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  1. Yeah, I remember when it used to be best of 19's from round 1 of the qualies - took bloody ages so they had to cut it down to 11 a few years ago - also need 2 referees for the four televised tables so they need at least 12 to run the show! I have joined you on the centuries bet so we can cheer that on as long as it lasts!(please don't crash and burn on the first weekend!)
  2. Didn't think they had enough referees to play 8 matches at the same time! Wonder why they didn't split them 4/4 as usual? Milkins been a disappointment going down 1-6 but Selt is 2-2 so every chance. The century bet is a good interest bet for the champs but there's always those scrappy matches which will let you down especially in the first round! Be nice if it comes off though! *edit* just realised it's not best of 11 so that explains it now!
  3. Wrong again! Joyce/Walden/Day/Un-nooh for tonight!
  4. Perry/Wenbo/Carrington should be a winning treble this afternoon.
  5. There's been quite a few 6-5's today but the faves hanging on mostly, wonder which dog will win tonight, hopefully Jones!
  6. Nice bet there, the dogs sure have been barking today, Hamilton the only favourite to win so far!
  7. Jesus wept! Glad I laid it off @ 1.04 on BF - almost £3k traded @ 1.01 too! Win slightly less if Clarke comes through but at least not a total disaster. It's now 5-5 and 30-55 with 2 reds left.
  8. Don't want to count our chickens too soon but 4-0 up is a good start! In other shock news, the match involving Fergal O'Brien is the quickest one of the 4 so far(into its 5th frame!)
  9. Tight one but the handicap bet comes in. BS was poor last match probably due to playing a female, wasn't much better today though! Let's hope the dog wins tonight.
  10. Yeah, Lines was piss poor and really should have got the job done tonight. I've noticed this inconsistancy in the past too so I guess it's just one of his traits meaning he'll never go far in a tournament but will pull off the odd great performance.
  11. The qualies are always a real grind aren't they! Shame Hendry couldn't give the young lad a decent game tonight, 11.30pm and the other 3 matches still going. Looking ominous now as Dale is 5-4 up and on a break to possibly win the match. *edit* Good century from Dale, he deserved to win I suppose but it sucks as I thought Lines would do it tonight!
  12. Oh well, both the youngsters blow it so I'm vindicated! I do hope that Lines wins tonight or I'll be eating value sandwiches for the rest of the week!
  13. I'm inclined to agree, let's hope he doesn't do his usual of throwing in a poor performance after a great one! I almost did a fun double on the two youngsters today(Mertens and McGuigan) so will be annoyed if they both win as it's looking likely now! Did a small double on Kleckers/Filipiak though which won. Will have a nostalgic double on Hendry/Bond tonight and hope the oldies can win!
  14. Well that was a 4 hour slog! Jimmy played terrribly but still only lost 6-3, Stephen will have to up his game a lot if he's going to go much further but he's in the next round which is all that counts at the moment. Guess it was a dream first round draw for Hendry:-)
  15. Christ! How has big Soheil blown a 5-2 lead to lose 6-5? Guess there will be other turnarounds before the week is done.
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