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  1. What are you talking about my friend? There are only winners and losers in this game and no luck or close shaves. A nice tip is one that wins. End of story!!!! All the attractions and distractions on the road to that win is just as irrelevant as the loss. It is that simple!! Remember the tipster is giving you information from a perspective on what has already happened before it happens (if you can understand that). Everything in this game happens deliberately, no if, buts, or long distance hopes. I most times do not blame any player for playing bad or making me lose, instead I blame myself for
  2. Pliskova needs her head examined. She is just too mentally fragile to be doing business in the WTA. Maybe she was expecting Barty to give her an arm-chair ride to the victory podium. Gutless turd!!!
  3. Reading from page 1 of this thread, it becomes so apparent how this indulgence almost seems a complete waste of time. If this forum was a university then most of our parents would have given up paying our school fees from us being too dumb to excel....Always hopeful but never really coming to the knowledge of the truth. It is like trying to catch the wind in the palm of your hand to show someone as evidence. Hahahaha!
  4. Very true about nothing being certain. The score in the Djokovic match indicates that Shapovalov must have put up a good fight when he actually was rubbish. Yet, many other players will play twice as hard and not get past winning three games in a set. Shapovalov could never put more that five back to back strokes in play without missing. Fake player!!!
  5. not quite bro! Hurkacz's game is typically grass and he really mixes it up well. No doubt Djokovic should win. On the other hand it is not impossible for Djokovic to be beaten.
  6. Kyrgios should really have done us a favor by taking Aliassime with him into the wilderness. A player with more hype than balls.
  7. Was the breathing problem a result of the home support? I am a bit confused.
  8. Sonego really looks like a novice on grass. Just cannot get his footing right. Maybe it is the speed of the Federer shots messing him up.
  9. Sonego really has no chance from the look of this matchup. very easy for Fed even @5-5 Sonego serving
  10. Thank you my friend, for some strange reason I suddenly changed my mind from Swiatek and went really large on Jabeur after reading your response. It just had the effect of bringing me back to reality. One virtual shot of Jack Daniels and coke for you bro. lol!
  11. Raducanu vs Tomljanovic I would want to believe that I have taken enough time to watch Raducanu to know where to place her current level. Tomljanovic is just a different variety of the same level of opposition that Raducanu has already conquered. I really cannot think of any potent weapon that Tomljanovic has in her arsenal that could do significant damage to this massive British talent. She just knows how to get herself into rallies with that old school chipped return of serve. Her change of pace and racket head acceleration during rallies is so mesmerizingly breath-taking. Provided the
  12. I think this can be a time for discussion and some deep reasoning just before the Monday matches kick off. I like your pick here and it must be pointed out that there is sufficient reason available to back and promote the chances of any of these ladies. If we look at Samonova vs Pliskova objectively we will find a few pointers that could help lead us to safety but certainly with no certainty. Both women have potent serves and I feel that it is Samsonova who has the more stability in her game when it comes to the groundstrokes department. She definitely will be the more consistent from the back
  13. I do not know if it is just me. The applauds Raducanu has been getting from the crowd just does not sound organic. I can imagine a more deafening sound if she was inherently British. It just might change for her going into the later rounds as the hype runs side by side with the England team in the coming days......Well, that is if England pass today's hurdle.
  14. I was not looking for the reason for the market move as market moves are normal. I was more interested in the "erratic nature" of the market move which was going to most certainly bring market forces into play. the market will normally move one point forward or backwards to indicate a normal trend. When it moves erratically as it has done in this case, there is a cause to investigate. The odd setters never make faux pas's in most cases. They most certainly must have been aware of Golubic's 40-12 record before the initial odd of 1/2 was set. That odd should really not go past 1/3 for any reason
  15. Golubic vs Brengle Market opened at Golubic 1/2 Brengle 6/4 and has now moved to 1/4 3/1 respectively. There can only be two valid reasons responsible. You are always a winner when such as situation is diagnosed correctly because as I always say, it is the precise translation of odds rather than form that determines outcome. first thing we do is check the head to head between the two players. It stands at 0-1 brengle played way back in 2014. I strongly believe that this stat has no relevance although it can act as a tie-breaker when it becomes close to separate them. The question now
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