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  1. Re: SKY TV tables tonight! I might play Jezza. I would rather play for stakes that mean something though. Even if it's only a few more dollars than the normal crapshoot we pissed around on the other night.

  2. Re: A few questions about poker live...

    Are they really that strict? Or do you generally just get away with turning up?
    They're really that strict.
    Also, whats the dress code usually? Would I get away with Jeans or would I need a shirt and shoes?
    Depends on the casino. Ring them.
    What type of games can you play? If it like online where I will be able to choose from unlimited £10/ £20/ £50 No Limit tournaments with 10 entrants or is it mainly re-buys/ pot limit games?
    Depends on the casino. Ring them.
    I was hoping to take about £50 cash and no bank cards so I dont get carried away. Maybe play a couple of £25 No Limit tournaments.
    Most casinos only play one competition per night. Cash games can follow afterwards but the players tend to be very good.
    Do I start out with 1000 chips or would it be of a different structure?
    Normally the casinos I play at start you at 1,500 chips. Not that the starting chip matter as it is all relative.
    And finally....... can you drink at the table!!
    Not in any casino I've ever been in, in the UK. :(
  3. Re: 'Rounders' on BBC1 tonight, 11:35pm

    i watched it, i thought it was great. it has given me an appetite for the game. any recommended sites that i can play on with fake money?
    Bet365 and Laddies allow games with play money. As Chala says though people play differently when it's actual cash at stake. Calling a big raise with two bananas and a magic mushroom is hardly frightening compared to calling a £100 all in reraise is it? BUT - to learn the RULES of the game - play money tables can be useful. :ok If you have any questions on good play then don't hesitate to ask for advice from many of the excellent players who post here. :ok Good Luck. :ok
  4. Re: SKY TV tables tonight! I was being a cheeky fellow last night it has to be said - but hopefully it was obvious that I was only teasing and it was all in good fun? Lady Luck - I just love poker slut wannabe's :D

  5. Re: Dodgy Users I was playing someone who did exactly that the other night as well. I think that some players think that 'the software' rewards polite punters more than the silent or moody players - hence the nice comments. Superstitious lot us gamblers you know. :lol

  6. Me and Jezza were in some STT's tonight and both made the money everytime we played. Anyway - remember me saying I had a hand as first caller and wanting to ask you a question Jez? This is what it was. I had A8 - 4 players left and I am first to act. My feeling here is that you fold or raise big style. My theory is this. a) If you flat call and a A comes out you are in a hard spot to get out of the hand and might lose to a better kicker. b) Flat calling gives free cards to so many possibilities about what the BB (and maybe the SB) holds that the next move is hard to read. In my opinion you raise big in early position or fold in the last 4 of a tourney with this hand. Flat calling might be a mugs play? Opinions please.

  7. Re: SKY TV tables tonight! Played 2 STT's on this. I came 3rd and 2nd respectively. (In the money both times I played) Jezza came 1st and 3rd respectively. (I knocked him out on the last one :tongue2 ) LadyLuck came 4th in the last one too. A strong PL showing. :clap :clap

  8. Re: Another Hand for you to decide on? I wouldn't have raised with 66 pre flop in early position. I probably wouldn't raise with that hand pre flop in any position in a cash game. Other than that I would have seen the flop with a call and then bet the hand out pretty much like you did. It was a bad beat as you were ahead when most of the money went in. However it's hard for him to fold KK with a QJ6 flop as he has the top pair. He might be reading you for a straight draw, two pair or for a set. He's hoping that you have a pair of Q's though. He was wrong and he got lucky.

  9. Re: £50.00 freezeout tonight I would do mate but I've had a glass of wine. I don't want to get nicked by you on our first time of meeting. Thanks for the invite though. I'll definately take you up on a meet if the offer is repeated in future. :ok

  10. Re: My Play with JACKS Jez, Interesting how you mention that the other problem hand to start with is AK. I find myself calling with this hand more often than raising with it preflop nowadays.

  11. Re: My Play with JACKS

    Perhaps that is where I am going wrong. I need to start taking into account where the button is.
    Staffy - this is absolutely vital in all forms of poker (online or live). People play a lot differently all depending on their position. For example I would toss 34o in early or mid position - however I might call if I am in last position as I know I will be able to see the flop cheaply without the possibility of a raise coming in afterwards. If a flop comes which is no good to me but it is checked all the way round (by players I consider to be tight and weak) I will sometimes throw in a raise in late position in order to nick the pot. If I'm called I get to see another card - if I'm reraised I'm out pretty cheaply still. The art is understanding when you are against tight and weak opposition. But again this illustrates how position has altered the way I have played the same hand. Lastly it helps to understand how people might be altering their play against you. There are still many 'tells' online - the easiest to spot are the position raisers. I love waiting for these guys when I have a good hand to reraise with. :D
  12. Re: My Play with JACKS Nice post CJ. I play Queens similar to the way I play Jacks too. The only difference between me and you is that I still would put in a raise even from early position. However the later the position - the bigger the raise - the earlier the position - the smaller the raise. What's interesting is when everyone folds but you get reraised by one player in late position. Sometimes I consider a reraise here if I think the opponent has a drawing hand or is playing his cards stronger than normal as he is in late against only a small raiser.

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