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  1. Too too easy for Querrey!!!
  2. Don't miss it? For the excitement or financial returns? I don't know where you have been watching Kokkinakis to think his current form deserves all these superlatives. He has not played much tennis and last time beat a very awful Raonic. The game will mostly be remembered for Raonics sloppiness. Medvedev is no slouch either, he recently beat Kokkinakis rec on grass 6/4 7/6 which gives me an indication that Kokkinakis could possibly play better today and pose much more of a problem, but by no means worthy of the big hype. Medvedev again for me in 3 sets this time.
  3. Berdych vs Shapovalov Berdych meets the young explosive Canadian in the London tennis Club championships having lost to three of his last six opponents, and two of three on grass in terms of specifics. I saw Shapovalov play for the first time against Edmund and I have to say that I was highly hopeful about the future of his tennis, that is if he has the head to stay with it. He reminds me of a younger version of Peter Korda with the excellent lefties serve and well programmed backhand. Also good variation of shots during rallies, although brief. Anyone who backed Edmund in the last match and watched it, would have clearly seen that Edmund just seemed like he did not want to be there from the start of play. He played the whole match with no zeal, no confidence and no hope.....unless he backed himself to lose. Shapovalov plays amplified high-risk tennis that can be painful at times to watch. Certainly needs to develop his mental game to live with the very best like Murray who will get tons of balls back in play. The main problem with the Shapovalov game is his consistency on rallying once ball is in play and his return of sgerve where he has to swing at every serve instead of employing the old Victorian blocked-return treatment. Those are still major areas of concern for me why I will not be backing him just yet. On the other hand, Berdych is one of the best returners in the game and with his experience should be able to outmanoeuvre the young Canadian with his big ground strokes once ball is in play. The pressure on the berdych returns should force Shapovalov to make a couple more errors on serve. Berdych wins this quite alright. However I will narrow it down to say Berdych to win 2-0 as I expect he will be the safer player with reference to playing tiebreaks which I feel is the only hope of Shapovalov. Good luck!!
  4. I suppose that is the weight that is always on one's shoulders as a tipster. There are no valid excuses for losing. And if a win is a win, then a loss is a loss. It is still considered a bad tip even if your player had 5match points and still lost or your player was serving for the match at 5-0 and still lost. Not a very positive thing to provide explanations or even discuss an already decided match that now has no potential relevance to the rest of the days play
  5. I just thought it necessary to add what I consider a valuable contribution to your picks as they stand. I am believing that you will add this advice to your bank of experience for future battles. Firstly you need to be aware of the general format of this indulgence to even have a chance of surviving in it. To put it simply, it surpasses intellectual capacities and human wisdom, an indulgence predicated on demonic sequences codes and invincible manipulations not detectable by the mere senses. You will be amazed about some key things that I could reveal to you in 30minutes over a cup of tea that will leave you gobsmacked. I will leave that for now and address the issue at hand. Firstly as a matter of good principle, you must never play accumulators that are a mixture of today and tomorrow's games. Such an accumulator is bound to fail 9 times out of 10 for definite. That is one of the greatest manipulations of the game that people fall into so easily because they are not aware of the existence of these supernatural demonic codes in play. For anyone reading who thinks I am just ranting on, how many times in your long indulgence in this game have you won with a last selection to be completed the next day. Answer? Very rare. How many times do you always lose out by the one selection by what seems a little margin? That happens to everybody(losing by one selection 99%of the times because of these invincible codes in play) Another top manipulative strategy has to do with offers. Offers are to enslave and police your thought process. Once you digest it on any level you are hooked. You must learn by default to always accept the first reasonable offer that gives you your money back and any little extra. Any attempt to consider your position on an offer based on human wisdom is folly and destructive. Your first principle should be always to protect your investment no matter how much. The right choice only comes once to your memory and briefly so, and you always have to be tough and hard-willed to act on it. Your first thought to take the initial offer was the right one and I say this with 99% certainty even without the matches played yet. In my opinion it will clearly appear that you have forfeited your chance to make the little profit if you failed to take the offer. I will be totally shocked if your remaining games all make it. Infact where I was initially worried about Pospisil vs Dolgopolov, I now feel confident on a Pospisil victory having been conversant with these situations too many times. I have chosen that over the Kokkinakis match, both of which one is primed to give birth to a loser. My pick based on this situation? Pospisil to beat Dolgopolov. Good luck everyone!!!
  6. Hmmm! I sense alarm bells ringing with the overs. Why? Because I really really think this is going to be a very short final. If Ostapenko is going to win as I think and believe she will, then it will be largely because of a mismatch in the clash of styles. I have already pointed to a couple of outside but potent factors that reinforce by belief in an Ostapenko victory. 1. The printout on this forum by Czech which showed us that Ostapenko had already failed in three finals. 2. Pliskova's tweet that talked about her putting all her money on a Halep victory. And if there was ever a more valid superstitious reason, it will be that the last time anybody ever won the French Open as their first professional title was in 1997 and his name was Gustavo Kuerten. And guess what??? He won that title on 8th June 1997, the day Jelena Ostapenko was born. Kuerten was also 20years old at the time. On the note I rest my case. Good luck everyone!!!
  7. Ostapenko vs Halep At last the final is here after two weeks of tennis jamboree. They would seem so hard to separate at first glance, but if anything could be used as a pointer to the possible outcome of this match it would be the odds. If you are one conversant with odds, you will know clearly that the odds set for this match don't just add up considering what we already know of both players. First of all Halep is not really in sublime form. She has played so much tennis over the last week that she almost has nothing left to give as we have seen in her last matches. You can also be rest assured that the brash and fearless Ostapenko will be mounting the sort of assault that will amount to 2 Pliskovas put together against Halep. These players have no head to head to go by so apart from the name Halep and future No1, I really do not see her weak game matching up to Ostapenko even with the advantage of court speed. Halep might just have a long afternoon ball-chasing. This is going to be a kind of match similar to the Basinszky game where the destiny of every point will rest on the racket of Ostapenko, because she is going to be residing in the driver's seat for the duration of that final. Halep opened at 1/4 with Ostapenko 11/4 two days ago. Now the bookies seem to have woken up to the danger and moved 12/5 3/10. Anyone who is familiar with the odds 3/10 will know that it is simply an odd of no confidence; it is one of the bookies widgiboard codes. I also like the fearless attitude and easy power in the Ostapenko play that I could not possibly be in my right senses to back against her. Yes, we see players make new records everyday and I believe Ostapenko's will be winning a slam as her first career title. If there was ever anything that gave me total conviction of the winner of this match, it will be firstly the printout by Czech punter showing that Ostapenko had a bad record in finals depicting 0-3. That was further boosted by the Pliskova tweet saying she would put all she had on Halep. She was never going to derail me. In the real sense of things Pliskova should by homeless by the time the match ends tomorrow for certain. My verdict is Ostapenko 2-0. 9/2 and comprehensively so. Good luck all!!!
  8. I really do not know what you are on about. You sure make a lot of loose sweeping statements. What has age got to do with anything and you talk like Timea is a 35year old woman playing against a twenty year old. It was a three setter and I think Timea played well in light of the fiery aggression from Ostapenko's style of play. How much is Simona really better than Timea? If you really believe it an insult to compare Timea to Simona, then you should really be a part of the women"s loose talk program on ITV. Simona has been pretty average in her last two matches and is looking more like a burnt out wilting candle. If you really think Simona will do better than Timea against Ostapenko, then you certainly will be in for a shock. Ostapenko is still going to be the aggressor in that match taking the game to Simona. Such is her aggressive style. I cannot even see Halep coping with the barrage of misiles coming at her from various angles. Halep was almost out in the last round and could not even convincingly beat a passive Pliskova?? I cannot see past Ostapenko in straight sets. I just have a very strong feeling that Halep may never win a slam.
  9. The forum double mention jinx barring yet another player from progressing again. Amazing!!!
  10. @ Delfino, congrats but do not get carried away with the joy of your winnings. It is not like we all did not see the game against Djokovic. If the first set of that game is anything to go by, then Nadal still remains a Heavy favourite for the title, and comprehensively so. Good luck anyway!!!
  11. Garcia Vs Pliskova This is a game very hard to call. Head to Head stands at 2-2 and they have both been average until producing a bit of distinct quality in their last rounds. One other thing to note is that Caroline has won the only meeting between them on clay. However that itself does not tell me anything in women's tennis as we have nothing to particularly analyse that game which in simple terms was a win. These are just some considerations as we try to weigh both players up. Karoline like her sister Kristina can be annoyingly passive with her tennis most times preferring to show no emotion or a will to fight. It was quite impressive how she managed to bail herself out of trouble in her last match in determined style. Garcia can also be a bag of nerves most times and has never played well in front of home crowd in the past. However, there are signs that her game is beginning to come together gradually perhaps for the final assault. Garcia has always been on the distinguished list of players marked out to have the potential to lift this title and I am beginning to believe it. I strongly believe that if she wins this, she should somehow carry that momentum to the final. The one negative which is of great concern. Garcia to win is too popular over the internet and quite worrying. she has already been mentioned three times on this forum which in the past has never been a good sign. The game should last over 21.5 games in total which I deem a much safer bet. Good luck everyone!!!
  12. Thiem Vs Djokovic This here will appear to be the main course of this year's Mens French Open Tennis tournament having already been treated to a host of appetisers over the last week. The bookies like the vultures are, will always want to find a way to cash in on anything that appears to be a money spinner. The aim here is to try and draw you towards backing Thiem who really has been overpriced to lure in the greedy punter. One thing that really surprised me was the Opening price of Thiem for this matchup. 15/8 with Djokovic 4/11. I really thought that was a bit gifty considering that Thiem although being a hot prospect in tennis and especially on clay, has not given a hint of even being able to chase the djoker not to talk of catching and overtaking him. Of course most punters will be tempted to take the risk on Thiem believing that he would somehow cut the huge deficit between him and the djoker and come of age. I do not believe it for one minute. Thiem would be good against any player including Nadal, but I do not think that his game matches up well with Djokovic's. I really see Thiem's single backhand being put under a lot of pressure from Djokovic constantly taking the ball early. Value is huge on Djokovic win at 2/5. Also considering the gulf between this two on matchup alone, Thiem having received a bagel in each of the last two meetings with the Djoker, the -4.5 handicap is very inviting. I can almost safely bank on Thiem losing or throwing away a set 6-1 or 6-2. That really should cover the handicap. Good luck all!!!
  13. Oh ye man of little faith. I have not had a bet on this match.........but this clearly has the makings of drama ahead. Navarro is head strong. Let us find out about Halep and consistency. I am going to put the kettle on and wait for the 3rd set
  14. Kania vs Ahn(ITF Surbington) Ahn has lost two from last three coming from the clay to begin her grass court campaign. Head to Head is 1-0 in favour of Ahn. Ahn winning that match in monterry 2017 on hard courts. Kania has already won three games on grass in this qualifying series and with Kania still to taste the grass, I really think Kania @ 9/4 is real value. Also Kania to win a set @evens paddypower is quite gifty! Good luck all
  15. There has never been a more confusing Women's grand slam to sort out than this years. I believe it is even going to get more complex as things unfold. I have a very good feeling that this year's champ is certainly not one that we expect to win and is a person still very much under cover as is the case with slams. This, as it stands is just a regular WTA tournament where the fittest will survive. I have safely ruled out Mladenovic and Halep calculatively. Svitolina may be dodgy if her game comes unstuck an awkward opponent. All these people have played far too much tennis this period to snatch the trophy. So I am leaning towards Wozniacki/Cornet. As things will turn out, I really believe Woz gets revenge on Ostapenko on clay third time lucky, Ostapenko winning last 2 meetings on clay. For me there really should be no argument between Garcia/Cornet, the winner whom I am almost certain will be in the final for France. Cornet has the grit, character and balls and in all fairness will be the credible candidate of the two to lift the title on home ground. Garcia may be the most talented, but what value is talent without the mind and concrete balls? Cornet to beat Garcia looks a very sound pick indeed!!!!!