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    notanotherdonkey got a reaction from calva decoy in Racing Chat - Monday May 18th   
    Get well soon.
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    notanotherdonkey got a reaction from richard-westwood in Racing Chat - Monday May 18th   
    Get well soon.
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in PDC Home Tour   
    Anderson does it with ease really. I'm surprised by that really but based on the others doubling, i suppose only one was it was going to finish. Van Duijvenbode was shocking at doubling. All 3 were really. Tonight, I'm going simple and backing Price all the way. He got unlucky on Day 2 when he ran into an inspired Woodhouse, hitting 100,110 plus averages and hitting 9 darters and he wont be getting that kind of quality against him tonight.
    Group 31 :
    G. Price
    J. Cullen
    B. Brooks
    K. Brown
    2pts G. Price to win all 3 5-0, 5-1 5-2 or 5-3 7/2 paddypower
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    notanotherdonkey got a reaction from Trotter in Racing Chat - Sunday May 10th   
    No bets from me tonight after last nights 10-1 sp winner.Good Luck. Stay Safe#
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    notanotherdonkey got a reaction from Trotter in Racing Chat - Sunday May 10th   
    Was in the sun newspaper today.
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Trotter in Racing Chat - Sunday May 10th   
    Where are you guys getting the German cards from ?
    Post, Life, ATR don't appear to have them ...... I'm surprised the Post hasn't got them, they have the German form in the database, well from the main tracks
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Darran in Racing Chat - Saturday 9th May   
    The last 3 races will be available to watch on bookmaker websites should anyone be up early.
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in Modus Icon Of Darts   
    Without sounding like a broken record tomorrow, I will go for Cole once again. The main reason for this is because he faces his hardest match first up, against Evans. I've said before that Cole starts these very well and if Evans drops below 90 average tomorrow first up, then Cole should get the win. He beat Evans when they played first up on Tuesday, infact. Cole didn't do too much wrong in only losing to Evans and Adams. Cole has kept a mid 90s average through this week.
    2pts J. Cole to win Group A 9/2 bet365
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in Modus Icon Of Darts   
    Well it was a shame that Sherrock didn't play today because I'm pretty sure that Cole would have won that bet. Once again he started on fire. He had a good day really. I think he got 8pts in the end and only lost to eventual winner Evans and a poor loss to Adams. 
    Tomorrow we're back to Group B and Askew is once again offered up at close to 5/1 and I'm going to try again. He did little wrong on Tuesday winning every match but one. The only match he lost was the guy that pipped him on leg difference, Monk. He was leading that match 3-1 against Monk in a 'first to 4' and so i'm surprised that he's priced up at similar or close to 5/1 once again. He faces Nijman and Monk in the last couple of matches and so he could potentially be sitting on 4 wins from 4 before those 2. He beat Nijman yesterday and we don't see what Nijman turns up tomorrow.
    2pts J. Askew to win Group B 9/2 bet365
    2pts A. Monk to beat M. Warburton, most 180s and highest checkout 2/1 paddypower
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Trotter in Racing Chat - Thursday May 7th   
    The Hanover meeting is streamed live on their YouTube channel .....

    and on the German Racing website...........
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in PDC Home Tour   
    no joy last night. I was quite disappointed in Kim. I thought he was pretty poor. Not quite as poor as Derry, but nevertheless abit of a rubbish night.
    Group 19 :
    G. Durrant
    J. Pipe
    V. Van Der Meer
    M. Kuivenhoven
    I'm taking the favourite tonight. I already have an outright pick on Durrant and I think he wins tonight. He has been on Twitter today saying that he has lost 3 practise matches in a row, but I think when he gets down to it, he will turn it on. 
    I do however, think that Kuivenhoven can have a good night and win his other 2 matches. 
    5pts G. Durrant to win Group 19 evens paddypower
    2pts G. Durrant to win all 3 matches 5-0, 5-1. 5-2 or 5-3 11/2 paddypower
    2.5pts Kuivenhoven to beat J.Pipe 6/5 betfred
    1pt Kuivenhoven to win all 3 matches 8/1 paddypower
    1pt G. Durrant to have most 180s in all 3 games 12/1 betfair
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Darran in Racing Chat - Tuesday 5th May   
    3 winners including a 12/1 shot and a place in the last to make it a profitable morning once again. Some cracking action and it was great to see some jumping again. Sadly Sir Isaac Newton suffered a fatal fall at the last when in front.
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to BillyHills in Racing Chat - Tuesday 5th May   
    We actually had 5 winners last night on the Tips page!!
    Lest go again;
    Nap: 1115 WRD: Nocturnal Mission
    Nb: 1121 FP: Sciotos Shoes
    845 WR: Oklahoma Line 
    1027 FP: Want To Be Cowboy

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    notanotherdonkey got a reaction from Darran in Racing Chat - Tuesday 5th May   
    Thank you Darran I signed up for an account and have chromecast and a firestick.
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Darran in Racing Chat - Tuesday 5th May   
    I got a chromecast last week and discovered I can watch on it so if you have one you will be able to watch it on your tv if you want to watch it live or the replays when you wake up as I shall. As I keep saying it’s totally free to sign up to and their coverage is superb.
    The meeting should be on Sky but the two times of late I’ve wanted to watch a Victorian meeting they have the rights to it hasn’t been shown. No idea why but it does need someone in Australia to switch the feed from the Australian sky racing channel to the Victorian meeting and I wonder if it’s something they’ve dropped since Coronavirus. Worth recording just in case though as like I say they do have the rights to show it.
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Darran in Racing Chat - Sunday May 3rd   
    I always watch it as live in the morning either via Sky or for the meetings they don't show. You just have to cover the result on your phone/laptop and press the replay button. Don't use the Racing Post for Australian form as it is incomplete and they only put the bigger races up anyway. If it is Victoria or South Australian you want then is the best place to go. It is totally free to sign up for an account and the coverage is superb. covers them all and is another site I use. When I am in Australia I always buy a paper called The Winning Post which comes out on a Friday over there. One advantage with all this is that it is now available online and is ready to purchase on a Thursday morning UK time. It is just over £2.50 and the fact I have been able to get hold of a copy has been a massive help with doing my previews. They cover Friday - Monday meetings so plenty to go to war with should you wish.
    Just going to add the official Racing Australia website which is
    Seen that you want something you can see all the past form of a horse and this site allows you to do that very easily. This is the link for the Warrnambool card to Tuesday as an example
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to StevieDay1983 in Belarus Cup Predictions > Apr 29th   
    BATE Borisov vs Slavia Mozyr
    The second match in the 2020 Belarusian Cup semi-final second legs is coming up at 6pm BST tonight when BATE Borisov take on Slavia Mozyr at the Borisov Arena. The away side hold a 1-0 advantage heading into this second leg and having already beaten their opponents 2-1 in the league as well they hold a mental edge over the hosts before a ball has even been kicked.
    BATE Borisov have long been one of the big names in Belarus football but this season hasn't exactly gone to plan so far. Kirill Alshevsky's reign as manager could be thrown into doubt if the team fails to turn this tie around. The club is in 4th in the league but have already dropped more points than they would have liked. The last success BATE experienced in this competition was in 2015 and their fans will be craving another trophy being added to their cabinet. Their victims in the cup so far have included Dinamo Minsk, Torpedo Minsk, and Sputnik Rechitsa.
    Slavia Mozyr fans are expecting nothing more than mid-table mediocrity this season and that's exactly what looks set to happen with the club currently in 13th place. Mihail Martsinovich has seen his side defeat BATE twice this season already but he'll be more than aware that both of those wins came on home turf. Getting the business done on the road in BATE's own stadium will be an entirely different proposition. Slavia have so far disposed of Dnyapro Mogilev, Vitebsk, and NFK Minsk in this cup. Can they go one step closer towards a first Belarusian Cup win since 2000?
    I have to say that even though Slavia have notched up two victories against BATE already this season I'm not hopeful for them here. BATE are starting to find their stride in the league with an unbeaten run of 4 games including 3 wins. Slavia are struggling in the league and haven't won in 3 matches. I can see BATE winning and overturning the aggregate score to progress.
    BATE Borisov HT/FT @ 1.95 with Betway
    BATE -1 @ 4.50 with Boylesports
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Winning Heart in Racing Chat - Wednesday April 29th   
    Horse Form

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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in PDC Home Tour   
    Tonight shows that some people are either not prepared for this event or they are just not practising. Joyce was poor tonight, but Stevenson was just awful. The only good side to it was thanks to those awful performances, that's a 25/1 hit on Aspinall 
    PDC Darts at home tips +37.5pts
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in Modus Icon Of Darts   
    Askew close again but Nijman was on fire last night. I've left the morning session today because the quality is just very poor and it's becoming abit stale. Today is the last day in that and Paul Nicholson has fell over the line to win that group. Monday brings a new fresh look at that hopefully.
    Looking at tonight and we've got another visitor and this time it's Fallon Sherrock. It will be interesting to see players up against a woman. We know that some players just can't cope with it and it may throw them off in there other matches. Looking at the table :

    With Martin Adams having a stinker and losing all four matches last night and with him having the day off tonight it means statistically 3 players could win it. However, there is no way Nijman is not going to win atleast 1. Realistically you'd have to say that Nijman is going to win this group. However, the first "competitive match" is Nijman Vs Askew and if Askew wins that it could get interesting. That would make it 22-18 in points. Nijman has struggled against certain players and in that scenario, if Askew won all 4 he could win the group but hey, it's not going to happen. Even if Nijman lost 3 out of 4 he would probably win on leg difference.
    I like Nijman here. We've seen with Askew that these longer nights have took a toll on him and Nijman was relentless yesterday. I'll take a shot on him winning all 5 matches (which includes his match with Sherrock)
    2pts W. Nijman to win all five matches 6/1 paddypower
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in PDC Home Tour   
    Clemens didn't really turn up last night. It was quite a poor night of darts really. Looking at tonights action and the line up :
    Group 8 :
    R. North
    J. Clayton
    A. Hunt
    D. Pallett
    Johnny Clayton comes into this as the favourite and rightly so, being the highest ranked.  He has already managed to make the Quarter finals of the Masters and the Semi finals of the UK Open this year. Beating the likes of Van Gerwen, Chris Dobey and Scott Waites. Richard North hasn't made better than the last 48 in any tournament in this year and is bang out of form. He's more than doubled his ranking from last year. One for me to put a line through.
    Adam Hunt is another I'm not interested in tonight from a group perspective. He hasn't made anything better than a quarter-final place at Q-School. Other than that, the best he's had this year is a last 32 at Barnsley. He beat Andy Boulton there and Danny Noppert. Finally, David Pallett. Another who has dropped down the rankings since last year and only a last 32 place to his name. He beat Brendan Dolan there.
    I'm going to take Clayton to win all 3 tonight. I'm also going to take a handicap bet on him beating Hunt.
    2pts J.Clayton to win all 3 matches 7/2 paddypower
    4pts J.Clayton (-1.5 legs) to beat A.Hunt evens unibet
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in Modus Icon Of Darts   
    Well I just seem cursed in this league at the moment. Monk had 2 chances to win this group and he threw them both away. Couldn't even beat Huckvale so no more betting on Monk. Scoring gone to pot. 
    Looking at how I can be disappointed tonight, I'm going to take Askew and another pop at Adams. Unbelievably, Adams won again last night to make it 3 wins in a row of the group and yet he's still priced up at 9/2. Askew was playing brilliant yesterday but the later times obviously got to him and he just "ran out of steam" 
    1pt M.Adams to win Day 5 (Evening) 5/1 bet365
    2pts J.Askew to win Day 5 (Evening) 9/2 paddypower
    0.5pts M.Adams to win all 4 matches 25/1 paddypower
    0.5pts J.Askew to win all 4 matches 16/1 paddypower
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in Modus Icon Of Darts   
    ...and ofcourse Monk wins.
    Yesterday Wolfie wins all 4 to take the group. It's Wolfie who interests me tonight too. He is obviously playing well now and if he continues to hit his doubles there's every chance he could get another group win. Mitchell was always going to have a bad day yesterday, after a day off. I think it may take another day or two though and the offer of 7/5 on him beating Mitchell is too big. Indeed so is the 8/1 on the group win. 
    1pt M.Adams to win Day 3 (evening) 8/1 william hill
    2.5pts M.Adams to beat S.Mitchell 7/5 betvictor 

    Modus bets -19.5pts
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in Modus Icon Of Darts   
    Martin Adams wins all four matches for a lovely 8/1 winner. 
    Tomorrow sees the return of Paul Nicholson and a well needed rest for Andy Jenkins. I think it will be a 2-horse race. Infact, based on trends Huckvale will win, because everybody i tip up wins a week later, but I'll continue,
    I think a 2-horse race. Monk looked excellent this morning winning all four of his matches and hitting a 9-darter along the way. His h2h with Nicholson is 2-1 to Nicholson but I've found that when a player has a day off, he isn't normally straight into it, hitting the big numbers.
    I'm just going to take a point tomorrow on Monk doing what he done today. The clean sweep.
    1pt A.Monk to win all four matches 4/1 paddypower
    Modus bets -8pts
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    notanotherdonkey reacted to Fader in PDC Home Tour   
    Chisnall wins all his matches to win the group without too much fuss.
    Looking at tonight and I would say it's the most wide open group of all. Here's the line-up:

    R. Smith
    G. Nentjes
    M. Mansell
    L. Ashton

    I'm not conviced by Ashton to win 3 out the 4 she would need to win the event and so I'm going to rule her out of this. Smith is the favourite and that's fair enough but he form isn't the best by any means and for I think I'll be taking Nentjes here. He's still very much a young gun in the sport but he has the natural ability that you need and if he can get the all important first win against Mansell, he'd have a chance.
    Mansell is a player I like and I think he has every chance of beating Smith in there head-2-head but I'll stick to the one outright for tonight

    2pts G. Nentjes to win Group 4 11/4 paddypower

    PDC Darts at home tips -0.5pts