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  1. Championship Predictions > Dec 8th - 11th

    Wondering if Sheffield are starting to feel the grueling nature of the championship now? As such I am thinking Bristol might just be playing them at the right time. Also fancy Norwich to get back to winning ways though I have no evidence other than gut instinct to back that up. Not much to say about Wolves. Tough match for us last night and was always going to be tight due to the derby nature but we managed to play pretty bad and still win. Think you would have to be mad to back Sunderland any week but in particularly this week. Can't see any case for them taking even a point off us.
  2. Division 5 - Week 7 Selections

    Cardiff @1.91 Derby @1.44 RB Leizpig @2.20 £10 treble
  3. Championship Predictions > Nov 25th - 27th

    I was hugely impressed by us midweek but I did say if Leeds played the same way against us as they did against Boro we would carve them open. There really should be no room for complacency this weekend and on paper it's a mismatch that Wolves should comfortably claim victory in. This is the championship though and anything can happen. Some really tricky fixtures. I think I would back Reading. They are unpredictable but then Sheff Weds are a bit too. Reasonable price at home. Not really sure how Sunderland can be priced as favorites. It's a 6 pointer for them and despite Coleman coming in I can't see anything changing instantly. Burton know the importance of this and I'm expecting a 0-0 nervy, dire match so will probably be a 10 goal thriller.
  4. Division 5 - Week 6 Selections

    Watford @3.60 Reading @2.63 £10 Double
  5. Championship Predictions > Nov 21st & 22nd

    I think all three of the top 3 will come away with victory. I watched Leeds yesterday and thought they played well and deserved victory against a Boro side on the up. I really think if they play that style against us they will be opened up a lot more often, though. Sheff UTD should have too much for Fulham at home. Fulham were the easiest team we have beaten at home this season. They just didn't turn up and I can't see Sheff slipping up here. Some value in their price as well. Cardiff have the toughest of the three. I think a draw is possible but Cardiff have some momentum and enough experience to keep up the pressure and grind a win out here. Elsewhere I see wins for Villa and Bristol. Value in Ipswich and no idea what to think about that Bolton match.
  6. Pokerwolf1's Diary - 10k Poker Profit Mega Thread

    Day 67 & 68 = £2499 Total Buyins = €344 Total Cashes = €231.42 Notable Cashes: 2 PLO: 5th for 7.04 4 Sat: 1st for 25 5 Freezeout: 9th for 14.99 25 Sat: 1st for 100 It really hurts to run bad on a Sunday... Such is my desperation I am including sat wins in the notable cashes! Nothing went right. I had a sick 30 second spell where my AA was beaten by KK 1 outer in 2 rooms at the same time, and I bubbled a UK Final seat. My frustration eventually turned to bad play and this resulted in entering lots of things just for the sake of it which caused disappointment in myself... Still, today is another day and let's see what tonight brings. If I won the sat with the 100 ticket I have again we will be looking at a very different profit margin as I will be requesting to change the entire seat up for cash. I am planning to join in the community league next month if it runs. I haven't played on stars for agessssssss but anything I can do to get people on the forum more involved would be good.
  7. Pokerwolf1's Diary - 10k Poker Profit Mega Thread

    Day 64 & 65 = £2599 Total buyins = €149 Total Cashes = €290.06 Notable Cashes: 5 freezeout: 2nd for 23.71 5 freezeout: 3rd for 27.97 5 Rebuy (1addon): 5th for 45.94 10 freezeout: 2nd for 48.88 10 freezeout: 3rd for 43.20 10 Nightly Major: 10th for 27.50 10 PLO: 5th for 27.64 Another good couple of days but you will understand my disappointment and frustration when you look at the notable cashes. So many near misses and I could not, despite all the will in the world, close any of the tournaments out. The nightly major was a sick KK vs QQ AIPF for a 2x average stack. Similarly I bubbled the nightly mini major when I was forced to stack off 50BB's with AA after someone pushed their SB on me with AQ (board 9 10 J J K). I will be going over my hands for these final tables. I don't remember doing anything glaring which was bad but it never hurts to have a look back. I've mentioned it a few times now recently but I really do feel I'm playing my best poker all year and I think over the last week or so it's been reflected in my results. Long may it continue and I finally feel again that I'm stepping in the right direction towards this 10k target. I expect I will continue the grind tomorrow night and take Saturday off ready for a full days grind on Sunday.
  8. Division 5 - Week 5 Selections

    Sheff UTD @1.91 Notts County @2.00 Exeter @2.20 10 Treble please!
  9. Pokerwolf1's Diary - 10k Poker Profit Mega Thread

    Day 63 = £2473 Tournament buyins = €139 Tournament Cashes = €199.28 Didn't feel like I played well yesterday and if it wasn't for picking up another €100 final ticket I'd have been down. A bubble in an Omaha event to end the night left me feeling a bit sour but I used what little discipline I have an let it go. I wanted to put an interesting hand up for discussion but there wasn't really anything that happened which I think would generate much discussion. I've been thinking along the lines of what I want to achieve next year. I'm finding it fairly easy to qualify for live events through Unibet but only the small ones. My big goal would be to qualify for one of their £1000 events. Never played a live tournament that big before. I want my profit loss sheet to be more tailored towards satellites so that's something I want to work on. I know I am massively +ev in some sats such as these UK tour ones (although small sample size) but I suspect that some of the other sats I take part in the structure is such that I would be better off throwing money into something else. I want to hit 100k points every quarter on Unibet. This would involve an average of £100 of tournament buyins a day... My goal would be to achieve this while still keeping the family life balance in check as at the end of the day that's the most important thing. I have an ambition to set up a small stable of players who I think would be able to beast sats such as these UK tour one's too and take shares in their target events. Something which would need a lot more looking into, though. No experience of that sort of thing and if anyone has any advice I would be much appreciative. Anyone doing well against this years goals or got plans for next year?
  10. Pokerwolf1's Diary - 10k Poker Profit Mega Thread

    Day 62 = £2419 What a couple of days! I won another UK tour ticket and was unfortunate to come 4th in one of the sunday mini majors for another £180 when I raised the blinds from the button with A10, A5 pushed on me and rivered a 5. Not just winning but also playing really well. Defo back on track and heading in the right direction. As mentioned I plan to expand these posts and put a bit more info from next week but for now I'm going to go have a celebratory whisky and chill!
  11. Pokerwolf1's Diary - 10k Poker Profit Mega Thread

    Day 61 Profit = £2096 Won me another UK tour seat! Expenses only have been added to the profit. Really pleased with the way I played overall and hope to expand on these posts a lot more from next week. Going to be playing for the rest of the night now and have yet another UK tour final seat so fingers crossed I get that one too!
  12. Pokerwolf1's Diary - 10k Poker Profit Mega Thread

    Day 60 Profit = £1871 Total buyins - €102 Total cashes - €41.82 Disaster day. Nothing went right and closest I came was to 3 off the bubble of a €500 GTD only for SB to raise my BB for the 10th time and me to fire back allin with AQ and get snapped by QQ... sigh. This profit could drop big tonight if I don't do well. Planning to play my other UK final sat so fingers crossed I'm adding a couple hundred to it rather than taking it away!
  13. Division 5 - Week 4 Selections

    BTTS YES Sweden V Italy 2.05 Algeria V Nigeria 2.00 Ivory Coast v Morocco 2.40 £10 Treble
  14. Championship Predictions > Nov 17th - 19th

    I'm not sure about Bristol. I went to the 3-3 at home they had with us and I was impressed. Could be a wild card but I must admit I don't know a lot about their squad. Might learn something more about them this set of fixtures. Sheff Weds is another one I think we will continue to rise now (imagine steel city playoff final!) and had they been a higher price I'd have took them against Bristol. Always liked Mendez-Laing when he was a kid down here. Glad he went on to prove himself at this level. Touch wood I think we will be fine as long as we sign a striker in Jan. Bonatini is absolutely brilliant but if he gets injured I would worry. I think we have loads of goals through out the midfield but we don't have another out and out striker or poacher currently comfortable at this level. The money is there 'for the right player' and we missed out on a £10m deal of PSV's Locadia in the final hour of deadline day after someone got injured and PSV pulled the plug. I would imagine we will go for something similar again in Jan.
  15. Championship Predictions > Nov 17th - 19th

    Were gonna have to beat Reading because I can't see Sheff Utd slipping up. Not seeing much I like. Think Sunderland may get their first home win but wouldn't like to bet too much on it. Other than that not much I like. Barnsley could pull off a win at that price I reckon but some pure gambles in there this week. Is there money to spend in January @StevieDay1983? I'm thinking Sheff will eventually slip away and Villa will come up strong.