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  1. Re: New Year Freerolls I dunno if they do keep you sharp Dave. In order to win one you have to go mad like the numptys to begin with in order to not let them bully you later on (the lucky ones that make it that is). I think this leads to loose play in the long term......

  2. Re: The Truth Behind Blackjack Here's the weirdo TopNotch Jezza.jpg If you have sat next to this man on a poker table you will know it due to his excellent play, hard to read, composed manner. And the fact he has googly eyes and a funny smell.

  3. Re: New Year Freerolls I can't be arsed with these freerolls Dave. You have to battle through 2,000 people to win $20 after 6 hours grinding. Nah - fcuk that. Keep posting them up though as I know loads of people like them. Not for me mind.

  4. Re: Bad Beats......... I just went on a cash table and won $20 but I'm still moody. The guy who beat me Lowe14 is still in the final too which hurts like a bitch. Good money for the winner too £2,000.... Fuuuuuuuuuck... Still hurts. Fcuking 10 -4 (mumble, mumble) :wall

  5. I haven't played Poker in a while as I needed to take a break from all betting for a bit. I wasn't enjoying it much even though I was doing ok on the Footy and placing in lots of Poker tournements. I was just going stale and the odd bad beats I was getting were really piissing me off. Today I thought I would have a tourney on Laddies. It was the $50 +$5 at 15:30 hrs on Laddies. I played tight all game and wasn't getting many cards. However when I did get a sniff I was aggressive and it was coming off for me. Anyway we got down to the last 13 out of 137 and I'm on the BB. All fold to the SB who raises with 5,000. I have about 8,500 and go all in. I have AhQh. He calls the other 3,500 which nearly puts him all in and turns over 10 - 4 off suit. The flop comes 3, 7, 10. No help on the turn or river for me either. At least he said "sorry" :\ FCUKING CUUUUUUUNT. :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ (Sorry). :o I want to play another game of poker but know I need to avoid it at the moment. How do you deal with Bad Beats?

  6. What do you do? Concentrate on every hand and every move everyone makes? Play Music through headphones? Post on the PL? Drink Alcohol? I tend to try and keep of the wine if I'm playing for reasonable stakes. Other than that I tend to play music and post on the PL. It helps me stay patient and not get bored. I know the purists will say that you should watch everyone closely but to be honest with the fact that Laddies give you the bet history on every player and hand I don't need to. What about you guys? For me there is nothing like playing Dirty Cash by Stevie V whilst raking in a big pot. ;)

  7. Re: The Truth Behind Blackjack Fools,

    I was in Portugal playing in October. and they were offering early surender
    Portugal on the other hand is the best place ever to play, total candystore. You can make money playing BS there.
    What's this early surrender thing then? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alien, So the only way to make money is to count cards unless you cheat or find a crap dealer then. Thanks for clearing that up. :lol :tongue2
  8. Re: The Truth Behind Blackjack Just a question Foolsgold? Why do you play Black Jack? You obviously take it seriously enough to put some thought into it so you will realise that in the long term you will lose playing the game unless you count cards (very well) which will get you spotted and banned anyway. If you play for the pleasure then i understand it, but to be honest all games against the House are always going to see you lose unless you find a way to cheat. That's why I play Poker and bet on Sports - because I think the punter can find a real edge in these games. I'm not critisising I'm just interested. :ok

  9. Re: Calling an All In with a Strong Drawing Hand? Hi CJ, I would have called the $8 and the $70 just as you did. Here are the reasons why. a) Firstly you have read the guy correctly. He has already gone in on drawing hands before now so the power of his $70 bet is not to be respected. b) You're in last position and no one else has called. You hold a decent couple of cards in a heads up against a loose player with less chips than you. c) He has over bet the pot. Weak players often do this in a vain attempt to fein strength. Of course strong players can do this to ward off weak players from drawing a lucky card but we have already established this guy wasn't a good player right? d) You have so many outs. In order for you to be scared about him hitting a bigger flush he has to hold the Ac which is probable. But to be really scared he has to be holding the Ac with another club which is very unlikely. He will need two clubs to come on the turn and river respectively and this is unlikely. So whilst you are not nut flushing - you have the second best flush and the likely winner if one more club lands. e) He's all in. With so many outs you have to call in my opinion. He can't hurt you more than the $70 he is in and your bank will take it. If he had another $300 left in front of him I would worry as I might be betting my whole stack against this guy who is liable to call or raise with anything. That might make me hesitate a little. But this wasn't the case here so once again I would have called. I dont know what the maths are given this situation (Jez might help you there) but given the circumstances as you described them I would have played the hand the same way.

  10. Re: The Truth Behind Blackjack Hi Jez, Nice to see you with your mod status in Casino and Poker at last. I'll be around a lot more to help you, Billy and Norfolk out in here now work has quietened down. As for Black Jack my advice to people would be to stay well away from it. Whilst it would be true to say that it is the ONLY game against the House that you can get a small mathematical advantage, the return really isn't worth it for the edge involved. All Casino's have cameras and Pit Bosses on the look out for Card Counters nowadays, so simply put - the better you are at it the quicker you will be banned from the Casino. It doesn't take long until you are banned from all over the place. The worse you are at it the more you will lose and then the Casino's will let you play for ever! Either way you are a loser in the long run. Apart from Card Counting there is no other way to make a consistent profit on Black Jack. So, like any other game against the House - only play it for fun and not as a serious money making proposition. As Jez suggests, if you want to make money out of card games you need to play games against other players such as Poker. You would be advised to put all your efforts into learning these games inside out if you really want to make money. Great post and good reading for those that like Black Jack though Jezza.:ok

  11. Re: PDC World Darts Championship (Dec 26 - Jan 3) Edtkh, Posts like yours above discourage new people from joining and sharing their thoughts. I have no idea if Gaz is a good tipster or not on the sport of darts but I do know that his contribution is welcomed by all the mods at the PL. If you know anything about betting you should know that making fun out of a punters losing bet is a big "no, no". Gaz you carry on mate. People will make up their own mind wether to follow your tips. As you say your record is there to be examined on a long term basis.

  12. Re: Blackjack multiplayers ? Sorry Paul, Sometimes we all occasionally post something that happens to be wrong and on this occasion Alien is 100% correct. As he says it isn't a matter of opinion it is a matter of fact. You have to play your own hand correctly over a long period of time to reduce the houses edge (which CANNOT be eradicated without card counting - which is why Alien mentioned it). Obviously it is annoying when a player pulls a card on 15 when the dealer is showing a 5!! Even more so when the dealer wins as a result of that pulled call when he / she would have bust! But mathmatically this makes no difference to the way you should play your hand unless card counting is involved.

  13. Re: I'm a Celeb get me out of here (series 4) Joe Pasquale - Worthy favourite. Antonio Fargas - Lay Bet. He just isn't doing anything. ZZZZZZZZZZ Natalie Appleton - I just can't see her winning after her pathetic display on the bush tucker trials. The public keep voting her to do them so she aint too popular. Sophie Anderton - Boring. No chance. Lay off on the exchanges. Brian Harvey - RIP Janet Street Porter Lay bet - annoying. Paul Burrell - Lay bet - gay Nancy Sorrell - Lay bet - boring Fran Cosgrove - Good chance still. Sheila Ferguson - Lay bet - bossy Vic Reeves - Quiet at the moment. Still has a chance. Possible winners Joe Pasquale Fran Cosgrove Vic Reeves Lay off everyone else?

  14. Re: International Rugby 26-27 November Hi Rowdy, Welcome to the punters lounge. :ok I came on to start a thread and say basically what you have said Dave. I think everyone has over reacted to Englands win against the Boks especially as they were turned over the week before by Ireland as well and nearly lost to a Wales comeback the week before that! I would love to see England dominate the World scene again but I think the Wallabies are a decent value bet myself. I wont put money on it as I can't back against England (or Forest) though - I just can't. :(

  15. Re: Weak US Dollar I did the same a while back Luso. I tend to put money into my account. Play. (Win?) And then withdraw the same day. I don't get charged by my credit card for doing that. :clap

  16. Re: I'm a Celeb get me out of here (series 4) My opinions after a few days. Joe Pasquale - Worthy favourite - funny voice, funny man. Antonio Fargas - Lay Bet. He just isn't doing anything. ZZZZZZZZZZ Natalie Appleton - Weirdo. All depends how it is edited. No Lay. No Bet as yet. Sophie Anderton - Boring. No chance. Lay off on the exchanges. Brian Harvey - I'm warming to him. I wont back as I think his bird might join and piss everyone off. He will be there or there abouts though. Janet Street Porter - Can't see it myself. Down to earth and no nonsense but will isolate too many fellow contestants and certain sectors of the public. Paul Burrell -All depends how it is edited. No Lay. No Bet as yet. Nancy Sorrell - Boring and vain. No chance. Lay off on the exchanges. Fran Cosgrove - Good chance still. Sheila Ferguson - Can't see winning but might be a good back and lay bet. Vic Reeves - I doubt it as he was introduced late and he isn't as funny when unscripted. No lay. No bet as yet in case he surprises us. Possible winners Joe Pasquale Brian Harvey Fran Cosgrove Natalie Appleton Vic Reeves Lay off everyone else?

  17. Re: Was this the right play? Hi Kirkie, I pretty much agree with what Jezza is saying here. I thought this was going to be a bad beat story for a minute when you said that the turn was an 8 (and I was thinking straight away J, 9). Anyhow you spotted that so fair play. The only thing I might do differently (all depending on who I am playing) is I might raise preflop. I would do this in tourneys (as Jez said) or if I'm playing people who I consider to be tight and weak. If I get called by a 'tight weak' player and the flop comes out with a A or a K I might fold if raised again. Apart from those times I would play it the same way as you.

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