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    DrBetter reacted to Jack A in Champions League Predictions > Aug 15th   
    The only thing putting me off Liverpool is the fact that both teams would probably be happy with a draw, and it is always difficult to back a side when that is the case. 
    However I do think Liverpool will win. I just think they are too good for Hoffenheim, on paper at least. I think Hoffenheim will score, so my pick for the game is Liverpool / BTTS at 10/3. 
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    DrBetter got a reaction from robbiewilliamson ESQ in Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Aug 4th & 5th   
    And where are our Nantes fan?
    It would be nice to have their feedback on Ranieri and their team... Seems to be that they're a bit short to compete for a place in the top 6 of the french league... Didn't saw any recruits or so... IMO, no the best plan to put all your money on the coach... 
    St Etienne is also a big question mark... new coach, a spanish one, apparently talented and who want to implement a "Barca style identity"... Not the first one, and without some key players, it will be tough... But Hamouma and Beric might shine more this year...!
    In the end, i think the best surprise will come from Lille, not a good news for Monaco, Lyon and Marseille aiming the top 5. 
    Finally, Bordeaux, for me the most disappointing french team.. Huge and beautiful city, superb stadium, good fan base, but no ambition at all... A bit sad...
    Anyway, i think beside PSG, it's very open this year, and we'll have a great season, now that most of the stadium are now renovated and modern, and that there is now much more money in the french league, and as always, many many talented young players... This league has improved so much these past years, with all these new investors, new foreign coachs... For me the most interesting league to follow after the BPL...
    But still.. It will be tough to catch the italian league at the UEFA ranking... it will take time, and the new version of the UEFA champions league is coming next year.. and with a Juventus that strong, and Nice probably out soon (they play Napoli in 5 days) it might not be easy for the french league to win a rank among the 5 top european leagues... Bad timing to get the 4th seat for the UCL.
    Now if Monaco and PSG can perform well in UCL, who knows! I see both reaching quarter at least, and semi for PSG, Let's hope...!
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    DrBetter got a reaction from Rivilearner in The Official Accas Thread   
    Hey! New season for accas!!!
    Do we start a new thread or do we stick to this one?
    So first acca of the season, went for the MLB, french league, UEFA supercup, and BPL...
    My weak spot may be City at Brighton.. not sure of that, but for the french teams, i'm pretty confident, Lille cannot loose (so DNB), they play very well with Bielsa, for Lyon it's the same i'm confident this is a sure win (so at least DNB), and for monaco and PSG, they will score and win, for me no doubt here, but it's the start of the season, anything can happen, and it's hard to already stick to a team or to trends... 
    I went low stake, for total odds: 16.50

    Surreal game between Strasbourg and Lille, with no GK during a while, pretty rare scenario... Couldn't have predict it!
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    DrBetter got a reaction from robbiewilliamson ESQ in Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Aug 4th & 5th   
    Hey Guys! Glad to be back for the new season...  And I hope to keep up with my good results on the top 5 leagues last year! And i hope to see some of you guys on the Acca thread, we had some fun last year (Notorious are you in the neighborhood?).
    So to recap this first week end of Ligue 1, a lot has been going on lately... Bielsa at Lille, who spent a decent amount of money during the mercato, lot of young talented players, and obvisouly, Lille is gonna perform very well under Bielsa. I've seen them played in pre-season and the first match against Nantes, they're impressive, you can clearly see the "Bielsa style". 
    Marseille improved a bit, I hope they'll make a good start, they'll be definitely more competitive than the previous season. And Lyon also (even if they've lost Lacazette and Tolisso to Arsenal and Bayern, i still think they're stronger this year), Lyon is regular, always performing, i'm just not a big fan of their coach. But this team is gonna be hard to play against, in Ligue 1 and Europa League...
    I really think these two clubs can perform well in the europa league, Lyon did reach semis last year, quarter two years ago, losing poorly against a weak Ajax and missing a nice finale against United... Hope they'll do better this year...
    Of course Monaco, even without Bakayoko, Silva and Mendy and maybe MBappé will still be a serious team to consider, and i really think they'll finish the league in the 2nd place behind PSG... Falcao is still here, Tielmans showed great potential, their defense and midfield is still very strong... I really hope they'll keep Mbappé this year...
    Lille, Marseille or Lyon for the 3rd place, and of course, Nice, Nantes and St Etienne could also do something...
    And finally, my favorite to win the league and also the champions league, PSG (ya I know, no objectivity whatsoever). With Neymar, and a very strong team, Pastore and Verratti finally out of injuries for good i hope, Draxler at the top, Daniel Alves the best right back in the world by far, and a new Di Maria, i see them winning Ligue 1, and at least reach the semis in the champions league... Last year 6-1 was a huge accident, something out of time and space, all of that while being much better than Barca... It won't happen again... In the contrary, this horrible memory will be useful, and i think they'll be unbeatable this year..!
    We'll have to wait a bit to see the trends for this league... But it's so nice to start a new season, finally!
    ps: there is a second parisian club in ligue 2 now, kinda nice, hope they'll reach Ligue 1 pretty soon, would be nice to have 2 clubs in Paris...!
    Good luck guys! Nice to be back!
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    DrBetter got a reaction from immortal-- in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    Ok, fair enough, come on for the trash talk... I'm disgusted... I don't know what to say... I even cannot talk about "what if".. cavani and di maria's chances, suspect penalties (meunier's though is a penalty)... And the forgotten red card for Piqué, the constant diving of braca's players... And what about those ugly goals... bad referee ultimately...
    But overall... PSG lost much more than a game... it's an humiliation... i'feel raped guys... I have ni idea what in the world could console me... i'll never get over it.. I don't understand why we played in defense, why we abandoned our pressing... if only cavani had score his 1vs1... 
    Sorry if some of you followed me on my blind bets, at least BTTS was ok, mea culpa...But, this match is out of this world... At 3-1, 15 min left, and then 2 penalties... insane...
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    DrBetter reacted to HastGill1 in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    Long time no speak..been a while.
    PSG to score looks a must tonight – although the odds are garbage now so prob in-play. Barca aren’t playing a Spanish minnow tonight, PSG are much better when playing sides that attack them – see their struggles against sides that put 11 behind the ball – Di Maria/Moura/Draxler are all rapid and they will create chances on the counter. I couldn’t confidently predict an outcome in the game but talk of Barca going through sounds fanciful to me, they haven’t convinced me this season and beating sides like Celta Vigo 5-0 doesn’t mean anything. PSG are a better team overall and I can see them scoring here as Barca will have to push forward in numbers at some point. Mascherano playing again is a blow for the bet as he is the brains in that backline.
    Dortmund look like a banana skin in general, someone with a decent gameplan will knock them out. I admire Benfica as they seem to retain the same level while losing all their best players, Jonas is past his best but Mitro has stepped up to the plate this year. I don’t really think Benfica should go through but wouldn’t be confident enough about Dortmund to back them on a handicap.
    Personally my big bet to win at the start of the comp was At Madrid at 15 and backed R.Madrid at 6.5 later on. Tempted by Juve at 9 now too.
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    DrBetter reacted to KikoCy in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    Made a decent profit of a BTTS/Win double yesterday.
    For today, you guys seem to have done the mental gymnastics so I will chime in with my selections:
    Barca - PSG
    Verratti anytime card @ 2.25
    Busquets anytme card @ 2.25
    Barca win & BTTS @ 2.4
    Dortmund - Benfica
    O2.5 @ 1.44
    Dortmund & BTTS @ 2.7
    BTTS/win double  @ 6.48
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    DrBetter reacted to Icongene in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    Zero chance of Blanc getting the gig. Sampaoli probably won't get it either due to his temperament.
    Valverde for me.
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    DrBetter got a reaction from CloughandTaylor in The Official Accas Thread   
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    DrBetter reacted to Sir Puntalot in NBA > March   
    Nice work @DrBetter - we need to encourage more tipsters in Basketball.  
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    DrBetter got a reaction from Sir Puntalot in NBA > March   
    Hi, still no march thread, so i thought i would create it for this month... 
    A few games are interesting tonight... : 
    > Spurs - Houston (1.5 // 2.4)
    > Utah - New Orleans  (1.33 // 3.1)
    > Atlanta - Golden State  (2.8 // 1.4)
    > Cleveland - Miami (1.2 // 4.2)
    Any thought on Spurs against Houston? Seems a tough one as Houston is playing very well lately, and Spurs struggle in regular time even if they're solid at home... Leonard is on fire, and the thing is I rarely saw Harden performing well against the Spurs... so i'll be tempted to back San Antonio even if i'm no confident at all... Backing Houston wouldn't be stupid, anyway, i see a close win for Spurs!
    For Golden State, without Durant, it's not the same, Atlanta is on a rush, both teams in top defense, but I still believe GS is more aggressive, more talented, i'm willing to back them here, but they played yesterday... so... haven't decide yet...
    For Cleveland, with Lebron back, will be an easy night against a solid Miami though, but IMO, no doubt here.. a decent handicap can be considered.. (-9)?
    Backing the Bucks at Philadelphia is also tempting... 
    Good luck guys!
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    DrBetter reacted to Sir Puntalot in The Official Accas Thread   
    Hi Guys,

    Should we start a new thread each month for this? Will get very long and struggle to load if there's lots of images in it over time?
    Let me or @StevieDay1983 know.
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    DrBetter got a reaction from DrO in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    Dude... don't be angry... We're here to trade infos, personal opinions about a club, a game, the goal is to argue... and therefore I gave a long opinion on why to back PSG.. You're not forced to follow me, please, at least be polite and respectful with the opinion of others... Even if sometimes, they're lacking of objectivity, if you kept an eye on my betting record, you know i'm no blind.....
    As I know that i'm surely the only one on the forum to have seen every match of PSG this year, (and since childhood), i can gave pretty good feedbacks IMO, trying to be as objective as i can...
    "Keep hating" wtf? hate? where? Have i missed something?
    "tossing a title won by a club out the window for being un "deserved" lmao"  > Lots of people said Real didn't deserved at least one of the titles, that they had an easy way to the final... I'm not original here, not inventing anything, just stating my opinion shared by a few people... So, stop there bro... Share the love instead!
    "Naples will bow down to the Kings of Europe" > Yes sure... They'll bow, as everyone of us should do i suppose.. lmao... ;-) No arm bro.. 
    Glad you like Cavani! 
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    DrBetter reacted to immortal-- in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    Because when u have just %30 ball possession u need to defend very well, but Arsenal can't defend... Arsenal is out of form, on other hand Bayern is in superb form. Yes, they won the first match and have big advantage, but they are germans... Ozil is out too.
    How many times these year you can double your money if you take Bayern win?
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    DrBetter got a reaction from immortal-- in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    I said many times here i was a PSG fan and not entirely objective... And i've never asked anyone to trust me blindly, and always stated facts... I know we're trying to make money, that's why i'm saying PSG isn't as bad as you think, and if you had listen to me last time, you would have make money on at least a double chance for PSG, or an over1.5 for paris...  i've said before PSG-Barca that people shouldn't underestimate Paris, that they had previous record of great games. Actually, i'm trying to help people to avoid losing money by blindly betting on Barca like some did last time, and i give them facts to decide.. What are you doing beside calling me for BS when i say PSG became a serious contender...? Have you made money backing a Barca win last time?
    Facts, history and previous games analysis is bullshit for you? really mate? I didn't say PSG would surely win Wednesday, i said they won't be crushed, and will score, probably more than once, since Barca is forced to play full attack with a leaky defense... How is that fiction/novels? You're as biased as me then my friend, not seeing that, i'm just saying there's some value on betting a PSG win or an PSG over 1.5 (short stake of course), as Bayern did 2 years ago after their 4-0 win.. You're backing Barca win and BTTS, but IMO, yes for BTTS, but a Barca win is risky, maybe i'm wrong, we'll see..
    "Real Madrid, Bayern, and Athletico would all rock you guys. Juventus as well" > Don't think so... It's just my opinion + some facts...  You don't rock a team who crushed 4-0 Barca, that's it...
    "As far as Real Madrid is concerned I hope we draw psg, you'll learn real quick what's an easy draw or not."  I hope so too... Not sure who will learn from who though..  Last times someone wish to meet PSG, they lost each time (Hi José !) ...  I still think Real is totally overrated this year (and a bit last year) and they didn't deserved to win at least one of their two last CL.. Atletico deserved to win one.. at least... And let me tell you I love Real Madrid, but Real today (last 2 months) is not really enjoying to watch, saw them against Valencia, Napoli and Celta lately, las palmas also, they're not safe to bet on either.. You obviously can't argue with that mate.. But don't worry, you'll avoid big teams in quarter like every time..     But Real-PSG would be a nice quarter though!
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    DrBetter reacted to Icongene in Weekend > Mar 10th - 12th   
    Looks like it could be an nice weekend in France.
    heres initial thoughts;
    Marseille v Angers - Marseille and btts
    Nice v Caan - Nice win
    Monaco v Bordeux - btts
    Montpellier v Nantes - btts
    Rennes v Dijon - Home win
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    DrBetter reacted to Icongene in Weekend > Mar 3rd - 6th   
    Thinking that Alaves are going to be a tough nut to crack for Seville tonight.
    I reckon with N'Zonzi missing it might just give Alaves an edge in the middle of the park.
    Not brave enough to take Alaves on the (ah) and they don't score a huge amount of goals but I do think they'll give the visitors a hard time tonight.
    BET : BTTS at 1.91 -WIN
    Edit: I see Nzonzi is back. 
    Good team effort from Alaves tonight. They missed two clear cut chances as well as one or two half chances. Seville just never came out 2nd half and looked out of ideas and exhausted by the end.
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    DrBetter got a reaction from immortal-- in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    You're just doing basic french bashing... how original.. don't worry, i'm used to it from Brits!  
    But this argument.. Tell me smart ass, how is your football national team performing lately in international competitions? ... Choking at some point? 
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    DrBetter reacted to DrO in Champions League > Mar 7th - 15th   
    I watched the first match. Benfica was completely outplayed. They only had one shot on target,from which they've scored. A pretty much lucky goal,if you ask me.
    On the other hand - Borussia was excellent, completely dominated the game. Benfiika's goalkeeper has done some wonder saves and Dortmund even missed a penalty.
    I have no dilemma here. I think that Borussia will win for sure.

    Sorry for my bad English. 
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    DrBetter reacted to Rivilearner in The Official Accas Thread   
    This week has really being fcuked up but together we will win
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    DrBetter reacted to Rivilearner in The Official Accas Thread   
    Also played it. Thanks
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    DrBetter got a reaction from KikoCy in The Official Accas Thread   
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    DrBetter reacted to StevieDay1983 in Weekend > Mar 10th - 12th   

    Monaco and PSG continue to mimic each other's form with both teams winning and keeping clean sheets this weekend. Importantly, Nice also won with a clean sheet to keep up the pressure in this three horse race. Lyon were held against Bordeaux so their title hopes are all but over now. It's going to be a fascinating weekend with a few teams facing European action in midweek. How will that affect them in these games? Especially with PSG on their travels twice in the space of a matter of days.
    @DrBetter, a below par week with your Montpellier and Monaco calls coming up short. However, you did back PSG and Nice too. Still, you're a punter that delivers more often than not so keen to hear what you're betting on here.
    @KikoCy, mixed results for you with Lyon letting you down but Marseille coming in. What is taking your fancy here this week?
    @Pep004 and @FCNA, always interested to get your insider views on Nantes!
    @betcatalog, looking forward to your goals market tips here!
    @sajtion, you had a cracking weekend across all forums and France was no different. You spotted the Lyon away form and warned us to stay clear. What are your thoughts this weekend?
    @Icongene, a wise choice after some time to think with the BTTS for Lyon versus Bordeaux. What are you thinking here?
    @andrewcalo, you should dump that tipster that backed Lyon. Start following Sajtion! 
    Also interested to hear the views of regular contributors to this thread including @rangers234, @Tanktop, and @hairline.
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    DrBetter got a reaction from gabymnk in Weekend > Mar 4th - 6th   
    Hey, sorry, i just put my predictions here, won't go into any details this time, sorry... i'll do better tomorrow in PL an other leagues thread!
    So a few single and one double:
    > Liverpool-Arsenal: [email protected] combined with Man Utd win @1.25
    > Leicester [email protected]
    > WBA win @2.1  
    > Watford-Southampton: [email protected]
    > Stoke Win @1.9  
    I'd love to back Everton catching a draw at Tottenham, but too risky. And not backing Swansea here, bad feeling about this game!
    Good luck guys!
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    DrBetter reacted to StevieDay1983 in Weekend > Mar 4th - 6th   
    Some good tipping this week lads. I made the foolish decision to put Ibrahimovic as my triple captain in fantasy football this week. Not only was that a waste of a triple captain but he accumulated a total of -3 points! I also had him as an any time scorer bet this week. I did also throw in a cheeky £1 bet on him to be man of the match too. To sum it up, I bloody hate Zlatan!!! 
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