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  1. April 23 - April 29

    Hmmm! I just wish monopoly money was real money.
  2. April 16 - April 22

    Nadal vs Nishikori Nadal leads 9-2 in H2H and has shown that he is in supreme form. Nishikori on the other hand plays on clay very well and has a game to be competitive to an extent with Nadal on this surface. There is no doubt in my mind that Nadal will win this encounter, the question is by how much? Nishikori has already been on court twice as long as Nadal and should have problems againt the bullish and aggressive physical game of Nadal. However, I believe that Nishikori who can compete well against Nadal, should get past 6 games before fatigue sets in. Good luck all!
  3. April 16 - April 22

    On this surface and considering the number of Games Zverev has already played, Nishikori looks the steadier of the two men. Zverev would have to win in two sets for him to win here. I see that as being highly unlikely. Nishikori grinds him down and progresses to the final is the verdict from the microscopic eye!. Good luck!!
  4. April 16 - April 22

    Hmmm! I did not really think of it that way where you make a very valid point. However there still leaves a tale of the unexplained as to what kind of form Edmund is actually in. So I will put it like this; Andujar was really in blistering form when he played Edmund. Edmund certainly was not playing that bad despite the awful score in defeat. He leads Seppi 2-0 and is currently in better nick. It can be argued that clay is either Edmund's best surface or second best....but he loves playing on it. I expect him to not only play well here, but should go some way into the draw. Good luck though!!!
  5. April 16 - April 22

    Just wondering where you would have got the courage to go against Edmund in his current form. Edmund was in superb form before he lost out of the ordinary to Andujar. I really believe that loss was suspect considering that he could have flung the match to stay ready for Monaco especially as there was not enough time in-between matches. The reasonable bet should be to back Edmunds or leave alone.
  6. April 9 - April 15

    Did you notice that Ahouda also beat Basilashvili in that same Davis cup tie? It just told more of a story of Basilashvili not wanting to try in my opinion. To think Ouahab will beat him second time ready is trying to bite off more than one can chew. One quick peep at Beretini's record tells you that this should really be a no brainer! "let sleeping dogs lie" is the advice here. Basilashvili to win!!
  7. April 9 - April 15

    Well worth the risk in my opinion more from the fact that home players normally do very well in this event every year whether in quallys or main draw. Ramos opened at 1/300, then 1/1000, now 1/66. I will stay safe and go Ahouda total games over 4.5
  8. April 2 - April 8

    I hear what you say about Linette and I think you make a valid point there. Linette last three matches played very well against Collins losing in three tight sets. Sasnovich again three tight sets and seemed to have completely lost it against Risk as she was completely pulverized. Was Liu not the junior french open runner up last year? Hmmmm! I still think it is way too early to figure out whether she actually has the Collins/Anisimova potential as players can sometimes develop late. Liu is still only 17. A quick look at her 2017 record on clay indicates that she is more than capable of the upset. Having played 2 games in the qualifiers, I really believe that she will play very well. May not win in the end but clearly an upset alert here!!!
  9. March 19 - April 1

    Collins Vs Puig With so many interesting and hard-to-figure-matchups on offer today, I have decided to swerve the main bulk of imponderables and focus on a match that I feel certain of the outcome.. Collins has been playing very well since the beginning of the year and most especially over the last couple of weeks. Puig on the other hand who has long abandoned her early career promise seems to be picking up the initiative again in slow motion. I really do not think that the fire in Puig's game at the moment is evident enough to suggest that she could upstage this gritty home representative who to all intents and purposes is enjoying a wave of purple patch. However, I somehow believe it is really Puig who has begun to unleash the sort of run that could see her in the final in a few days time. I feel confident to choose class over form and stay on the Puig express that has already dropped a hint of being purpose bound. Puig to win here 4/6 by any means necessary. Good Luck.
  10. March 19 - April 1

    CHARDY VS DIMITROV With the general atmosphere in the forum running cold and regular tipsters seeming to develop cold feet from the fear of being consistently wrong, I could not have found a better opportunity to throw down thegauntlet This one really should not require much ink from my pen as the matchup and current form of both players would seem to speak for itself. Although Dimitrov leads the H2H 3-1, having won the last 3 on hard courts, Chardy has shown on each occassion that his game matches up well to Dimitrov's and could easily have won either of those matches had things gone his way. This in my opinion presents a clear opportunity for a Chardy victory from the look of things. I will play safe instead and put the smart money on Chardy to win a set 8/11 (9/10). Good luck.
  11. March 19 - April 1

    I kind of think on the contrary that the odds are right considering the state of affairs in the womens game. Nobody is dominating and all the big players seem to be taking it in turns to play well or win events. Barty is not playing too bad to think she would lose to a player who has already had a busy past week. Barty should win cosily for the same reasons the svitolina beat Osaka a couple of days ago. Barty is still in reasonable nick, is the fresher of the two and the one with the heavier shots. I would not imagine that she will need to be ultra consistent with her shots to cause maximum damage.
  12. March 19 - April 1

    Even if there is nothing tangible to go on Kecmanovic, the fact he has been given a wild card here and thrown in at 11/10 spells enough danger. Wild cards are always sharp in these kind of events and will take him in the blind to win against a passive Istomin.. Good luck!!!!
  13. March 5 - March 18

    Tsurenko just winning a tournament certainly calls for a bit of caution to be applied. Backing Tsurenko -4 after her exertions of the week before cannot be too wise. There is even the strong possibility that Arruabarena will win a set or the entire match. 8/10
  14. Australian Open 2018

    To be honest, it is hard to know what to expect from the Dimitrov/Edmund match with all the drama that has happened so far. Firstly considering the details of the head to head between the two of them, Dimitrov has to be said to be prized way too short. Edmund has played Dimitrov twice losing in three close sets both times. I really think situation-wise Edmunds is in a very good place. He will enjoy the freedom of playing with house money knowing that there is a realistic chance of victory. If Dimitrov can beat Edmund 3-0 after the physical exertions from the combined matches of Mcdonalds, Rublev and Kyrgios, then he will just have to be considered too good. These are what slams are all about for players of Edmund's calibre. Attempt and believe to do what you have never done before!! The only threat in my opinion to the 37.5 target is Edmund running away with a 3-0 win which is not beyond the realms of possibility. With adrenalin and the gritty British blood flowing through Evans, I strongly believe having already played Dimitrov twice before, he can win with the +1.5 set handicap at 6/4. Real value. Good luck all!!!
  15. September 18 - September 24

    I guess we all have to agree with anything you say especially on the Ostapenko match. You have suddenly become a born again distinguished untouchable. Very nice streak of wins. Keep it up!!