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  1. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II Stafford press on the tourney tab. Then at the bottom of the window you will see some tiny tabs. The fifth one along is called "private". Click on that and find the P.Lounge tourney. Password "Punters".

  2. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament II I'll be out all afternoon and I don't expect to be back until just before 18.30hrs. Hopefully all 20 places won't have gone by then. :( Why are we only allowing registration 2 hours before the event? I would have loved to have dropped my ante in now. :(

  3. Just thought I would post this up as this has never happened to me before. I just had AA two hands on the trot in a NL Poker Paradise cash game! a) I have never had this hand twice on the run before. b) Both went to showdown. c) I won both hands (at a decent profit). I'm not showing off but I thought that AA is rare enough without a) b) & c) added. :D Anyone else had AA on the bounce before?

  4. Re: Players Notes I have a good amount of respect for what you do for a living Jez so i find it hard to argue against you. Maybe it works against players who don't mix it up (?) but I stand by what I said to Alien. You can make (I hope you do) lots of notes about me as you will come unstuck in a heads up if you do. I change my play all the time to keep my game fresh and enjoy the play.

  5. Re: Players Notes If that is what works for you Alien then fair play. I have to say if you applied that science against me you would come unfcuked quickly. Last night I had AA. I raise $5. The flop comes A, 7, 2 (all off suit - no danger of a straight or flush). I raise $1 (feining weakness and trying to look like I'm bluffing the pot). The last man goes all in at $80 or so (he buys my ploy) Thannnnnnnk Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. :nana :nana I play the man ON THE NIGHT - not on his past play or reputation. My play / aggression varies from night to night anyway (to a degree). This isn't a weakness (variable play) - it is my strength. I believe I am hard to read. :\

  6. Re: Players Notes Poker - what a game. I don't agree Wayne. I never make notes on a player as I play the hand based on the playing styles that I have seen from that player THAT night. Here are the reasons why. a) Mood - play me one night and I will be playing tight and listening to music and chilling. Play me another night and I will be aggressive and challenging. b) Stakes - my play differs slightly based on the stakes. c) Tourney or Cash - again my gameplay is different. d) Company - all depends if I consider it a friendly game or not (silly but true). e) Booze - sometimes I drink when I play. Sometimes I don't. Are you playing Jeckle or Hyde???? In conclusion you can all take notes on me as it will do you no good. :ok

  7. Re: Celebrity Big Brother (betting) Thanks Ian :o - I advised laying Lisa after show one and advised laying Caprice (oooer) last night. Laying is the bet to make in this game not backing. Backing the winner is too risky as you never know how it will be edited. But laying is easier as you knew from the start that Lisa was an alienating bossy boots and that Caprice was a vacuous bore. No matter how it was edited they would never be entertaining to the public. Lay - never back on these shows. :ok :ok

  8. Re: Cricket, 5th and final test England v South Africa IOB - I understand you have strong feelings, but please try and express them in manner that is more mature than calling someone else names. We are here to have conversations and disagreements like adults, not like toilet mouthed morons. We would like to believe you can express yourself reasonably rather than calling people names who disagree with you. A conciliatory and reasonable word of advice I hope? :\

  9. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. In Silhouette on PokerParadise. I'm about about to go to bed but there are fish on here. I am up $250 in 1 hour and would love to keep playing but I'm tired and have to be up early (otherwise I wouldn't tell you! :lol ) I'm off to bed so you might as well play tight then hit them. Beware of Arthur Wang who is a bit wild and unpredictable though. Good Luck. :ok

  10. Re: How to lose a lot of money online (a tactical warning!)

    Be sure the player you are bluffing is 1) GOOD and 2) Scared about what you now hold.
    Me and Jez were on the same table a couple of months back and an Ace came on the turn. It was just me and him in the pot. I typed "lol" as he made his decent sized raise (I can't remember how or why but it was obvious this card did nothing for me.) I had to fold and he typed "I knew you would fold because you had no other choice after the turn". I'll take that as a compliment then Jez. :)
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