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** August Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd ian309, 3rd Manc **
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  1. Woodie

    New start

    Nice I've just come back from there, my brother lives other there while I was there we played at metro and city of dreams the standard I was very happy about apart from the amount of slow rolls you get lol
  2. I've watched all Fulham home games this year and there is no team we should fear especially over two legs. We have the beating of reading and I'd quite happily lump on us to qualify over the two legs. Turning up in the final and playing like we do in a match with so much pressure is a bit of a worry for me especially if it goes to penalties Lol
  3. Nice thread, Ive recently started the play at Sky also liking the site so far the standard of play seems incredibly soft compared to pokerstars. I'm playing the majority of the ukops events also so I'll look out for you!
  4. Good game all, enjoyed it nice to play a pl game again. I'll try donate again next week.
  5. Re: ****Win a Pair of Champion Day Tickets - Only Forum Members!! Closes 3.39pm TODAY 32 lengths 7/4
  6. Re: WCOOP #12 $215 buy-in Stake Request Was watching you played that style well it works against aggro players as you say not sure if I'dhave the patience to play like that but it seemed to work. Saw you just flatted the river with some very strong hands it's nice watching some you have % in knowing their not going to stack of lightly! You got unluckly would invest in again.
  7. Re: WCOOP #12 $215 buy-in Stake Request Nice one! good luck on the next!
  8. Re: WCOOP #12 $215 buy-in Stake Request - 28% remaining - 1 Day left All the best mate will try and rail at some point.
  9. Re: WCOOP #12 $215 buy-in Stake Request - 22% Sold Sent for 10% mate all the best!
  10. Woodie

    Hypers 1500 goal

    Re: Hypers 1500 goal Niceone Nade that sounds insane to get a stake at that level already! whats your rakeback deal if you don't mind me asking? good luck hope you keep us posted how you get on.
  11. Woodie

    Hypers 1500 goal

    Re: Hypers 1500 goal I know what you mean mate I don't even play much online these days but whenever I've fancied a game I've deposited and played some omaha zoom the hands people are checking behind with at 5 cent 10 cent youd think there on the bubble of the wsop lol. Seems to of gotten even harder these days seeing a lot of the old grinders I have had notes on all grinding very low these days when a year or two ago theyre all grinding higher.
  12. Woodie

    Hypers 1500 goal

    Re: Hypers 1500 goal All the best is this what your grinding now or is this side challenge? keep it up
  13. Re: 10 Pairs of Tickets for Sandown Park 31st July - FREE ENTRY! Winners Announced! Another great prize from you guys! thanks looking forward to a night of boozing and doing my bo&*&*(s in. Thanks only a couple of stops from me on train yabadaadoooo
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