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  1. hello again just been looking at my data I have been collecting for this method and with it I just feel the game in La Liga Getafe v Real Betis the first goal method will be a header so I am having a very small cheeky bet @ 4/1 bet365
  2. if you miss the 7/4 with sky bet bet365 have the bet at 8/5
  3. just go to the days meeting on paddy power select a race then look at the racing post to see if inside traps1/2/3 or outside traps 4/5/6 have more chance to have the winner then just bet 2 races to more than double your money as my work commitments are bad at the moment I do not have much chance to check for races myself
  4. I just like them for they are the only one now who does this bet betfred does not do this bet now and its good as 3 dogs are running for you
  5. Hello all not much going on this thread the above systems work if you have time to watch the races but have notice its hard to pick the winner in the evening cards anyway been spring cleaning and found this only criteria we need to match. dogs were made favourite for a reason .last race 1st Make sure greyhound is running the same distance as last race. 2nd Make sure the venue is the same as the greyhounds last race. 3rd Make sure it is only a maximum of 7 days since they last raced. 4th Select the dog with the shortest odds last time (preferably favourite last time) as your selection to win.
  6. Report post I love too find ways to bet on any sports but i must have as many chances working for me here's one I found mathematics tells you if you can double a 1/3 and a 1/2 shot it becomes an evens chance there's a market that you could do every day by just picking two greyhound races and the beauty of this market is you get 3 greyhound running for you so anyone who has one brain cell can look at the right ups in the racing post or do a bit of study to find which dog could win the race Remember be patient and wait for the right races to come along before you decide to place a bet, this takes a lot of discipline Believe me it will definitely be worth it because you will begin to profit almost instantly you must remember you only want two races and two wins to double your money Don’t behave carelessly and chase loses. If you do it won’t take too long for your betting bank to be seriously depleted, or even worse wiped out. Be warned, if on any days betting you still incur losses. See it as a temporary hitch on the way to your long-term profit goals; stop and walk away until the next day. so what's the market? the market is odd trap v even trap or the inside v outside the shortest price I seen was 1/3 the biggest was 4/5 for this market the bookmaker is paddy power online or shop hope this is use to anybody
  7. hi all hope you are all well posting up early Crystal palace v Southampton @1.57 and Aston Villa v Watford @ 1.53 double good luck what ever you do sorry all these are Tuesday not Saturday
  8. hi all hope you are all well posting up early as no time this week Southampton v Wolverhampton @1.57 and Brighton v Aston Villa @ 1.50 double good luck what ever you do
  9. go to bet365 premier only which will be Saturday picked a match which you think the first goal to be scored will be scored by a shot then select goals then scroll down to first goal method click on the down arrow then the menu will give you option select shot that's all there is to it as a certain advert say simple
  10. 1xbet bookie but you get lower price
  11. When I looked yesterday, they'd trimmed the +2 handicap price to evens but left the "most corners" price at 3/1. When I went on today (with the intention of having a bit on the 3/1) it had been cut to 11/10 and the handicap market taken down. should have done it then as the missus say if she is shopping and see something she get it there and then as waiting later to go back and get it its sods law it already gone that's life I guess
  12. its only half time but Coventry are 6 corners to Bristol R are 1 but Bristol R are winning 2-1 goals