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  1. Hope Floyd gets knocked silly by Paul tonight! He has age, height, weight, power, reach all in his favour vs Floyd's experience so hoping for a good fight though the 9/2 on Paul isn't as big as was hoping but still worth a small dabble for interest. Welterweight vs light heavyweight:-)
  2. Looks like the grinder is going to win his 4th title, 14-11 up so Murph will have to win 7-3 tonight, not impossible but Selby will have to have a slump in form too.
  3. Shame we didn't get the semis we'd hoped for but not a disaster if Bingo can beat Selby. The century bet should be a winner as well as there's been a record number so far this year!
  4. Great 1/4 final line-up, my picks are Bingham/Williams/Robbo/Trump and a Williams/Trump final hopefully! *well that was crap! williams and robbo dumped out - I guess McGill and Murphy will win now!*
  5. Bing will have to up his game a bit this afternoon but Murphy was too hot last night! Good win for Williams though.
  6. You got a good price for the handicap as it's 8/11 now, he should get the job done. I had Murphy/Selby/Williams in an evens treble, bit of a sweat waiting for Murphy to win but he just about fell over the line.
  7. No centuries in the Williams match either so I guess it's comforting not to have lost out to one poor match, with the best of 25's and longer we're pretty much guaranteed a century in every match from now on!
  8. True he's had a good season and I hope he beats Carter but you may get a better price in running at some point if it's a close match.
  9. I think our goose is cooked already, 4-9 down and Maguire not looking like he can make a 20 break, Jones nowhere near making a century either so unless we get lucky the century bet dies on day 2🤢
  10. Who knows with Maguire but I would probably leave it alone at that price. Century bet back on track now! Only the Maguire/Jones match needing one.
  11. Didn't see the early frames but that's a pretty sore one for what would have been an easy 8 point pickup. The century in every match bet is looking a bit shaky already with ROS not firing yet and a scrappy Maguire/Jones match!
  12. Hope they all give you a decent run, Higgins always seem to get to at least the semis but I guess the final most people want is Judd vs ROS Bingham looking sharp in his last match so 50/1 pretty good value!
  13. Only 2 dogs win today and you got one of them so pretty good result!
  14. Yeah, I remember when it used to be best of 19's from round 1 of the qualies - took bloody ages so they had to cut it down to 11 a few years ago - also need 2 referees for the four televised tables so they need at least 12 to run the show! I have joined you on the centuries bet so we can cheer that on as long as it lasts!(please don't crash and burn on the first weekend!)
  15. Didn't think they had enough referees to play 8 matches at the same time! Wonder why they didn't split them 4/4 as usual? Milkins been a disappointment going down 1-6 but Selt is 2-2 so every chance. The century bet is a good interest bet for the champs but there's always those scrappy matches which will let you down especially in the first round! Be nice if it comes off though! *edit* just realised it's not best of 11 so that explains it now!
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