Pokerwolf1's Diary - 10k Poker Profit Mega Thread

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Day 23 and 24 - £1468 profit

£174.30 worth of tournaments with no cashes

1.6 - sat - £7.20 seat

3.3 - bounties - 1.13

3.3 - 1st - 16.35

3.3 - 6th - 9.78

5.5 - bounties - 5.13

5.5 - 13th - 5.18

5.5 - bounties - 1.88

5.5 - 2nd - 54.42

5.5 - bounties - 1.88

5.5 - 13th - 12.01

7.2 - sat - £33 seat which I busted

7.7 - bounties - 2.63

11 - bounties - 3.75

11 - 3rd - 49.69

11 - 5th - 24.44

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Day 25 - £1471 Profit

Move on nothing to see here lol. After a nasty downswing I have hit an incredible lull. Not a lot to talk about and not a lot happening. Missed out on a decent cash yesterday because of villians questionable call with 10 10 on a QJ flop (me KQ) and he rivered a 10. Also busted the nightly major 99 to Q9 all in preflop... yes... he called a 4 bet allin for around 40 BB's. Ah well...

£69.20 worth of tournaments with no cashes.

1.6 - sat - won £7.20 seat

3.3 - 1st - 12.60

5.5 - 4th - 14.26

5.5 - bounties - 1.88

5.5 - bounties - 1.88

5.5 - 5th - 14.11

5.5 - 2nd - 22.31

7.20 - sat - won £33 seat which I busted

11 - bounties - 15


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Day 26 - £1363 profit

From bad to worse. Can't hit as thing let alone cash something decent. Won a forum comp for a £33 entry too which has been taken off my profit even though it was a free entry for me. Oh well... just have to make it back. It'll come.... I'm sure of it. I have another free £33 entry for either tonight or tomorrow too. So I best cash this time!

£150.80 worth of tournaments with no cashes

4.8 - sat - won £22 seat which I busted

4.8 - sat - bubbled the seat for £13.20

5.5 - bounties - 3.27

5.5 - bounties - 6.57

7.7 - 10th - 26.36 (FINALLY CASHED THIS AT THE 14th ATTEMPT!!)


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Days 27, 28 and 29 - £1268 profit

Mentally this is getting really difficult now. I am constantly making it to places just a couple before the money and then getting bad beated to hell. Had a really sick time in the last week with outdraws and downswings and it's getting harder by the day to cope. But I really want to just grin and bare it, and play through it like any professional would find themselves having to. Yesterday I was in the final 8 of both a 5.50 and 11 with 6 paid in both and I was 2nd in both. I ended up going out 8th in both, to chip leader who decided to tangle with me in both rooms at the same time. First one calling a 3 bet pre, and then a 3 bet allin on the 9 high flop with K9 rivering my AA with the K. (He ended up going out 7th!!!!!)  And in the other room similar thing except this time I had KK and the villain had 22 and this time I called his 4 bet allin pre and the 2 hit. This seems constant at the moment and I am going into each allin with dread, expecting that the 1 outer is going to hit each time. UKOPS starts this Friday and though I won't be able to afford / commit / sat into a lot of the events I intend to play as many as I can for the leaderboard promotion they have on. After UKOPS is the MiniUkOPS in which I intend to play ALL events (barring possibly Saturdays) and really try and win the leaderboard. I'm just hoping the luck evens out before then. Shame that SharkScope has taken off the £66 that Sky gave me free as a loss but I am still convinced I will smash this challenge anyway.

£145.10 worth of tournaments with no cashes.

1.6 - sat - bubbled seat - 1.44

1.6 - sat - won 7.20 seat which I busted

5.5 - bounties - 4.22

5.5 - bounties - 1.88

5.5 - bounties - 3.76

5.5 - 8th - 19.35

5.5 - 6th - 34.32

5.5 - bounties -  3.76

7.7 - bounties - 2.63

7.7 - bounties - 4.58

11 - bounties - 3.75

11 - 4th - 38.20

12 - sat - bubbled seat for 11



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Day 30 and 31 - £1287 profit

This has been the hardest spell I've ever had to deal with on Sky. My graph looks destroyed taking a swing of £500 from peak to bottom over the latest games but fingers crossed I'm getting back on track. Felt I played well yesterday. Had two bubbles which would of made the graph look a lot better but a combination of coolers and invincibility granted to the short stacks meant it wasn't to be.The one bubble I'm happy I didn't get though was for UKOPS 11. I qualified last night by the skin of my teeth for a £110 event with a £25k GTD on Sunday which will hopefully contribute to a massive bulk of this challenge being completed. Of cours that extra £100 on the graph is making it look better than it actually is at the moment... UKOPS starts today with 4 events. I intend to play both £22 events but will be trying to sat into the others. Luckily for my bankroll I have been up a decent bit playing cash over the last week which has softened the blow personally of this downswing.

£154.40 worth of tournaments with no cashes.

1.1 - rebuy x2 - 4th - 11.34

3.3 - bounties - 1.13

3.3 - 7th - 6.68

4.4 - sat - won £22 seat

5.2 - sat - won £24 seat

6 x 5.5 - bounties - 15.14

5.5 - 5th - 25.74

22 - bounties - 9.38

22 - 8th - 76.71

24 - sat - won £110 seat

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Thanks guys. I played the first couple of UKOPS and and had a nasty outdraw from a reg with about 20 left in one of them. Since then I have been enjoying other parts of life and taking a few days break. I think the amount I was playing during a time I was just getting frustrated was rather stupid and I needed to refresh and give it a rest. 

So this week has been all about work, football, beer and fireworks! Took the little one to a firework show down my local and ended up seeing my Grandad who I haven't seen for 25 years due to a family fallout! Pretty mental. We shared a few bitters together which was nice.

A woman got hit across the face by a kid with a metal bar ouside the pub. Walked back in with a bleeding brow and said 'Carlsberg please'. Such is life in the area I now live in lol

Yesterday slumped down to watch the circus that is Wolves. Needless to say I needed a few carlsbergs myself after it. (Yes, I'm cheap...) I feel good today, though. I may go for a few sats for the main event tonight. If not I plan to play EVERY MiniUKOPS event which starts Monday and runs through Sunday. I plan to take a shot at the leaderboard but I know how hard that will be. Some very good regs on Sky. And I also plan to take a crack at becoming a priority member as Sky is running a promotion on triple points for the next few months. See how that goes. 

Needless to say my graph is looking pretty sorry for itself and needs an injection of win. Hopefully this break will have helped. Woodie, nice to see a fellow PL member at the tables. Feel free to say hi if we meet. 


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Days 32 and 33 - £1114 Profit

Wanted to do an update before MiniUKOPS and determined to get this graph looking a little like my share prices and a little more like where I want them to be!

£248.30 worth of tournaments with no cashes. (includes £110 comp i won entry into)

1.2 - sat - bubbled seat for 2,2

4.8 - sat - won £22 seat

5.2 - sat  - won £24 seat which I busted

5.5 - 12th - 13.95

5.5 - bounties - 13.7

7.7 - 8th - 29.49

7.7 - bounties - 6.56

11 - 6th - 26.91

11 - 18th - 25.92

22 - 35th - 37.71

22 - bounties - 16.88

22 - bounties - 16.88


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Day 34 & 35 - £957 profit

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I played the first 2 days of MiniUKOPS and couldn't handle the beats any more. Coolers, set ups and 4.5% suck out's became all too much. I decided rather than chase the leaderboard and priority status on tilt it would be better just to give it a rest. So aside from enjoying myself I have spent the last week reviewing my hands, reading some poker literature and turned the 4.5% suckouts into 4.5% beers instead. I'm devastated with the way the last month has gone after doing so well but I can't keep blaming bad luck and bad beats. My own tilt is the cause of a lot of it, something I have always struggled with. So, I have come back with a set of rules to get this back on track and HOPEFULLY not keep going in the downward direction I have been.

1. £50 stop loss. Once I hit £50 loss I will stop for the day.

2. No tournaments over £5.50. Getting a big win from a cheap satellite is my best bet to get back towards target.

3. Any losing day will be followed by a days break. I don't want to feel as though I need to chase yesterday's losses.

I am going to start playing in a bit so hopefully it all goes well!

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Day 36 - £982 Profit

Finally a winning day! Still had some really bad luck throughout the day the one coming with 3 left in one of them which was a shame but I felt overall I played really well.

Not going to play today. I have a free day tomorrow as don't want to risk having a losing day today and not being able to play tomorrow as per my rules :p

£79.60 worth of tournaments with no cash.

1.6 - sat - won 7.20 seat

2.2 - 3rd - 16.56

3.3 - 5th - 8.70

3.3 - Hilo - 5th - 10.53

5.5 - bounties - 1.88

5.5 - PLO - 2nd - 30

5.5 - 4th - 33.60

7.20 - sat - won 33 seat (busted main)

Hand of the day

Hoping to get some feedback on this one. This happened in a sat with 8 people left. 5 people got the £33 seat and 6th got £14. 

Blinds 200/400

Hero - 4800 chips after posting BB. Sitting in 6th place and holding Kh 10h.

Villain - 6500 chips after posting SB. Sharkscope reveals a solid player with a strong profit margin.

History - Villain has raised over 80% of hands from both button and SB. There is a guy on my left who has been sitting out for about half hour and villain has been taking full advantage. Guy sitting out still had 7k.

As usual the action has folded to villain who doubles the blind to 800. Fearing that I need to win a couple hands to secure my place i opt to flat call the extra 400. I don't want to move in here because I don't feel I am at that critical push stage and I really don't want to be called by a shabby ace or a small pair if he is indeed willing to gamble. 

The flop is A K 4

Villain bets 800. I decide to flat. I think I'm ahead a lot here and the question will be asked of me as to why I wouldn't just move all in but I was hoping he would just shut down. Of course I should of took his skill level into consideration and known he would not. 

The turn is a 3

He moves allin.

I think for a while but know I'm ahead. I'm hesitating on the basis of my recent badbeats and that I might be outdrawn but gut feeling here is I am 100% ahead. I make the call and villain turns over 66. I win the hand and villain blasts me.

Says thats I obv don't care about the money or qualifying with a call like that. I claim it wasn't difficult to work out I was ahead. He said even so it is always a fold in my position on the bubble as he would do that with Ax and even having Ax 10% of the time means it's a fold for me everytime. I argued why would I ever fold if I KNEW I was miles ahead. I'm not talking marginal here. I'm talking I know he has practically NO hand. (I actually thought he had J10 / Q10.)

Now.... I'm confused. I get that I played it in a hesitant way. But why would I fold? I had weighed up the history, added in what felt like desperation on his part for me to fold, and thrown in my gut instinct for good measure. He tried to blind me with the statistical side of it but when did poker players stop playing with their hearts? I could be talking rubbish here but I think there is only so far you can get as a poker player playing like a robot using stats. I've always been a believer in needing to wear your heart on your sleeve sometimes and go with your gut. 

Would love to get peoples thoughts. 

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Day 37 - £956 profit

Again, Apologies for the update. Had another losing day and took a break for the weekend. Seem to have been down with a Norovirus type illness since!

Hoping to do some more regular updates from next week. 'm also thinking of running a football challenge along side this so look out for that... What I've got in mind there could be disastrous ;) lol


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Day 38 - £938 profit

Another losing day although I am not quite sure how. Took a break yesterday. I haven't got time at the moment to update all the results but I was 1st of 40 in a £1.5k GTD and somehow managed to go out about 30th. KK to J10 (My own bad play) JJ to A8 and then AK to KJ. Also qualified for the main event again and AGAIN didn't knock anyone out. I think this may be the 6th time in a row I haven't even managed to take a head. Ridiculous of me really. A 5th and 7th place in minors helped keep afloat but still very disappointing overall.

I am about to hit £200 rakeback from Sky since I started this so that has certainly helped with bankroll and i seem to be doing ok in cash and DYM tournies which is also providing extra padding. Just wish I could get these tournaments back on track. 

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Day 39 - 918 profit

Just to say I haven't given up on this! Just a really busy time at the moment. It should do me good, anyway. Things not been going great past couple months and I had fallen out of love with it a bit. Hopefully I will come back refreshed and hungry.

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Day 40 - £916 profit

£2 loss on my return to Sky. Dunno how. Had a series of flips in the main 16 before the money which al lost meaning the difference between profit and loss. Finished with a 3 bet allin with QQ and someone stacking off with A10. A on turn. Came 4th in a £2 unlucky to run AQ from small into AK on big. Very happy with play overall though had zero costly errors throughout the day.

£49.60 of tournaments with no cash

1.6 - Sat - won 7.2 seat  which I busted

2.2 - 4th - 19.46

5.2 - sat - won 24 seat which I busted

5.5 - 18th - 12.17

5.5 - bounties - 1.88


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Day 41 - £1049

Ahhhhh so near and I messed It up. 1 mistake cost me big time in the £33 main event which ended for me in 9th. Got silly with a 66 when I really didn't need to. Then with 12BB's I pushed QQ into massive stacks BB and he called with A5 and spiked the A. £160 payday. With heads would of been nearly £2k up top.

However, a positive. I felt that I played my best poker for months and had a lot of ownage of my table which included one of Sky's illustrious (and very good) 100k profit players. Really felt I was playing my strongest game for long spells. Not sure whether it was tiredness kicking in or just a moment of madness but villain pretty much narrowed his range to the nuts and I still decided to gamble. Thinking back over this game and analyzing it will hopefully give me the confidence and lessons to build on this.

£27.40 worth of tournaments with no cash

1.6 - sat - won 7.20 seat

2.2 - 14th - 4.43

7.2 - sat - won 33 seat

33 - 9th - 160.55

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Day 42 & 43 - £1012 profit

Profit isn't right today seems to be a tenner down but no matter. There was a lot of issues on Sky last night which led to a lot of tournament cancellations. I had to manually contact support for a couple of my buyins back which don't seem to have been reflected by Sharkscope. That's around £80 Sharkscope owes me now!

Still, not much to write home about. Didn't play great, either.

£69.40 worth of tournaments with no cash

Freeroll - 140ish - 2

2.2 - Heads - 0.75

2.2 - heads - 2.25

4.8 - Sat - Bubbled seat for £8.80

4.8 - Sat - Bubbled seat for £4.40

5.5 - PLO 5th - 12.10

7.2 - sat - Won 33 seat

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Day 44, 45 and 46 - £1201 profit

Quick update. Apologies haven't got time to do full breakdown but I'm finally going back in the right direction. Gutted to come second in a decent tourney for £207 after A7 cruelly rivered my A10 but thems the breaks.


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Days 47, 48, 49 - £1903 profit

Well. Had a nasty losing day yesterday but that's no surprise considering the win I had the night before. I won a forum comp on Sky to the £110 highroller and took 4th place (AK to AJ final hand noooooooooo) but it was good for £883 :)

I thought I played excellent especially given the conditions it was under. You see, I can promise you no one has ever cashed in that event under the circumstances I was faced with. I have entered that comp every day this month and the first time I win it was on my mates birthday celebrations. We planned to go to Rileys for a few games of pool and then on to a rock club. So, there was me switching between phone and pool cue and later on headbanging as I was raising all in on my way to a highroller final table! There was also much alcohol involved so I dare say my thoughts about my 'excellent' play are exaggerated :lol

Still - I was certain I could complete this challenge and felt I was good enough to consistently profit and this has got me right back on track! My only annoyance is that Sharkscope doesn't show that it was a free £110 seat so my profit is worse off than it should be! People say I moan too much....



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Day 50, 51, 52 and 53 - £1855 profit

Not much to update. Couple of pretty standard sessions with good and bad luck. No big wins to talk about though. Had a couple days break and plan to play all day today now. Then won't be playing again until a live £50 game Sunday which I am looking forward to.

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Thanks Avongirl. I will be back! The last couple months I have switched to Unibet to try and get on their UK tour and happy to say I have qualified for their Nottingham date end of August if anyone else is around to say hello. Was great to see Sky announced some UK tour dates again but unfortunately I'm holiday for them.

Will get back on this soon!!!

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      Stake 6 qualifying bets of at least £10. Min odds 2.00, Multis 1.40. Min stake to qualify £10. Contact customer support to request your Bonus token and credited within 24 hours. T&C's apply.
    • £30 Bonus at TLCBet! £30
      ALL customers! Place 6 qualifying bets of £30. Min odds 2.00 and min stake £10. Bonus will be lowest stake of qualifying bets. T&C's apply.
    • £10 Free Bet at Sport Pesa! £10
      New customers only. Bet £10 at min odds (4/5) 1.80 and get matched up to £10. When qualifying bet settled, contact customer support, via E-Mail or Live Chat to get Bonus Token and it will be credited in 24 hours. Skrill/Neteller excluded. T&C's apply.
    • Up to £1000 Acca Bonus at BetEast! £1000
      ALL customers up to a £1000 acca bonus. 4fold accas minimum. Email to claim within 7 days of settlement. T&C's apply.
    • £30 Bonus at OLE777! £30
      New customers only. Min stake £10 at EVENS (2.00). Place 10 qualifying bets of £30 and receive £30 bonus. T&C's apply.
    • Bet £10 Get £10 if first bet loses at Black Type! £10
      New customers only. £5 Free Bet & £5 Casino Bonus if your first bet loses. Min bet £10 single at evens (2.00) or higher. T&C's apply.
    • £35 Free Bet Bonus at 12Bet! £35
      New customers only. Place 6 bets each with a minimum stake of £10 at min odds of 2.00. Your Bonus Token bonus will be equivalent to your lowest stake during all your qualifying bets. Neteller & Skrill excluded.
    • £50 Deposit Bonus at BetRegal! £50
      New customers only. £50 Sports Welcome Bonus is based on 20% of your first deposit. Min deposit £10 (or currency equivalent) at odds 1.95 or higher are permitted while betting to meet the wagering requirement.
    • Grosvenor Sports - Double Odds First Bet! £0
      New customers only. Offer applies to Grosvenor Sports bets only. Max stake £20. Bets made with Odds Boost Token. Neteller & Skrill deposits excluded.
    • MintBet - £10 Free Bet Each Week for Life! £520
      ALL Customers. To qualify for this free bets offer, you must place 10 x £10 bets per week at min odds of 2.00 to get your £10 free bet each week. Free bets expire after 7 days and are the free bet stake is not withdrawable.
    • Free Bets Forever at 21Bet! £520
      Place 5 bets of £10 or more at 2.00 (EVENS) or higher and receive a £10 free bet. Repeat every 7 days to get a £10 free bet each week forever. UK only.
    • £10 Risk Free + £50 Casino Bonus at GentingBet! £60
      New customers only. Deposit & bet £10 at odds of Evens 1/2 (2.00). Free Bet must be wagered at max odds of 4/1 (5.00). Free bets expire after 14 days, Casino Bonus 30 days. No free bet/bonus stake can be withdrawn.
    • £1000 Cashback + 2% Commission at Betdaq! £1000
      Must opt in and use promo code DAQBACK. £1000 cashback offer expires after 30 days.
    • Join BetBright! £0
      No free bets currently, but join and bet today!
    • £25 Free Bet Offer at McBookie! £25
      Scottish residents only. First bet must be within 30 days of registering. Min odds of 2.00 (EVENS). Payment restrictions apply. Free bet stake not returned and expires after 7 days.
    • £30 Free Bet at Dafabet! £30
      New customers only. Min bet of £5/€5 at min odds of 1/2 (1.50). Skrill is excluded for this promotion. Dafabet will match the first bet of qualified player up to a maximum of £/€30 if it does not win, as a free bet.
    • £15 Free Bet at SportingBet! £15
      New customers only. Min deposit £10 at odds of EVENS (2.00). If first bet loses, you'll be refunded up to a £15 free bet. Skrill & Neteller deposits don't qualify. Free bet cannot be withdrawn and expires after 7 days.
    • £10 Free Bet at £10
      New customers only. Deposit and make a first bet of at least £20 at minimum odds of 4/5. Applies to pre-match or in-play single bets only. Should your qualifying bet lose, you will be refunded with a £10 Bonus Token.
    • £200 Free Bet at Winner Sports! £200
      New customers only. Min deposit £30 to get bonus. Max bonus amount is £200. 14 days to qualify ti withdraw bonus/winnings. Max stake on first deposit & bonus is £50 per bet, per event.
    • Join Star Sports New Bookmaker! £0
      Currently no free bet offer, but well worth joining!
    • Win an iPad at Spreadex! £0
      New customers only. Win an iPad 32GB Wi Fi when opening an account and staking £300 on qualifying markets. Increase stakes to £500 and win iPad Pro 64GB Wi Fi. Offer expires 28 days after registering.
    • Marathonbet - Great Odds! £0
      No welcome offer currently.
    • LeTou Bookmaker £0
      No welcome offer at present.
    • Setantabet - Irish Bookmaker £0
      No welcome offer at the moment.
    • BetVision £0
      No welcome offer.
    • Vernons Sports £0
      No sign up offer currently.


    • £5 No Deposit Bonus at Energy Casino! £5
      How to get your £5 No Deposit Bonus: Spin the Wheel twice! Email with the subject line "5FREE". The bonus will be credited within 24 hours from emailing us.
    • £100 Bonus - William Hill Live Casino! £100
      Opt-in required. Only first deposit qualifies. 100% deposit bonus up to £100, with 70x wagering on Roulette tables only. Min. deposit £10. Max. bonus £100. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. Player, country, currency, game restrictions and terms apply.
    • 10 Free Spins + 100 More 1st Deposit! £0
    • Up to £200 Bonus! £200
      New players only. Min deposit £20. Wager 40x before withdrawing. Game weighting applies. Max bonus betting limit – slots: £5, other games: 10% of bonus amount. T&Cs apply.
    • £300 Buy In Bonus - WH Casino! £300
      Opt in required. New customers to Casino page only. Available 1x per customer. Min Buy in £10. Bonus value 100% of Buy in. Max Bonus £300. 40x wagering. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. Game weighting, player, currency, country, game restrictions & full terms apply.
    • 25 Free Spins! £0
      New UK&IRL Customers only. Free Spins can only be played on eligible games. No wagering requirements on winnings. SMS verification required. Opt in required, full T&Cs apply
    • 30 Free Spins! £0
      New Customers only. One bonus per customer. 30 free spins added to accounts verified by SMS (x1 wagering). Free spins expire within 10 Days & on selected games only.
    • Up to £100 Casino Bonus! £100
      Min deposit £10. x45 wagering, Roulette and blackjack 50% weighting. Bonus Valid 7 days. No using Moneybookers/Skrill or Neteller as a payment method.
    • £50 Bonus + 20 Free Spins £50
      New UK&IRE customers only. Deposits made with e-wallets are not valid. Bonus wagering x35 on eligible games. Max winnings from bonus £500. Spins available after bonus is redeemed/lost. 10 per day with no wagering.
    • £250 Bonus & 50 Free Spins! £250
      New players only. 100% deposit bonus up to £250 + 50 Free Spins if depositing min £10. Use Exclusive Code: PUNTER50. NO WAGERING needed on free spins!
    • £400 Slots bonus + 100 Free Spins £400
      New UK&IRE Players only. Min buy-in £20. Bonus wagering 35x on eligible games. Spins available day after bonus is lost/redeemed, 10 per day for 10 days, no wagering.

    • 25/1 Arsenal to beat Leicester! £25
      New Customers can get Arsenal at an enhanced 25/1 to beat Leicester. Max Stake £1. Winnings paid in free bets, valid for 7 days, only deposits with cards/Paypal count. Exchange and multiple bets excluded. T&C’s Apply. 18+|Gamble Aware.
    • 2-0 Up - YOU WIN! £0
      Get your bet paid out as a winner if the team you back goes 2 goals ahead. Applies to pre-match single bets on Full Time Result market for applicable competitions. Bet restrictions and T&Cs apply. New and eligible customers only.
    • Money Back if 1 lets you down! £10
      Applies to UK & Top Euro leagues. Applies to match odds ACCA & Same Game Multi bets only. Max free bet €/£10 per day. T&Cs apply
    • 2-0 up - You Win! £0
      Applies to all Premier League, La Liga and Champions League games until 31st December 2018. T&Cs apply.
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