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  1. Went with Port 1-39 $3 tonight, not very comfortable with it though..
  2. i am looking at jumping on round two winners to get whiplashed again. haven't looked too closely yet but leaning Essendon, Adelaide, Brisbane and WC.
  3. had another look at it and agree with your richmond play.
  4. Agree with them, except maybe richmond. agree collingwood are poor but not sure richmond are significantly better. tempted by under due to a lack of class for both teams, but played over in most games so far. GWS could have won last week if they kicked better, but despite this i thought they looked pretty terrible. they no longer look so talented to me. i will probably play geelong. i think port are better than adelaide. either on port on the line or 1-39.
  5. well i was pretty much right about the conditions and very much wrong about the amount of scoring. today: Collingwood +9.5 Fremantle v Geelong over 126.5 thinking about NM +12.5 and NM game over
  6. playing the under on the gold coast. been a bit of rain and will be warm so hoping it will be greasy conditions and tough handling like it often is there. this is feel / guess rather than science though.
  7. Playing: NM +5.5 over 129.5 1.5u - seems like a one team score despite shortened game to me
  8. haven't looked into this yet, but played WC -63.5 today. probably asking for trouble bit they racked up some healthy margins last season at home against way better squads than this.
  9. going the other way. i cant understand what carlton are doing naming such a rubish side.
  10. Port -36.5 Richmond -6.5 Thinking Richmond will be keener after poor showing against fremantle.
  11. Collingwood +19.5 $1.98 not that confident, but Geelong only look marginally stronger to me.
  12. off west coast. adelaide final team looks alot stronger.
  13. very lucky, pretty much the three best players dropped out for port making the side look very ordinary. leaning WC and GC today. adealide side doesn't look elite to me and the game is shortened length due to heat making the big line bigger.
  14. does look a decent spot, but they are hard to get a handle on. while they have won six of eight only one of those was against a top 4 side and they lost that by 40. only one win was by 10+. throw in that having more to play for has meant less than nothing and i cant be too confident. but as you say depleted roster makes this look tough for SEQ.
  15. well they were in it for 3 quarters but numerous massive shots by jackson and abercrombie won it. hard to fathom how jackson's shooting has gone from emabarrassing to sublime in a few weeks.
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