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  1. Re: PL v PP v DP STT NOW I just took the 2nd one down blah de blah, blah, blah. You're just a paper champ - till you beat the champ - sucka! :lol
  2. Re: PL v PP v DP STT NOW Guess who just won the tourney of forum champs? GETT1N, Alien, Doc, Jezza, Dave Oh and Tipstar was there for a laugh too :lol :tongue2 The champion in this high stakes game was none other than the 'Great One' himself. ME. :D :D :D :D :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where's this Heniek chap I keep hearing about? Tell him I'm looking for him. These three towns aint big enough for both of us. :@
  3. Re: 10k freerolls through May at bet365 :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy Heniek Awesome mate. Well played. :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  4. Re: 10k freerolls through May at bet365 Alright boys? Thought I would remind you all that the big £10,000 is on tonight again. Kick off at 20.30 hrs. Good luck! :ok
  5. Re: "Mad" Marty Wilson Great story. :lol
  6. Re: Embassy world snooker Bad luck Paul. Fantastic performance from Murphy though. Supposedly he is a very religious man and I would imagine that helped him keep things in perspective more than Stevens (dont know?) Well done to those on the chubby fella. :clap
  7. Re: General Election Turnout. Value Bet. Price on SkyBet has come in one point to 7.00 now for 55% or less. :eek
  8. Re: General Election Turnout. Value Bet. Stop Press. Correction - Corals odds are for 71 - 74%. The turnout can't be higher than 74% though can it????
  9. Re: General Election Turnout. Value Bet. Just to turn this whole thread right on it's head. :loon Ironically the other value bet might be to go against everything I'm saying. :lol If I'm totally wrong in everything I've said and we ignore the last elections turnout as a freak result, then the 12.00 on offer at Corals for a turnout between 71% + might tempt some. If you look at the table I posted earlier you will see that this bet would have won in EVERY General Election between 1922 - 1997!
  10. Re: bet365 do it again Yeah Dave Dave. I'm gonna sticky this as I (like you I'm sure) don't want to forget when these are on. :ok
  11. Re: General Election Turnout. Value Bet. I'm not sure 2.10 looks value to me winbet. I think I'll keep my stake smaller and sniff around the 8.00 on offer at SkyBet.
  12. Re: General Election Turnout. Value Bet. I wont be voting because I believe that none of the Parties are offering me what I want to hear. Voting for a party that you do not believe in is worse than not voting at all. If you vote for a Party and you only believe in 50% of what they say then you are forever endorsing their policies. If turnout drops (and continues to do so) then Parties will have to take stock of their policies and give the public what we want. For example. If you vote Labour you are voting FOR the war in Iraq. Don't bitch when Blair leads us into the next conflict beca
  13. Re: General Election Turnout. Value Bet. Dave - last point. Bear in mind we are both in the 'political' class. We take an interest in policies and what politicians say and do. Most people don't share our sense of interest so we can't judge the mood of the general populace according to our own feelings.
  14. Re: General Election Turnout. Value Bet. Good point - No - Excellent point. But I think everyone knows that Labour are stick on certainties this time also, so I'm not sure if the above quote backs my argument or yours! Again I think this is a good point but I draw a different conclusion to you accordingly. The issues you state above are all important subjects that give rise to people feeling strongly about things. However the fact that most people see politicians as self serving bastids that NEVER follow up their promises leads to the kind of surrender to the futility of it all that
  15. Re: General Election Turnout. Value Bet. Thanks for the link Dave as I hadn't seen that thread. The difference with betting on turnout and other subjects on the general election (which are more specific) is that the turnout bet is a reflection on the general mood of the people. I can spot value in the 8.00 on offer becuase of what I see, smell and hear on the streets. Trying to guess how many seats labour will win or how big Blairs majority will be will never get me a value bet. Bookies have thousands of number crunchers on those subjects that I can never beat.
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