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  1. Re: Dissalusioned with poker

    As time goes on the money flows from the good players to the bad players.
    :lol @ Alien Don't you mean As time goes on the money flows from the bad players to the good players? :tongue2
  2. Re: Dissalusioned with poker As an aside if you do get into a conversation with someone who tells you how bad you are then just type back "Why are you complaining then? Surely you will take all my money soon so you should be pleased I'm in here with you". If that doesn't work tell them that your "gazing at the top of their momma's head."

  3. Re: Dissalusioned with poker I agree about the mouthy bad losers Tipstar. They are an annoying bunch of fcukers. There is a option at the bottom of the table (on PP) where you can switch the dealer and player comments to 'silent' by the way. I switch people off quite a lot when my son is in the room. :ok

  4. Re: Dissalusioned with poker Tipstar - now were you a little drunk when you posted this? :lol On a serious note - why the title "Disillusioned with Poker" if you are always winning? This seems like the title of a thread that someone would post if they were on a losing run - not a winning run? Or did you mean "Disillusioned with Poker Theory"? If so, let me deal with the points you make.

    No doubt Ill get the experts on saying Ill play him for a million quid blah blah
    Firstly - poker theory / science is not a load of old bollox Tipstar. Here is an example why. Say you are holding J,10 and the flop comes A, K, 3. Someone raises £10 and the pot stands at £20 as a result. You have to call £10 to get a pot of £30 (which includes the £10 you just put in - so a 2/1 bet). Now the only card that can save you (assuming the raiser has an Ace or a King) is the Queen - giving you the straight. Now you know the two cards in your hand and you know the three cards on the flop - so you know 5 cards - and none are the queen so you rightly calculate that out of 47 cards left in the pack the 4 queens remain. Your odds of hitting the Queen are 43 / 4 (about 11/1). Now if you take an 11/1 chance to get a 2/1 pay off you are a mug. You might hit the middle pin and consider yourself a good player and that all poker theory is a load of old bollox as a result - but you would be wrong. You would have just been a very lucky (and silly) player. Betting in poker is like punting on a sports book. You need to play when there is value to be had. Now there is no argument with regards to the very simple example I have laid out above. They are statistical facts. All poker theory is based on the above and you need to calculate when to bet or not accordingly. The only factor that you can add to the above is how good you are at reading other peoples play. Given the above example you might make the bet if you consider the player to be bluffing. Now if you call thinking that the opponent has trash and that at worst you have a straight draw and two over cards, then this is fair enough. However you would need to have pretty solid grounds to make such a call and if an opponent was this bad I would wait for a better chance to catch him later on personally. As for your kid winning a one table tourney? Well I have no reason to disbelieve you (drunken posting or not ;) :tongue2 ) but all I have to say is the following. a) He was lucky b) He was playing people who were awful (they were yanks after all :lol) c) He understands 'chance' / odds better than you think d) He reads peoples play better than you imagine. e) A combination of all of the above. Whilst I know your thread was light hearted I thought I would post up the answer for any new players or lurkers who might be reading. :ok
  5. I can't disguise that this is a bit of a boast (:nana ) but at the same time it can be frustrating always being one of the runners up. Game - 30152 (Laddies) Players - 186 Stake - $30 + $3 Placed - 3rd Prize - $669 :D I win quite a bit on tourneys on Laddies. Mind you I was so lucky tonight. The best win was when I held AK and was short stacked in 17th place (top 20 were in the cash so I was already there). I go all in and the only caller has AA. The flop comes 6, K, K. I win on trips. Poor bastard. (Mind you he went on to win it. :D ) Anyway back to the reason for the thread title. I keep finishing in the top 10 (and mostly the top five when I get to the final twenty) but NEVER hit the winners spot. Coaching on 'heads up' please chaps?

  6. Re: Freerolls Laddies have quite a few that you don't have to qualify for (by having played a certain number of cash games like some sites). I play on Laddies, Bet365 and Paradise. Welcome to the PL by the way! :welcome

  7. Re: A lot to learn or just bad luck Hard luck tufty.

    and I stupidly focused on the two pair I had and didnt even guess that someone could have drawn a full house with the first five cards.
    I wouldn't have been worrying about the full house either but I would be worrying about the trip 8's very much. As a word of advice I always raise with AA - sometimes all in - mostly just a big enough raise to get rid of the happy draw merchants. :ok
  8. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. Been a member of 365 for a while now but I hven't played much hence..... Playing on M on M in Bet365. $0.25 / $0.50 Just trying to get my raked hands up to qualify for my $50 bonus and some of the juicy freerolls coming up. :D Anyone fancy a nice easy going game for very little money?

  9. Re: Argument On Paradise Hi CJ, Could you post the link for that ready reckoner again please? It seems to have got lost when you posted. By the way, when are we going to see you in the PL tourney? Don't worry about me as I always get knocked out early. :(

  10. Re: Celebrity Big Brother (betting) I made money on this show with my two lays so I didn't really care who won last night to be honest. But Bez? The winner? I hear he is a nice guy - 'on the out' - however he's a drug addled, moody arse. He said all other contestants were 'tossers' because they nominated him and the public thought that this was sooooooo cool that they voted him the winner? Crikey, that says everything about this country that you need to know. Bridgette seemed to have had to put up with the most in there and deserved to win in my opinion. Mind you her silly 'diggity' cry, whilst playing an air guitar, got right up my nose to be honest. Nah fcuk it. They are all bumholes. :lol

  11. Re: Argument On Paradise Hang on are the odds against as there are still two cards to come? Maybe the riskier call was the one after the turn. This could be educational. Even though I am the best player on here (cough) I would still like to hear your thoughts. :lol

  12. Re: Argument On Paradise Cheers for the replies lads - I thought I was right. By the way. Would you have called the $10 raise after the flop chaps? The pot was at $40 - the call was $10 making the pot $50. Odds are against slightly but you are nut flushing. Would you have flat called like me or folded?

  13. I had just been knocked out of the tourney that Billy set up for the PL boys when I thought I would play a cash table to pass some time before the Big Brother final. Anyway.... I have A 10 (both spades). 4 callers. The flop comes K, J, 3 (Two spades - so I am nut flushing) The pot is at $20 and a raise comes in at $10. A call at $10. The pot is now at $40. I call making the pot $50. The turn comes. I think it is a 6 or something but not a spade. The original raiser raises again another $10. Another calls at $10. The pot is now $70. I call making the pot $80. The seven of spades comes. (I have the nuts). The original raiser goes all in about another $20. He gets called again by player two. I call the $20 and reraise another $20. I get called on the side pot. Total pot is about $180. The original raiser goes bananas as I rake the pot and he says "Bullshit". I ask why and he says I had a no chance of hitting that last card. I say I have about a 20% chance considering I know 4 spades are out before the river (two in my hand and two on the table). He says that I had a 5% chance of hitting a spade. Eh? Now I'm sure this is bullshit and I told him so but...... He typed back that this is not the way you calculate the chances of hitting that last card. Well maybe it wasn't 20% as I was thinking fast as you have to - but 5%? What the fcuk? No way. Surely? Can someone..... ok .... Jezza..... enlighten me as I am sure I am right but I need it to be confirmed. PS - I know the call after the flop might have been slightly against me (odds wise) but you sometimes find it hard to lay down a nuts draw for the sake of a few percent - well I do anyway. PPS - I ended up $105 so you can all stick your tourney up your bum. :tongue2 :tongue2

  14. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II They are all in there at the moment. Laughing and having fun. Playing the game and pitting wits. I'm out here. All alone. In the losers lobby. Head under a towel. Wondering where it all went wrong. The hours of practice. I had the eye of the tiger man. I had the eye of the tiger. "There is no tomorrow. There is no tomorrow." :(

  15. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Out first this time. (I was our early last time too :( ) Last time I walked into Norfolks AA when I had KK. This time I had AJ on the small blind and walked into KK on the Big Blind. Both times the opponents made trips. What's worse is that I helped get Alien into the tourney by being a good egg and he just called names all the way through. Then Staff who I sponsored got my seat and proceeded to take the piss as well about tit being a losers chair. Everyone hates me. I'm a broken man. :( :lol :lol :lol

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