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  1. interesting season opener tonight .. hard to get a read on things with Lavey missing and Phillips & Lee also questionable for the Lynx. Flames with some nice additions to their side but with limited time together.
  2. ^ have to think Jordan Hooper doesn't light up quite like last week either.. Watched a little of the live stream and she was in video game mode for a stretch of the second quarter
  3. A story will come out of Melbourne tomorrow regarding the betting scandal I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.. No names will be mentioned apparently but it will be fairly clear who it's referring to
  4. I've become a cynic when it comes to Cambage due to her antics over recent years so I may be reading too much into this but I can't help but think she's attempting to leverage a little sentiment with Basketball Australia from this gaffe.. If she truly cared about the Opals and the Rio campaign she should have dealt with this privately with Kunek and whoever else within the inner sanctum.. To play this out on social media in front of the world's eyes was just another cry for attention imo .. All the while she still won't take responsibility for her fall from grace with BA over the opals squad no show last year.. It's a shame more than anything because with decent dose of humility she could be tearing it up for Australia and in the WNBA..
  5. Decided to pass on this dead rubber
  6. Meantime, here's the latest childish / diva'ish offering from Liz Cambage on twitter ... my god she's awful. the tweet below is in reference to a photo that Alice Kunek posted on instagram in a fancy dress getup with her face painted brown.. So rather than deal with this "teammate" privately, she re-tweets it for all the world to see with a 'this is why I act like a f**kwit, feel sorry for me' ... If I was Brendan Joyce, I'd be keeping her at arm's length from my Opals squad. Elizabeth Cambage @ecambage People wonder why I have issues with some @BasketballAus teammates, I've been dealing with these behavior since we were kids
  7. Looks like Dandenong -2.5 & 153 so nothing can change ladder position wise on today's result ...
  8. Yeah, that 70 point loss in townsville last weekend should at least have Dandenong wanting to aim up..
  9. My two circled plays for this weekend were the Caps tonight and Rangers tomorrow .. be nice if the Stars can produce a miracle in these last 10 mins to set tomorrow up a little stronger.
  10. two sub 1.25 favourites down by double digits tonight ...
  11. Thanks for that. Was just thinking it could be double safer to edit out any possible connection to nicknames.

    1. Dog&Under


      yeah I don't think I / we crossed any lines with what was posted ... really hope this story gets legs if the allegations are proven. Apparently it was a big part of the reason the Stars' emergency sponsor requested he not continue as coach. Was betting on and AGAINST the team allegedly - the latter is where this stuff gets really real if proven. Be interesting to see how deep this went, whether there were any syndicates involved. 

    2. Ashtee


      I didn't really know for certain but put 1 & 1 together.

  12. ^ yeah don't see why anyone would be (allegedly) HAMMERing against the stars tonight ;-)
  13. Canberra +7.5 i I marked them slight faves for this ..
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