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  1. That's true, it would have been lovely if Si had won it to become the youngest ever champion but at least Selby didn't get his fifth!
  2. Best ever worlds that I can remember, next year is going to be disappointing as surely it can't come close to this years! Luca Brecel was simply magnificent, that's how snooker should be played. He could easily have lost 10-9 in R1 and disappeared back to Belgium to party and play darts with friends and Fifa on his PlayStation. Williams could have beaten him in R2, Ronnie should definitely have in R3 and I'm lost for words regarding the semi vs Si, 5-14 down...I thought Selby would grind him down in the final and at 9-8 and 16-15 I still thought Selby would find a way to win, so happy that we have a new world champion!
  3. Bah humbug! Well played Harry😄
  4. I think the youngster is going to collapse under the pressure today, we'll see what happens... It's not nice seeing someone fall apart but I had a hunch it might happen, 9 frames in a row for Luca, only one winner now from 14-14 - wish I'd laid Si when he was 1.03!!
  5. That was a hell of a frame which Allen really should have won to go 7-4. Selby is going to win this match now as he's doing the same as he did vs Higgins. It was so slow they only completed 5 out of the allotted 8 frames. Si might regret not having a bigger lead going into tomorrow and I expect Luca to win the match as the pressure will overcome the youngster.
  6. Well, that was tense! Looking forward to the Si/Luca match as that should be attacking and open. Whoever's sitting on Si at 1000 outright would be advised to lay some of it off as I expect he won't have much left to give after all the frames he's played or maybe he's still young enough for that not to matter. All of China will be rooting for him which brings a lot of pressure too.
  7. Wish I'd had the cajones to lay Ronnie when he was as low as 1.03 on Betfair! Luca played great today, nearly no-miss snooker but Ronnie was total dross. A new face in the final probably taking on Selby who will likely win his 5th world title next Monday. Ridiculous scheduling in the other match having to play back-to-back sessions! I think they were playing for half an hour on the final red ball in one frame, it's very slow going so they will only manage to complete 14 frames before going for a short break.
  8. Quarter final line-up complete, A lot of one-sided second round matches so let's hope the 1/4's are a bit tighter. I'd love to have a Si/Jak final but surely that's an impossibility! Would be nice to have a new name on the trophy if Ronnie doesn't win his eighth.
  9. Very impressive display from the 20 year old, Murphy had his chance in the last but ran out of position. I wonder if he can get past Milkins next? The Perry collapse was a bit of a shocker too!
  10. Thanks for posting that, I only had 20 on it but nice to collect so early! Kyren's on fire at the moment. Judd was poor again but McGill always seems to overachieve at Sheffield.
  11. Just stop oil protesters up to their usual disruptive tricks, not sure why they didn't cover both tables with the powdered orange paint but thankfully table 2 was able to resume play after less than an hours delay and had the bonus of the arena all to themselves! It's a pity Fan didn't put up a stronger showing as he had plenty of chances.
  12. Crazy scenes tonight, these JSO people are just morons along with animal protesters at the National a few days ago.
  13. Ronnie won't beat Ding(or Hossein!) playing like that, he looks very rusty but if anyone can do the impossible it would be him. Jones must be delighted to be 5-4 up overnight but I expect Carter to play better tomorrow and come through in the end. Robbo looks decent too now that he's fully fit.
  14. Even though Ronnie's 6-3 up I'm not writing Pang off, in fact he probably should be 5-4 up so if Ronnie doesn't step it up tonight he might be exiting early! Robbo had a great chance of a 147 as well.
  15. Good to see you on here harry! I've popped 20 quid on the 147 bet as an interest bet so I'll be rooting for it! Looking at the first round ties it's a shame that the the two best mates from the north east have drawn each other, they even play at the same club(Wilson & Slessor) - I was impressed with Elliot in the qualies but can he bring that to the Crucible? Looking forward to day one...
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