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  1. Vondrousova is crap. She should not be beating anybody even though she won for me.
  2. Kasatkina vs Azarenka It is no news again that Azarenka is in form which has now been going on for some time. I just feel it is about time her form cools off a bit either from the accumulated fatigue from the US open and other matches or just from a much needed pause period before the French Open commences.On the other hand Dasha looks to be picking up her game again especially on her favorite surface. She has won her last 4 matches in straight sets even if we give room for the fact that the opponents were a bit sub-standard. Azarenka leads h2h 2-0 the last game played on clay in 2019 which ended in 2 close sets. With the value on Dasha, i will go with alternative +5.5@ 8/11 handicap paddy power. Good value.
  3. Just a bit of additional info to boost the Kovinic campaign. Yesterday Mertens withdrew from the doubles for reasons she gave as sickness. She also had a medical timeout yesterday that had to do with a nose bleed plus considering her recent run at the US Open it would seem about the right time for a change of the guards.
  4. Whilst I will agree with some of the points you have made about Vondrousova, I certainly disagree with the verdict that you have arrived at. Vondrousova has not been in form for some time now and still has not dropped any sort of hint of nearing any sort of form. On the other hand Rus has been in good nick most notably taking Serena to a close final set in Cincinnatti. She also is no stranger to the clay where she plies her trade well on. Rus will definitely relish the challenge of playing Vondrousova who will come armed with a mixture of spins and moon balls. I strongly believe that the Rus power game will prevail in the end. The deciding factor for me is that Rus is also left handed and can neutralise the Vondrousova threat easily.
  5. I will not waste too much time with trying to analyze the already analyzed. Tsitsipas is my subject of focus here. He currently is having one of the lowest points in his career and I think we can further capitalize on his woes with backing against him and quereshi in the upcoming doubles match. The bookies have just taken the necessary precaution to block it as I type. The odds have dropped further but it is one to note.
  6. I really wonder what game you were watching. I watched that game from beginning to end and Kerber was shit till about 0-3 in the second when she suddenly raised her game a few notches out of the ordinary. By then, the birds had flown.All through the match Kerber never played with her usual hustling zeal. She hit only what was in front of her and let anything further to the left or right go. It is certainly misleading for you to suggest that Siniakova won that match from any sort of vintage form she may have conjured.
  7. Kerber was always a bad bet in hindsight. She just does not want to be there. The body language is very depressing. Same attitude in the Brady match replicated here. I sometimes wonder why players continue to play in this state when they can easily retire. Crazy!!
  8. This is the main reason why Osaka is a long way from being mentioned in the same breadth as with the greats of this game. A one dimensional bully who never has a plan B. It’s a long time I saw her sulk like a baby. Funny she has never been able to part with the gloomy habit. Simply a paper tiger!,
  9. All in on airbag mode and backed by some positive reasoning. The Brady game even giving ample room for a loss, should be able to hold her serve more than enough times to cover what i see as a week target. The real target should be 4.5 and I still think that she covers that easily. Brady has also played better up to this point in the tournament compared to Naomi who has wobbled a bit under the barrage of a few body blows. Secondly, this has really been a strange year and even if I cannot rely on humans to deliver, I feel it is about the right time for the covid 19 effect to kick in as I know it must. The odds have moved well enough to indicate that Brady will certainly show up very well(Yes! I said it!) This will be one of my biggest game wagers ever. ever!! Very well worth the risk for me and with my bottle of red wine already in position, I feel ready to roll. Common Naomi, bring it on!!!!!!
  10. A huge percentage of that large assumption must center around how much Brady really believes in herself and play within the freedom of the invisible mode that has brought her this far. Both players really thrive on playing on the front foot and winning most of their points behind the first serve. Therein lies the equal chance for both.. Brady has a very potent serve backed up by the security of heavy balls on both sides of the racket. I really think that she has more chances of winning than has been reflected by the market.. I will not comment on Osaka aside the fact that I feel that she is too short a price from what I can see. Unless she has solely been priced in the hope that Brady might just be overwhelmed by the whole situation. I think not. Just to add an extra thought. I have this feeling that Serena's chances of making number 24 is predicated on a Brady victory. Alternative handicap Brady +5.5 on paddy power @ 4/11 heavy stakes seems the way to go.
  11. I think it goes with the same irresponsibility of driving 40km/hr in a residential area that stipulates 10km/hr on the excuse that you were not expecting kids to be playing on the street at the particular time. Yes, it was obviously unintentional, but It was also reckless and irresponsible for him to be insensitive to the consequences of such an action. Where else did he expect a ball that he had hit so low to land? It was the same sensitivity to the consequences that made Goran look away immediately in disgust as soon as it happened. Well, maybe it is just a further expression of the times that we are in now post covid. It will be wise now to start looking on the women's side for alternatives past Osaka and Williams!
  12. This looks like a stroll in the park for Stephens. She is boss as soon as a rally starts. Pulverising Williams with superb shot selection and ball placement.
  13. I am very impressed with the game and attitude of Kostyuk. She definitely is the real McCoy. Good feisty shot maker who believes in herself. The only way is up baby!
  14. Anybody know anything about Kostyuk? I have been wanting to watch her play live. I am not too sure how she will match up with a player like Naomi though
  15. Agree fully, however I still think Brady is priced way too short on Garcia. I even feel that the Garcia game is a more robust version of the Brady game (precise redirection and easy power) Taking the alternative handicap on paddy power is a superb idea on big stakes. I have gone really big and safe to take Garcia with a +5.5 handicap @4/11. I call that a bet with an airbag included. That handicap should be able to resist any sort of impact in the event of a serious accident. Good luck folks!!!