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WNBL 2015/16

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Played, Townsville +1 @ 1.90

No rest & bus trip but low mins from starters last night. Hopefully seeing top spot present itself combined with depleted opp doesn't proove that great a downfall. Seem on a focussed road weekend and with talent advantage should be enough to make it a fight, at least.

Ps. Backed this with Nigerian bookmaker who sent me email this morning.

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Canberra +11.5 @ 1.90

I expect Perth to be tough tonight but Canberra, at home, rested and getting it together much better of late.

Dandenong @ 4.55 & +8.5 @ 1.94

I've marked Fire just a slight favorite over championship contender, Rangers, so had no hesitation getting straight on. Can Townsville be relied upon to back up off a strong road weekend!?

Townsville - Dandenong Under 151.5 @ 1.92

Seems too high for a Rangers game who are 1-9 lately and under their last nine times away. Fire rank #2 but low 150's is normally as many as they need to be chasing. Felt something close to mid 140's would be fairer for this match up.

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WNBL preview said Swords wasn't playing, but not sure they would know.

played Adelaide 2u, Melbourne missing at least 6 players supposedly and Adelaide have gotten the job done against the weaker teams since Standish.

thinking that losing to Canberra could jolt Perth in to action despite b2b, but havent played yet.



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Yeah, I've found WNBL site preview (this season) isn't on the ball with these ones. I'm guessing she's still out but was originally scheduled due back this or next week.

Adelaide have a couple of their handy DPs out too, leaving both teams short on depth, considering press I read suggested Dombkins might not be back. I feel the difference in PGs should be a big factor and Boomers could be outgunned again.

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21 hours ago, Dog&Under said:

interesting to what comes of this discovery of an Australian basketball coach engaging in illegal betting 

got the scoop on this earlier this afternoon... You guys are going to want to be sitting down if / when the story on this breaks (could be this week pending police investigations) 

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OK, no sign of Swords playing:

Perth +1.5 @ 1.90

Giving plenty of credit to last nights result a lot about Canberra.

Adelaide @ 1.90

A little uneasy about this one but I think the factors mentioned above suggest the price is value (took price while it lasted).


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