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  1. Re: Mentality for being a pro Jezza is a pro player MrMuze - the majority of his income comes from internet games I believe. Mockler claims to be a high stakes poker pro. I don't know him well enough to say if this is true or not though. Oh and Alien plays for a living too. But having witnessed his skill I doubt he's making much.

  2. Re: What do you do about bad winners ? All depends on my mood. Normally I tell them to "fcuk off" because I have no patience for idiocy. However this isn't the 'done thing' either. Etiquette would probably demand you ignore all chat - good and bad. When I started playing I never said a word (believe it or not) unless it was to say "Raise", "Call", or "Check". Come to think of it - life was easier playing that way. Online you can switch chat to silent. This is another good idea if you get easily irritated.

  3. Re: VC Poker- The conspiracy theory Mockler, VC are so desperate for a slightly better percentage on the rake they fix the hands so that more players have an interest in the pot? Is that what you're saying? The multi million pound company VC who will make profits for years to come (unless a scandal puts them out of business) have fixed their software (something so easy to prove by a rogue employee) that they would risk it all to try and make a few more quid? This sounds like the reasoning of a novice - not that of a professional. I'm not saying that is what you are by the way (as I never get personal :lol ) - I'm just saying that this is what your OPINION sounds like to me. I'm not the 'finished article' by any means - and you might 'take me to the sword' if we played head to head? I admit I'm learning all the time. I'm just saying that your reasoning makes no sense to me in the slightest.

  4. Re: VC Poker- The conspiracy theory

    Simple advice is this .. dont play there .. it also has a very poor player base .. which also contributes too bad beats too .. bad calls create bad beats.
    I don't understand this advice from a 'professional' frankly. If you say VC is full of crap players then that is exactly where I am heading. I can take the odd bad beat to play with a bunch of muppets that will call my better hand on the river with an insider draw. Yes please.
  5. Re: Punters Lounge IV Tournament :lol :lol Doctor of Danger is playing! You turncoat colluding with the unwashed - naughty doctor :spank :spank JamDogg will do a big poo in his pants when he finds out. Bad news for all us PL'ers though. Doctor is so tight that every time he smiles his foreskin rolls back. :(

  6. Re: Bugger!

    If you'd of won that pot you'd of won the tourney surely
    That will make him feel better. :lol Unlucky Wayne. As Jezza said you have been playing some good cards recently. You'll take down the Punters Lounge tourney tonight and win $80 and be crowned champ I bet. See - Life aint that bad. :D
  7. Re: Hopkins V Eastman Yeah Eastman is a very good boxer indeed. He has come up against a superb fighter in Hopkins who is, at 40 years old, still as good as ever. I actually count this as Eastmans first defeat as the one chalked up against Joppy was at least a draw for the Englishman in my opinion. As you say Paul - Eastman is a better fighter than over 50% of the World Champions we have at the moment.

  8. Re: Did I play badly? (advice)

    Id have to go with the medium here. I would have raised more' date=' probably 200 or so, but I wouldnt have gone all-in pre-flop. This is just because most times everyone will fold and you'll only be getting 90 for your hand. Once the blinds are bigger Id play it as Gett1n says but not that early in.[/quote'] I see what your saying WFTE but I don't mind the odd dry pot. If they call I'm ahead anyway (unless I meet AA) so I'll take the big pot or go out against an unlucky draw. This is the way I play and so far :hope I am in profit on Cash and MTT.
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