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  1. Australian Open 2018

    To be honest, it is hard to know what to expect from the Dimitrov/Edmund match with all the drama that has happened so far. Firstly considering the details of the head to head between the two of them, Dimitrov has to be said to be prized way too short. Edmund has played Dimitrov twice losing in three close sets both times. I really think situation-wise Edmunds is in a very good place. He will enjoy the freedom of playing with house money knowing that there is a realistic chance of victory. If Dimitrov can beat Edmund 3-0 after the physical exertions from the combined matches of Mcdonalds, Rublev and Kyrgios, then he will just have to be considered too good. These are what slams are all about for players of Edmund's calibre. Attempt and believe to do what you have never done before!! The only threat in my opinion to the 37.5 target is Edmund running away with a 3-0 win which is not beyond the realms of possibility. With adrenalin and the gritty British blood flowing through Evans, I strongly believe having already played Dimitrov twice before, he can win with the +1.5 set handicap at 6/4. Real value. Good luck all!!!
  2. September 18 - September 24

    I guess we all have to agree with anything you say especially on the Ostapenko match. You have suddenly become a born again distinguished untouchable. Very nice streak of wins. Keep it up!!
  3. August 14 - August 20

    I really do not agree with you especially on the basis that you have reached your conclusion. Firstly how a player performs against a particular player on a given day can not be used as a yardstick to try and figure out how he will perform in his next match. I will state my strong opposition to a Londero win alone. I will not be commenting on Londero winning 2-0 because I can safely see that as very unlikely. Here are my points. Firstly, it is almost an impossible task and especially rare for a player to beat the same player twice in back to back weeks when they are pretty much on the same level. Hard!!!! Their first meeting on a hard court was a tight three-setter indicating that Olivares is not as easy as you make him out to be. Secondly, Olivares has some average form to be competitive here especially as he plays here at home. He is a 1997 kid and could be anything. Olivares to win a set 7/4 has to be a good bet in a match that he has a reasonable chance of winning!
  4. August 7 - August 13

    David should know that this is not your website and should not be leaving messages here for you, unless it is a tactical ploy to validate yourself after the initial question you were asked. Speaking about that, there is nothing on your website that gives us any answers to the questions raised about your overall performance. Your website also has a link to a punters lounge that is identical to this one in every sense, but not the same. Is that anything related to this one? only wondering!!!
  5. Wimbledon 2017

    Rybarikova Vs Muguruza Having already met 4 times with a 2-2 Head to Head Record, and with Rybarikova most importantly winning the only meeting on grass, it is fair to say that Rybarikova will know exactly what to expect from Muguruza who really tries to play her tennis via a defined path to victory. Muguruza has got this far by punishing and brutalising her opponents into submission by a bullying approach which has really been effective thus far. ?She plays a kind of game similar to Vandeweghe but not as robust and refined. Vandeweghe definitely is the more prolific shot-maker with better variety in her play. Even then, it was so very hard to regulate and reset her game to cope with the finesse coming off the Rybarikova racket. When I first saw the scoreline by which she had beaten Vandeweghe in their previous two meetings, I had to convince myself that it was some sort of a freak show until she confirmed it was not by beating Vandeweghe by a similar scoreline again. In Rybarikova's only meeting on grass with Muguruza in Birmingham in 2015, the scoreline of 6-3 6-1 seems to tell a story of Muguruza not really being able to cope with the Rybarikova game on grass especially with the mixture of spins and change of pace she would have had to cope with. I really cannot see Muguruza hitting her way easily out of this restrictive and somewhat strangulating game of Rybarikova. Rybarikova is 19-1 on grass, and in my opinion will not find fulfillment unless her current form gets her in the final. Looking at the overall picture, we can see that Rybarikova's chances are not any greater because this game is on grass. Muguruza is just the sort of player that she would consider a good customer with the sort of one-dimensional game that she brings to the table. Rybarikova has played Muguruza on hard courts and showed up too well to even consider taking her for granted today. The omen can only be positive especially with Rybarikova drifting fast. Experience has always said that it is the smart move to always go contrary to the market in fast double digit drifts. Rybarikova to play Venus in the final. Verdict
  6. Wimbledon 2017

    I will definitely agree with you that it will seem a road too too far for Rybarikova to go on and beat Vandeweghe especially having been drawn into three sets against martic in the last round. Rybarikova will really have to be superhuman. The head to head record between the two means absolutely nothing apart from being the catalyst which will help to derail many from crossing the payout line. As we know, Vandeweghe has a big game, but is a high-risk player who can be prone to serial errors during a match. That was the case in 2011 when she lost to Rybarikova in Birmingham. She was still trying to find her way carrying this huge potential on her back. She even lost to Daniilidou, Riske and Rus in the same period. The other loss happened this year preparing for the French Open after she had lost hopelessly to Halep in Madrid proir to playing well in the tournament. She was never able to overcome that bad loss to Halep and it spilled over into the first round of the French Open where Rybarikova again beat her where I believe she lacked focus. Whatever was about Vandeweghe prior to this years Wimbledon is a story best left for the archives. 2017 is about Pat Cash featuring Vandeweghe. That is all that matters. I also agree with your Williams pick. That is so very clear. I already smell the aroma of your beginners luck as it is your 1st or 2nd posting on this forum. Good luck Matey!!
  7. Wimbledon 2017

    Cilic Vs Mayer It has to be quite intruguing why Marin Cilic is priced so short against Florian Mayer who really is in very good form and plays very well on grass. Oh! I forgot........that Cilic it won or lost the queeens final, which is an indication that his game is in almost prestine condition backed up by the first round trouncing of Kohlschreiber who really has been missing in action of late. Head to Head stands at 2-2 with Mayer winning their only grass meeting in Wimbledon 2010 in straight sets. All their previous meetings have been very competitive with Mayer always winning a set at least. I think Cilic even with his bullying style of play is too one dimensional and really should not be priced this ridiculously short. With Lopez bombing out early, I see Cilic as vulnerable here. To what extent? Well, to the extent of Mayer definately being capable of winning a set 8/11. the tip is Mayer to win a set 8/11. I will be risking more on over 3.5 sets and Mayer winning too. Good luck!!!
  8. June 26 - July 2

    Had a bit of your feathers ruffled? Well that is what I do to naughty boys. Spank them with superlatives!! We will see how you do at Wimbledon. You could not have answered a more appropriate name than smoke. Well......... which really kind of clarifies the ontology of your inconsequential existence. I am done with you. Boy!!
  9. June 26 - July 2

    Well well well, this looks like a freshman class of English 101 which I will be happy to take. You appear not to be too conversant with English phrases and uses especially in relation to translating or understanding in the context it was used. "I dare her to prove me wrong" is only a figure of speech with no hidden connotations which I have used to back up my opinion. And what is your point on Pliskova?? That she could not possibly be passive because you feel Wozniacki is more passive?. Hahaha! You cannot be serious!! ( Preferring to borrow the McEnroe special phrase) So who is more passive? Pliskova or Wozniacki? Wozniacki might be a pusher, but she is a resilient pusher. She chases everything with purpose and is feisty and gritty more like you will see with Radwanska or Svitolina. Both Pliskovas are passive and very lifeless with their tennis. In fact Karoline has only recently just started to show the pumped fist during play. It was the same lifeless play that made Cilic a paper-tiger till he started putting some venom into his emotions . I certainly misread Pliskovas intentions and got it wrong from the angle I viewed it from. However don't you try to attempt to give me an English lesson until you find a defined path to follow. I will be happy to talk tennis with you any day matey! I have always called for a well organised tipping process on here so that we can separate the guessers from tipsters. I guess we are all fine with it being a recreational circus, and that is fine with me, which is why I just stop by these days.
  10. June 26 - July 2

    I doubt that very much in my opinion. Pliskova is wrongly priced at 8/13 depending on whether that means anything to you . For me it is huge. Secondly Wozniacki leads the h2h 4-1 and looks like she could still conquer Pliskova even on grass. And finally, I do not think Pliskova is as dogged as Wozniacki. Wozniacki looks the hungrier and after taking out the home girl, will be confident to beat Pliskova. Pliskova really is too passive and restrained to even summon up the bottle to win........and I dare her to prove me wrong. Woz in three. Verdict!!!
  11. June 26 - July 2

    It still remains a very dicey pick which ever player you chose to back for the win. Betwise this is how I see it. Both of them have very potent and reliable first serves with Pliskova's being the more reliable. It would seem rather unlikely for anyone of them to win without going over 12.5 in total player games. In fact there is a very high chance of both players to go over 12.5 games. I am however siding with Pliskova over 12.5 games 8/11
  12. June 19 - June 25

    Too too easy for Querrey!!!
  13. June 19 - June 25

    Don't miss it? For the excitement or financial returns? I don't know where you have been watching Kokkinakis to think his current form deserves all these superlatives. He has not played much tennis and last time beat a very awful Raonic. The game will mostly be remembered for Raonics sloppiness. Medvedev is no slouch either, he recently beat Kokkinakis rec on grass 6/4 7/6 which gives me an indication that Kokkinakis could possibly play better today and pose much more of a problem, but by no means worthy of the big hype. Medvedev again for me in 3 sets this time.
  14. June 19 - June 25

    Berdych vs Shapovalov Berdych meets the young explosive Canadian in the London tennis Club championships having lost to three of his last six opponents, and two of three on grass in terms of specifics. I saw Shapovalov play for the first time against Edmund and I have to say that I was highly hopeful about the future of his tennis, that is if he has the head to stay with it. He reminds me of a younger version of Peter Korda with the excellent lefties serve and well programmed backhand. Also good variation of shots during rallies, although brief. Anyone who backed Edmund in the last match and watched it, would have clearly seen that Edmund just seemed like he did not want to be there from the start of play. He played the whole match with no zeal, no confidence and no hope.....unless he backed himself to lose. Shapovalov plays amplified high-risk tennis that can be painful at times to watch. Certainly needs to develop his mental game to live with the very best like Murray who will get tons of balls back in play. The main problem with the Shapovalov game is his consistency on rallying once ball is in play and his return of sgerve where he has to swing at every serve instead of employing the old Victorian blocked-return treatment. Those are still major areas of concern for me why I will not be backing him just yet. On the other hand, Berdych is one of the best returners in the game and with his experience should be able to outmanoeuvre the young Canadian with his big ground strokes once ball is in play. The pressure on the berdych returns should force Shapovalov to make a couple more errors on serve. Berdych wins this quite alright. However I will narrow it down to say Berdych to win 2-0 as I expect he will be the safer player with reference to playing tiebreaks which I feel is the only hope of Shapovalov. Good luck!!
  15. June 19 - June 25

    I suppose that is the weight that is always on one's shoulders as a tipster. There are no valid excuses for losing. And if a win is a win, then a loss is a loss. It is still considered a bad tip even if your player had 5match points and still lost or your player was serving for the match at 5-0 and still lost. Not a very positive thing to provide explanations or even discuss an already decided match that now has no potential relevance to the rest of the days play