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  1. lol. 

    But yeah, you're right. Its 250 markets. 

    History only went as far back as a few months online. 

    I think we can stay under the 250 markets , no matter how much we profit, we wont get hit with Premium Charge.BUT thats assuming that betting on 10 different matches on market Correct Score counts as one not 10. Still hunting for clarification on this.

    Just gonna try stay under that if I can. Will figure out a way to get that data from them ?

  2. I'm going to place a Goliath on all games ending in a draw. I can see at least half of the 8 games ending in a draw. There's no clear underdog in any game, not because of odds but because how all teams have performed so far. Plus depth of teams like france and belgium count in extra-time and these can play patiently. Tactics are more important in these tournament games and no team should be taking unnecessary risk. It works in underdog's favor to waste time, slow tempo and the big teams though frustrated know at the back of their mind at extra-time is there too when they can bring more fresh legs of great quality, and take the game then.





  3. 3 hours ago, losingpunter said:

    even a fit mladenovic can't do wonders to this tournament. she is way too awful. she hits the nets after every 2-3 points. no consistency at all in her play. given your pathetic form this year please dont give recommendations like this

    Form is temporary. Class is permanent. Can we pls discuss stuff without being rude?

  4. Stefano Napolitano v Diego Schwartzman

    Taking Stefano to beat diego at juicy 5/1 marathon. Napolitano beat zverev 3:1 today where as diego struggled to beat his opponent who was ranked 100+ just like stefano. And if stefano can do what he did today, those are good odds to get on early. 


  5. 20 hours ago, Davor_92 said:

    Not really a PL game, but thought more people will see it here:


    COLOMBIA: Atletico Nacional - Envigado 2 @ 6.00, X2 @ 2.60


    Google translated:

    After the defeat with Botafogo, coach Reinaldo Rueda made clear that all efforts will be turned to change the situation in the Copa Libertadores and, therefore tomorrow against Envigado (8:00 p.m.), will use the young. "Against Envigado we will not have nor the alternate team, we will be with the juveniles," emphasized Rueda.

    This becomes a new challenge for those under Nixon Perea, coach of the U19 category and who from the defeat against Santa Fe in the semifinal of the Eagle-2 2016 League was waiting for the rematch.

    "We know the responsibility, because the team is close to ensuring the quota among the eight and so far has not lost," said Perea.

    He is not mistaken because a green victory leaves him assured in the absence of 7 days to finish the phase of all against all.

    Perea recalled that defeat in the semifinals, 0-4 against Santa Fe, was before the champion of the South American and that all parties are different. Among the juveniles are Háider Borja, Cristian Moya, Sebastián Támara; Rodin Quiñones, Juan Pablo Ramírez, Duvan Uribe and Andrés Sarmiento.

    Nacional meets his best start in short tournaments, accumulates 11 undefeated dates, with a less match that will play against Junior on 26 April.

    Atletico played Copa Libertadores game 3 days ago, and are playing another one in 3 days... Their U-19 team is nowhere near the level of serious, senior football and those few senior players are those who played very little so far. Guest win is very likely here, odds will drop A LOT soon...

    Feel free to share :)

    what the hell happened here. Price never drifted, in fact it came in and atletico nacional won very easily 2:0


    just interested whether that article was genuine or not.

  6. 1 hour ago, zemo91 said:

    I'm not 100 procent sure Tottenham is a banker,like I said before ,most of the games they played without Kane were under 2,5.Sigurdsson is possibly playing and considering Swansea's home record they are fully capable of scoring. It's true they conceed a lot but if they manage to tighten up at the back,there's a possibility they can get a result

    plus i think wanyama and winks got injured in the last match. 

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