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  1. Should Ramos not be slapping up Rublev in Barcelona? +5.5 Ramos and the win @ 7/2 look good.. Ramos should be tired as well. But.........I think he has the better presence of mind. Barcelona and first meeting on clay strong factors.
  2. These are typical no bets for anyone. You find that you will always end up picking the wrong one 90% of the time. That is just the way this game is especially if the pick is for betting purposes. Regardless of the h2h score at 4-0 Rublev. Ruud is the play here or no bet. I would not suggest win, I think the route should be alternative handicaps. I will go Ruud @+4.5 4/7. Boy tennis is such an organized mess these days. Nothing is easy with the bookies constantly in vulturic mode.
  3. I half agree with almost all you have said aside from the end where you make what i will consider a sweeping statement "Alcaraz should beat Munar easily" (I wish tennis was that straightforward) I think your emotions are getting in the way here. Alcaraz is not really flying as such, that is if you consider beating Lopez and a rusty Ruud as demonstrable flight. Ruud was short of match practice and just appeared to get a couple of games under his belt for monte carlo so could not be used as any sort of gauge. This really is a local derby with Munar in my opinion having the best credentials to p
  4. It is definitely not random by any means. Beating in 2017 confirmed again in 2020 masters. They both play similar styles where I believe Agut will always have a decent chance against him on a good day. However I will be sticking to Medvedev with Agut carrying a handicap of number of games already played including the last 6sets in 2 matches.
  5. I guess right thinking would suggest Rybakina on the basis that Sorribes Tormo should finally be running out of steam having played all those matches. Rybakina herself has questionable form and it remains to be seen whether her victory over Kanepi was as good as the score suggested. I think Kanepi imploded from too many matches played as opposed to the thrashing. -2.5 will be deemed a sensible pick if Sorribes Turbo does not turn up. I strongly believe that Sorribes will ram up the turbo and really make this one messy for Rybakina even if she is to end up winning. I have been pondering over th
  6. Tsitsipas vs Dzumhur Tsitsipas is one of the subjects of enquiry in this tournament as I continue to look for matches where players have just been priced on ranking and reputation alone. Tsitsipas in my opinion has played way too many matches compared to a fresh Dzumhur who looks eager and ready to swing. Also Tsitsipas has not been known to manage energy levels very well during matches ending up most times playing three sets when he should have played two, or suddenly losing court positioning during long rallies from playing too many flamboyant shots as opposed to sensible. I just cannot
  7. I think Sanders is way too fresh to be paraded at 9/2 against Pegula who should really be cooling off now after the amount of tennis already played. The WTA is so vast with talents now that most of the middle - top tier players focus on what part of the year to play well. So it is now not about who is better (maybe to an extent yes) or who is the higher seed, It is more about who is most likely to play well at the current tournament looking back at their season. While Sanders may or may not win, the handicap is way off here @ +5.5 handicap 11/10? I will certainly have some of that. Other pla
  8. Something does not feel right about backing Medvedev regardless of his easy victory over Gerasimov. And since Simov himself had played so much tennis prior, he really could not be used as a yardstick. I do not care about what Sinner played against Gaston or Barrere. I am inclined to rely on his pedigree as a man who is going to eventually reside among the top 5 sooner or later. There will be nothing strange if he does a Djokovic on us and finds real form to push into the later stages. Odds movement is positive.
  9. Francis Tiafoe vs Nicholas Jarry well, we all know that Tiafoe is not a natural claycourter compared to Jarry who loves to play on the surface. Tiafoe has already had two matches on clay in Buenos Aires where I would say he played okay against Munar who he lost to. Jarry on the other hand has had 4 competitive matches on clay beating Munar in Cordoba in the process. I really believe that Jarry has had just enough matches to set him up well for his home tournament in Santiago. One thing most tournament organizers always do, is to try to schedule their matches in such a way that their best
  10. I just feel that whatever the quality that is the difference, you could have been better taking any other pick, including from the WTA, but this one. This has the feeling of watching a guy juggling with sword-swallowing. In truth Opelka is not far from the very top when he is serving well and he serves well most times. In fact, I think betwise, Opelka can be considered a more productive player than Bautista. At least I know that I can rely on him to win or cover handicaps than Bautista anytime. It is way too early in the week to be burning emotional energy waiting for a win. Good luck anyways!
  11. Well, as you must know with tennis and other sports, match ups matter a lot. On the face of it it certainly looks like not reflecting well on Nishikori. Coric relies heavily on first-strike tennis playing well behind his first serve. Nishikori just could not find a way to deal with the Coric serve and always played second fiddle. Conversely, Fuscovis neutralized Coric's game with chipped returns and was able to continuously take control of the rallies by the second or third shot. Coric knew he was well beaten by the end of the first set and started coming in to the net in the second set in typ
  12. Ramos is really a beast. Never gets tired. I hope he does not come back from the dead here again. He is really getting to piss me off!
  13. What appealed to me most from your comment above was (1,42 I think) and (He seemed tired) which really does not sound like the Murray that I know. In fact Murray and Djokovic are two players that are experts at communicating reverse body languages in very strange ways. One minute they may look dead, and next minute they are in the 5th set waxing strong. Murray is also one of the craftiest players on court when it comes down to shot shot selection - against Rublev who up to this point in his career has been hindered by good court wisdom. The other player I must mention is Auger Aliassime, who h
  14. Koepfer vs Tirante I do not think the rankings of both players is of any importance in this match up as there are a lot of other angles that we can view this from. First koepfer can be very dangerous on clay as can be seen from his record towards the end of 2020. he has only played one match on clay this year and I believe he can be taken on partially or perhaps fully. Tirante is the young home prospect who mainly plies his trade on clay although it has to be said that he is also a very good hard court player, winning over 80% of his matches last year. He is still only 19 in the developme
  15. Cerundolo Vs Ramos This is a very interesting that I felt I must quickly talk about. I will not waste words here but rather quickly jump to my key points. Cerundolo really looks to be good pedigree on clay. I watched hia match yesterday with Coria and liked what i saw. Ramos gritty and always dogged will be expected to put up a fight. Ramos has now play 3 sets each in his last 4 matches. Cerundolo has played 3 sets in his last three matches. I am going to consider home advantage here especially considering how the south American players always do consistently well at home. I am also going
  16. Burel Clara vs Alize Cornet Burel has won 4 of her last 5 matches compared to Cornet who has lost 3 of her last 5 matches. I can make a case against the quality of players that Burel has beaten so far, but considering that a win is a win and she is a (2001) breed, I feel her form is authentic enough and worthy of notice. On the other side of the net will be Cornet whose form is really bad losing last time out to Birrel easily. Because this will be a local derby I will hate to throw caution to the wind and just declare Burel the winner because I expect Cornet to fight hard at some point. I
  17. And the bookies have also moved strongly to fade Gerasimov which I find very interesting. This looks like sharp money on Goffin from the odds movement unless Gerasimov is injured or something. Experience from situations like these will normally lead to a Gerasimov win or withdrawal. I left it alone because the opening odds were not right. Good luck anyways.
  18. Gauff vs Bencic I am going to keep this simple because I do not want my chain of thoughts to be derailed by trying to think of a reason for this pick. This pick is for those who have been on the journey of this tournament from the start and who should be thinking like me here. Bencic to win here large. Gauff has already played four 3 setters in a row. I dare her a win here. Large stakes recommended. 9/10
  19. Nothing wrong with your thinking. It is the right way to go - fading top seeds just after a slam. It may not always work, but the thinking is right. You do not back players because you know that they are better. You back them because you think that they have the better chance of winning based on the situation and circumstance. Well......unless the player is named Djokovic who can switch to any one of his 9 lives.
  20. Medvedev For The Title It will be fair to say that as it stands only two men look capable of lifting that trophy come the final. Djokovic or Medvedev - and to be fair it is looking more like Medvedev. Here is my calculation: Medvedev has managed his energy levels well up to this point, winning all his matches in straight sets except the one with Krajinovic where he went to 5. Djokovic conversely has played one 3 setter, 3 four setters and one five setter plus injury worries. Medvedev has won 3 of his last 4 meetings with Tsitsipas and considering Tsitsipas's last 5 setter with Nadal, one
  21. Ashley Barty Vs Karolina Muchova As the tournament enters the business end, the matches have suddenly become so close to call hence most tipsters have stayed away. This response is replicated across all the major tennis tipping forums online. I particularly like this match up for what it promises to deliver - exciting and captivating tennis. I feel like Barty and Muchova have similar games especially when it comes to deploying that backhand slice for action.Comparing the two players, I really like the Muchova game more. She is definitely more aggressive and has the better shot selections
  22. I guess there are many ways to interpret types of defeat. You are quite free within your rights to lean unto your own understanding of what happened in that match. All I know is that within the context of the street fight that it was, Sabalenka was soundly beaten by the older woman. And breakpoints were not my yardstick for calculation. I do not think there was anything disrespectful in what I said to you on the assumption that I was not having a conversation with a boy. I am not aware of what constitutes an illegal way of watching. Again you are free to define that within the confines of y
  23. Which is why I specifically asked whether you watched the match. I do not think you did or was either falling asleep in-between. Serena won the match and rightly. Sometimes scorelines do not rightly depict what happened in a match. A person can lose a very closely fought match with a scoreline of 6-1 6-2 where almost every game had gone to deuce amidst numerous pendulum swings. I did a write up before the Serena/Sabalenka match on what to expect during the match and all the points made were spot on. The match as expected was billed as a heavy weight clash where we all expected both to come to
  24. I am sick and tired of hearing references to Serena's age and lack of movement as if the Serena that I have been watching during this tournament is different from the one that is being talked about. Well......unless you have not yet watched Serena live this tournament . What does a regressing player look like? Like the player who comprehensively outplayed Sabalenka in every department including physicality and endurance? I would think not. In fact, it was quite surprising to see Serena do a Halep on Sabalenka, constantly chasing down and retrieving every ball always giving Sabalenka one more
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