fences more so than hurdles ? I seem to do better over fences than hurdles . Is it just coincidence or does anyone else notice a trend in their betting where they do better at one kind of spear over the other.
  10. Does anyone else do better over fences than they do hurdles, or vice versa. Thinking of concentrating on mainly chases rather than hurdles next seasons jump racing. Not a big fan of those big 20 runner hurdle races either. They are too chaotic and everything just happens so fast . Horses probably more likely to fall over fences but it seems more calmer .
  11. Tweaked mine slightly this morning. Also made a few notes regarding things to take into account . Scottish national next weekend so will see how it goes . Think I’ll leave the flats until may
  12. Another winner who was over the fences for the first time. Apart from tiger roll who doubled up the last 9-10 winners were over the national fences for the first time. That’s a pretty strong stat . Most of the horses in top 10 were over the fences for first time. Think only Blaklion and Jett were only two to jump national fences before.
  13. Well done winners and thanks again to MC and whoever else may have helped out.
  14. Blaklion the only British trained to finish in the top 10. Thought Cloth Cap was in a great position but just vanished .
  15. Blaklion ran a cracker . The only British trained to finish in top 10
  16. Think it was a bit tongue in cheek going off what Matt chapman is normally like. The Irish have absolutely mopped it all up .
  17. On fire aren’t they. What a nice bloke too.
  18. First 5 were Irish trained weren’t they?
  19. First 4 were Irish trained I think. That bet was 50/1 this morning . First 5 at least were Irish trained .
  20. Great stuff by Rachel . Didn’t fancy the horse at all. Thought Jett was superb but didn’t last home. Jumped those fences well though. Congratulations to anyone who had the winner. Hope all got home safe .
  21. Done it easy enough didn’t he. Sam Brown got stung by a wasp or bee on the way up and had an allergic reaction.
  22. First winner of the festival . 45 points returned
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