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  1. I think the motivation in this match solely rests on Rublev's shoulders. Thiem has qualified and can decide to do anything as we have seen from past experiences in round robin matches. And this idea of Rublev already being on vacation is really a figure of speech for all intents and purposes. On the head to head count, pride or financial reward, Rublev still has a lot to play for. Rublev at least wins a set and possibly more here.
  2. I think Lopez +5.5 handicap at this stage of the season is huge. Better option than Nadal 2-0
  3. Sometimes it can be so very difficult to distinguish between a monumental choke and suicide. That would seem to me like suicide for profits. Certainly the most annoying way anyone can lose money.
  4. There is definitely the problem with the clash of styles and trying to figure out what Sabalenka's raw power might be worth. However, I think that there is already evidence to show that should not be a problem with Sorribes having previously succeeded over a similar player in Kontaveit. I think Sorribes may be on one of those unusual freaky runs that comes not so often in a players career. Sorribes to win definitely is the right play here.
  5. Fritz vs Lloyd I just thought that the time and opportunity was right to go back to complete a job that the Czech Punter started at the beginning of the week and abandoned from the resulting initial disappointment. Clearly noticing that Lloyd was low in energy levels and suffering physically, Czech had seemingly sent in a hit man in the name of Coria to finish him off. I thought then that the idea was right except that Coria finding the task beyond him because of the potential match up on the surface. Lloyd called the bluff and even went on to win his next match which was a slight upgrade
  6. My apologies Foo fighter. I meant to reply Brand New who might need spectacles.
  7. Foo Fighter, There was nothing there to untangle. I just presented 2 schools of thought that looked the same depending on which angle you looked at it from. It’s called mirroring of thoughts. Why would you have been confused? Was there not a conclusion to what I said? Did you not read where I arrived at Nadal being the winner by 3-0 70% probability or Nadal 3-1 30% probability? . Did you not see where I said in black and white Nadal wins cozily? Put whatever bias aside and re-read that post again. Also learn to speak for yourself.
  8. I have been pondering over this one for quite a while and I am still to reach anything conclusive. However, there are parts of the match that I have concluded. Firstly Whilst Djokovic has beaten Nadal a few times on clay, we have seen from history that Nadal’s preparation for this slam is second to none. He plays this slam different to everything else. In answer to the question where the market inquires 5 setter? Yes 5/2 no 2/7. I say emphatically no. If anyone is ever going to beat Nadal in a Roland Garros final, their energy levels would need to be at best 3/4 full. Djokovic has played
  9. When Mark Petchey was asked today who he would prefer in the final, he said that from a sponsor's perspective a Nadal /Djokovic final would be most ideal judging from the sort of money such a final would generate. He then said for the benefit of tennis he would preferably love to see Tsitsipas play any of the top 2 in the final. Most people on this forum at least the veterans, live on the inside of the game and are quite knowledgeable about who is who even at the basement of the game. Your original statement of expressing disappointment at the WTA for failing to maintain consistency in a tourn
  10. I think I need to take your mind back to your original statement which became the springboard for this mini-debate. You said:"I can’t believe what state the WTA is in. I thought they had done really well the last couple of years to improve the randomness problem, and improve the standard and consistency at the top of the game." What then did you mean by the randomness problem? You answer the question right there in the second half of your statement "a lack of consistency at the top of the game" Unless you now say that "Consistency" used referred to just having the usual top players appearing
  11. Just need to put straight one or two matters that need clarification. Firstly I do not know if you have your own customized definition to the word "injection" if not I think it is obviously clear that since Murray and Konta there has been a remarkable improvement on the mens and womens side with the inclusion of new players unless you are not conversant with British tennis. The improvement is nowhere near the other countries mentioned but it is there. Secondly, you seem to think that randomness resides at the opposite end of consistency. It is simply a variant in this case. It will almost be i
  12. I do not think that it requires any intense observation to realize that tennis has officially entered a new era as with a few other sports like snooker etc. Most times there is never any distinguishing ceremony to mark this kind of change aside noting the slow and steady upgrade of the human infrastructure as the years roll on. In most cases change will occur as a simulated or clandestine activity which will always be visible to those who understand the game or are privileged with an inside view. Over the past years this simulated process has continued in the background and invariably pro
  13. Yeah, I knew you would have been gutted about Sinner. That is one of the most painful ways a person can lose a bet where the thought is spot on but loses on the expression of that thought. Sinner covered the handicap and total games with a lot to spare. It also looked like he could win a set anytime he chose to put his foot on the gas pedal but never quite got round to doing it. He largely suffered from the cobwebs of inexperience. His total concentration was in and out for most parts and his commitment to shots was lackadaisical at times coupled with a body language that was not in line with
  14. Djokovic VS Carreno Busta There certainly cannot be too many confident tipsters around now with the amount of quality body blows that the bookies have inflicted over the last week or so. Still we keep coming forward with our gloves high up over our faces hoping to land that knockout punch on the bookies. Ask Alexander Povetkin. lol!!! There is nothing to say about Djokovic as it stands so I will quickly go on to talk about Carreno Busta. Firstly the head to head between both men stands at 3-1 Djokovic which begun on clay back in 2014. Djokovic won that match in straight sets 6-0 6-1. The
  15. What state is the WTA in? Randomness or consistency, it is clear that the standard of tennis has still remained very very high even without the usual old faces. In fact true aficionados of the game will certainly prefer randomness over predictable and mundane consistency. It is what keeps everything intriguing and exciting. Also it matters not what the ranking of the three remaining players are. We can all see that they are all far better than those numbers will care to indicate. Even before this competition a player like Iva Swiatek would always be priced respectably by the bookies regardles
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