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** April Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Rob Valk, 3rd McG **
** Last Man Standing Results - glavintoby & Redno2009 both win £125 **
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  1. Re: Did I play badly? (advice) Mr Muzeman - I'm not sure how most people would have played that hand and what is 'wrong' or 'right' (statistically speaking) but I would have been all in pre flop with KK (even in early position) as I know that only AA can be ahead of me. This is the way I would have played given your chips in an early tourney stage.

  2. Re: Tournament Play Question I don't play on betfair but on most other sites you can sit out many hands if you want, but eventually you get anted away. On returning you sometimes have to pay the equivalent of the big blind to resume.

  3. Re: Next PL Game Billy,

    Dont think its necessary to keep it secret on here as the intruders were paradise players looking for 'an easy few bucks' something they probrably do all the time
    . Well they all ended out of the money so who are the fish now? :lol ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Punter,
    I beleive that internet poker is getting bigger by the day and it would'nt suprise me if i ended up dropping some/most of my football bets to play more of it.
    Exactly what I have done mate. It's one of the reasons why I kept pushing Paul for months to get this forum up and running. I'm actually up from sports and events betting this year but it doesn't interest me at the moment. Poker is my sole source of betting income at the moment which has been going slowly on cash games (about 5% up) but I am well up on MMT's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Re: I hate Poker

    (but bear in mind it is probably wiser to be in with 74o than a K6s for the "second best hand" danger")
    Some of the best advice you will read if you play a bit looser in the early stages of MMT's. :ok
  5. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8

    Have to hold my hands up in shame over any imposters tonight - let the password out to the bloody 'gay monster' who likes to 'walk' on the beach.:( Sorry, really had no idea that well after we had started anyone could still get with late entry - my fault... Still - got to find out about our initiation rites for PL - looking for a horse right now...
    Someone please translate. I know we had some non Pl'ers tonight - all busted out BTW :clap but what is Onemore going on about?
  6. Re: Gutted Unlucky Jez. Of course you would have taken the $800 before the start of the tourney but it does hurt when you go out knowing you could have done something to win it. Not after eventing here but given the same situation I would have been all in. Stick that in your notebook Alien. :loon

  7. Re: Dissalusioned with poker I have taught my 11 year old how to play poker and have even let him play one of those £200 freerolls on Bet365 on my account. I told him if he won anything he could have it. He lasted until the last 1,000 out of about 2,500 by playing very tight for most of it. He's very good at maths and has just had his mock SATs. He got the top grade and is considered to be advanced when it comes to this subject5. Consequently he doesn't play to badly as he understands probability even at this tender age. I'm with Jezza on this. I have told my son all about gambling, poker, fighting, drinking, drugs and smoking. Nothing (barring conversations about sex as yet) is taboo. When I was his age I was intrigued about all the things adults did - the vices. As I grew older I couldn't wait to try them all. My lad has seen me do all of the above (bar drugs) and sees it all as being a bit ridiculous and a little boring (especially the drinking bit). Personally I believe the best way to bring your kids up is not to shelter them to the extent that a vice seems mysterious. Nothing will turn a child onto a vice quicker than that in my opinion.

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