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** February Poker League Result : 1st rosco, 2nd Danshot, 3rd avongirl **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Marek76, 2nd 1945harry, 3rd Budgie 65, 4th dj.orange, 5th Procalc **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **

WNBL 2015/16


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22 minutes ago, Ashtee said:

The old tactic again :notworthy:lol.

I feel blessed to steal a push at Dandenong, always looked too hard. Although those friendly rolls Rangers had too many of really got on my nerves!

Had that Rangers game marked at +\-7 , shaded it a point or two in the hosts' favour as their HCA seems very pronounced this season.. Actually marked the game in Bendigo a pk

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2 minutes ago, Dog&Under said:

Total in this late game looks very gettable .. Will pass though as they're mostly a crapshoot in women's basketball 

Yeah, had a brief inkling about it myself, although havn't got to looking close enough.

Kicking myself for not taking the under at Bendigo, after eying it all day. Stats and feel about the game seemed to point to it.

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canberra backers a it unlucky in the end, at least those who got the 18.5 .. Surely there's somebody at that club in a position of power who actually cares about performance and results? Because to be 0-14 and persist with things the way are is unusual to say the very least.. 

another line one that looks very generous for sydney tonight imo.. I had the current market marked in reverse with sydney as -4 favourites

obviously the situation sets up a bit in favour of Melbourne being off a loss, but they haven't exactly been great at hitting back & have tended to lose in clusters this season

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Yes, the one thing that's tipped me away from taking Under 154.5 @ Melbourne is the history between these two.

Bit slow to snaffle some of the early offers and wasn't sure when exactly to jump on Adelaide but;

Sydney @ 2.28

Madgen factor could proove decive considering they seem to be having just a par form weekend. Kunek just going too, so Sydney edge them for quality IMO. Marked Sydney 1pt favorite.

Adelaide -6.5 @ 2.00

Should be keen to atone for slack start last week. Face a weary, dispirited opp who, at the same time, could also bring extra fight but am happy with the offer.

Adelaide - Canberra OVER 148.5 @ 1.91

Air conditioned venue and total too low for both of these IMO



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You've really gotta hand it to topsport .. every weekend WITHOUT FAIL I have to email them, sometimes multiple times, to remind them that their starting times are wrong for WNBL games or sometimes just to remind them to put markets up in the first place. 

THe same thing occurs all through the ANZ netball season ... I've even spoken to them about the fact they fail to factor in daylight savings time / western australian time zones and they still can't get it right. 

I mean it's not the end of the world and they're usually pretty prompt about righting any mistakes once I let them know but when you're trying juggle making this along with everyday life on the weekends, it's an added layer of mind traffic you really shouldn't have to deal with. 

again today its happened - the Townsville v Rangers game is just taken down two hours before tipoff ... f*cking hopeless 

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