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  1. Hello Guys, Welcome to the first Grand slam of the year and I am sure you are all as excited as I am that we can all begin to get involved in our one passion again. Let me say this before I get into the games proper that it takes a combination of factors to do well and make profits in the slam because one is always open to one too many temptations that will eventually turn out to be banana skins and cause severe havoc. So I would say that a great deal of care and experience is needed to aid your decision-making process in deciding to take a bet. Knowing what bet to take and what bookmaker to take it with is so very crucial to your success. For the grandslams I always make sure that I have my major betting accounts on standby namely Ladbrokes, Bet365 and Paddypower. The reason is that they all provide me with different betting options to help maximise my tennis knowledge and thus increase productivity. For example only paddy power provides the alternative total games and alternative handicap options. I cannot begin to tell you how instrumental this has been for me over the last 20 or more years. This should give you a rough idea about my age and the wealth of experience that I will be trying to share with you here. I have always done extremely well in the early rounds of slams and I will be expecting this to be no different. I never really go for outright winners most times because I believe that there is more value in the game menu with numerous markets available. Rune vs Kwon (Alternative handicaps over 35.5 games @8/15 paddy power) Both are young tennis hopefuls who have already met once in Marbella last year on clay playing a tight 3 setter which Kwon won. They both have started they year well and have played 4 matches each to give the indication that they are both in competitive mood. I just cannot see a runaway winner here and have rightly chosen a very attainable mark for them on the alternative handicap market. Basilashvili vs Murray Head to Head is 0-2 Murray where both matches have been highly competitive. Their most recent was in Sidney this year where Murray won in three physically exhausting sets. Murray considering the amount of tennis that he played last week and the gauge of what should be left in his natural energy levels career-wise, leaves the door open for a more than likely first round upset. I have always gone by a principle that it is always so very difficult to beat a player that you are basically on the same level with twice in a space of 1-2 weeks. Verdict: Basilashvili to win a set 1/4 @Paddy Power. If you are playing on @bet 365, Basilashvili to win at least 2 sets @5/6. Arianne Hartorio is a player that I have been monitoring closely. I really like the way that she took out Niemeyer in that final qualifying match and feel that she has got a lot more to offer in the first round if Anisimova's flat hitting style does not catch her out. I think it is worth the caculated risk in the way that I have decided to take this bet. Considering that the markets have also favored her with a slash in her odds of 6/1 t0 11/2, I think that she is a positive bet here. Arianne Hartorio vs Amanda Anisimova over 17.5games @ 4/7 (Alternative total Paddy Power) Stefano Tsitsipas is certainly not in the best of form.....I take that back to say...not in form judging from his dismal form to close the 2021 season out. My guess is that it would be hard to expect much from him in this tournament considering that he is also recovering from surgery and could take a few tournaments more to recover. They have already mey twice with Tsitsipas beating M. Ymer very badly in straight sets. I am willing to forget whatever the reasons for those defeats were considering that Ymer is in very good form and the markets have recently shown the green lights in his favor slashing his price from 6/1 to 9/2 and now 4/1 Tsitsipas vs Mikael Ymer: Mikael Ymer to win a set @ 4/6 Paddypower. I have chosen this option as the best investment option that looks very very likely. I also believe that the outright win is very advisable on a single. Worth a risk in a slam of this nature considering the surprises that we are bound to expect from the covid effect generally. Finally, I really like the way that Sasnovic has started the year positively recently losing in the melbourne final to Anisimova . I feel she comes into this grand slam fully charged up and at the right level to give her career a considerable uplift. Sasnovic vs Anisimova: I expect this to be a tasty competitive hard fought battle from two players on the assendency. Qinwen Zheng is the real deal and has the firepower to be of relevance in the womens game. She has a game that unveils no obvious weaknesses and I am hoping that the difference between the two players will be the amount of court time already spent by Zheng at melbourne and the qualifiers collectively. Verdict: over 20.5 games @4/7 (alternative handicaps paddy power.) Good luck!
  2. I think that while it might be fair to say that Vondrousova has not got going yet, it will be right to say that from the matches that she has already played, she would seem to have enough firepower to beat an opponent who certainly cannot cope with her mixed spins and general pace of play. The Hon problem with Vondrousova is specificallyabout a very horrible matchup. In the two times they have played Hon was bagled on both occasions amidst a runaway scoreline. I just think that the match is too risky and should be better left alone on a day when there are so many other alternatives.
  3. Really?? You must either be new to these 2 mile long parlays or have a lot of hope to burn expecting the almost impossible to happen. You are sitting on a minefield blindfolded.
  4. A good bet is always about trying to sense the right time or period to invest in an upward trend. Despite what has happened to Kokkinakis in the past, this is the beginning of the season and at least it looks like he will hold up physically till the end of this very tournament. We also know what his ability is when on song. I think he is a very attractive bet. Happy New Year all!
  5. I fully agree with you. However I do not think the bet is right in the current format that they are playing. Better to take Nakashima +4.5 @4/5 paddypower or the outright win @ 15/8. Goodluck anyway.
  6. I only just returned back to the forum today to see your message and I am a bit confused as to what your point is. Firstly you entered the discussin between myself and Czech without having any idea of what was been talked about except propelled by the hunger of looking for a verbal contest. You started by attempting to misquote me to try to establish some sort of silly arguement and even when I correct you, you try to extend the matter by creating another variant. If you did not read what I originally posted why all this waste of words? And if you did read it what was common knowledge there? If knowledge was so common you would not have so intelligently picked Basilashvili over Norrie. You just need to laminate your mouth and stay out of people's businesses that does not concern you.
  7. You have rephrased wrongly. lol! No information was vital to the outcome, rather from now knowing the outcome (results of both tips that we the subject of the write up) the tips were very vital.
  8. Sorry Czech, I just felt that I had to revisit this issue after your last comment. You make it sound like we get paid for contributing to this website, perhaps I need to remind you that this is not the case. In truth you are the one who always stands to gain from our contributions aside from the satisfaction we get from writing. I feel that there is a proper way to address people in this regard. I have now been on this site for many years and you should have figured out by now that I am not somewhat of an infinitessimal baby. Granted that I made a mistake in not editing the post completely before posting, it should not have detracted from my original intention which was to provide the visitors to the forum with information that turned out to be very vital and precise from the outcome of the results. You should have politely suggested that I edit and recheck my post before posting. Better still, there was nothing wrong in asking me to edit and repost knowing that in this business it is not very wise to compromise information. The problem was not copying but editing considering that copying is not a brainless exercise. So when you throw in a lose comment such as saying that it isn't a good idea, It just comes out as being sarcastic and disrespectful.
  9. my apologies. I was not aware of any affiliate link attached to that post. I had checked all that before posting and it seemed perfectly fine. Unless you are referring to something innocuous.
  10. You have said it all. I fancy Medvedev even more now as i notice that he has now shortened a bit on Paddypower. Even if the opponent was not Medvedev, it will still pay largely to back the occasion beating Djokovic. For Medvedev, he seems to have come to claim his season moving up the gears nicely
  11. Fernandez so far is delivering the more quality body blows once ball in play
  12. @Czech how come you refer to me as "new members" after 8years? or does it take a decade to qualify as "Regular members"? just wondering...
  13. I hear what you say, well...depending on what page you are reading on that winning book. I have always noticed in the past that knowing how a person played in a previous game can sometimes severly impair one's judgement of the next game. Better to just stay with the score minus opinion most times. The Brengle game could really be where she found her mojo. Me thinks!!!
  14. It is really hard to know what to think from the evidence on display. Raducanu whilst in this tremenduous form is yet to be truly tested. She is yet to meet a true heavy weight ball swatter where her defensive and counter-punching skills will be better tested. Rogers is definately a step up on previous challenges looking down the list of Raducanu's past conquests. I am not convinced that Raducanu is playing at the standard worthy of being included in the second week of a grand slam. I do not rate Sorribes Tormo that high on hard courts and think she was caught out in a match-up problem. Rogers is home and might be rising into some authentic form. The beating of Cirtea and Barty really upholds this form well. The bookies will be hoping that they catch unsuspecting punters out with this Raducanu hype that really has no strong roots. Rogers to win a set deserves the wager of a house in the present circumstances.
  15. HOPING TO TURN IT UP TODAY ON Spider's Web Berretini to win and both players to win a set 6/4 Basilashvili to win a set 2/5 Lloyd Harris to win a set 1/3 Sakkari/Kvitova over 21.5 games 8/11 @bet 365 (Advice 8/10) Good luck all
  16. Surprisingly I got off to a good start yester day on my Spiders Web segment with all the picks ending up as outright winners. This really puts me under pressure for a repeat of the dose. I believe that I have done so well in private on this grand slam to be confident of following up. Here we go. A Popyrin 1/1 Alex Molcan /Schwartzman over 31.5 games 4/7 (Alt handicap) Sloane Stephens to win a set 2/5 Tiafoe/Rublev over 34.5 (Alternative handicaps) 4/7 @paddypower Good luck All!!!
  17. I will be starting my daily nap called Spiders Web which will run right through to the final of the US Open. I will not be individually giving reasons for each pick as they will be picks that will come from a mixture of form, matchups and last minute odd movements. I will be chosing these picks with the aim of making some considerable daily profits. We all know that there are no bankers in this game but I can apply mathematical wisdom and clutch perception to eek out a winning corner here. Kontaveit to win a set 1/4 Otte to win a set 1/3 Gracheva +5.5 8/11 K. Pliskova 2/5 (Karolina) @50 staked = 50 x 3.03 @ 201.51 bet365.com Good Luck all!
  18. I really do not like the word "easy" being put before the word "win" in a grandslam as there are normally no mugs entered. Musetti has shortened over the last 24hours which has to be noted. Musetti to win a set at least will be my route. Good luck!!
  19. We all know pretty much about Nakashima and his potential plus home advantage. But to take him -2.5 sets against a player that is well under the radar cannot be very prudent. Trust me!!
  20. The WTA is now so complex unlike the past years when a handful of women ran the show. Now we see a rotation of players exhibiting form in different parts of the tennis calender. Giorgi had already played her season before today. A few others too like Barty, Pliskova and Krejicova are clear banana peels here. Expect a fresh crop of girls to shine in this last quarter of the season. I am hoping Yastremska will come good against Kerber here.
  21. Is this the same Paire that was taking pride in playing like a loser only a few feeks ago? How quickly things can change. His unpredictable character will probably still never change just like Mr Fognini.
  22. Monfils vs Rublev It has to be fair to note that Monfils is really at the end of his career playing husband/end-of-career tennis.....not without a great deal of inconsistency too. I also know that when he is in the zone he can beat any body. Rublev on the other hand seems to have cooled down and departed his invinsible mode making him a bit more human. The h2h is 1-0 Monfils and i am not bothered that it was played sometime ago. I just feel that Monfils last 4 or 5 matches is indicative of some real form brewing again. Furthermore Rublev stuck on 3/10 is a positive green light to play Monfils. To be very safe, Monfils to win a set and much more. Verdict!
  23. What are you talking about my friend? There are only winners and losers in this game and no luck or close shaves. A nice tip is one that wins. End of story!!!! All the attractions and distractions on the road to that win is just as irrelevant as the loss. It is that simple!! Remember the tipster is giving you information from a perspective on what has already happened before it happens (if you can understand that). Everything in this game happens deliberately, no if, buts, or long distance hopes. I most times do not blame any player for playing bad or making me lose, instead I blame myself for not being sensitive enough in the spirit to avoid them. That is the maturity of the game. It is why you see the bookies winning 90% of what would normally appear like a 50/50 toss up where you are really manipulated into thinking that you had a live chance. This would seem the most closely guarded secret ever in the modus operandi of a secret cult that dares to invalidate the cognitive senses of man. Even in critical situations where a parlay is just waiting on a final selection to win and the bookies even have something as insignificant as a 3/10 chance of winning, they still win those situations 75% or more of the times (I am sure there are a lot of people on this forum who can testify to that). The average parlay will lose out deliberately by just one selection over 85% of the time most times. The bookies deliberately always never have close shaves where the punter is winning large out of turn. It is all well organized to produce a deliberate and desired outcome. As soon as a punter starts winning large habitually, that person is banned and ostracized from all betting shops regardless of the betting company. You are now considered a threat to a well established process. Out of necessity, they all come together to ban you saying "We do not like the way you do business". Back in the day your photo will be sent to all shops to be on the look out for you. I have seen that too many times. "It is established deliberately to the obstruction of the senses and the permission of the spirit". It is for the same reasons that people can be unmistakably making profits with their tipping here on the forum( feeling swell and cool about it) and be simultaneously losing heavily in real life playing the same identical games. Did I say same identical games? yes I did! How does this happen? (I know that there are a few of you reading that can relate to this) Why do our parlays most times always lose out by one selection most strategically located at the end of the betting entries? The deliberate fundamental structure of this methodology gives birth to constant human responses and results. It is why that bookies can ensure most times that you have that loser safely mixed into your selections without you knowing. There is an adage that says it is talk that begets talk. It is so funny how I have been made to spontaneously employ so many words on the basis of someone's simple response. I have long always wanted to go into the depth of this matter by trying to unravel this mystery that has been so well hidden for years. This whole idea of the bookies selling dead hope to people in exchange for a security which is entwined in this fleeting hope that has been bought...giving birth to an insatiable desire to be clung to. Sometimes I just wish I could have the time to dedicate my pen to paper, to unveil what I consider a new facet of reasoning that would most certainly challenge what has always been the norm, and most certainly extricate the spirit of man from the captivity of this Ouija board mentality that has long kept him in bondage! Being a writer I sometimes just find myself in one of those moods where I just want to pour out my spirit to enhance positive energy. Good Morning!!!
  24. Pliskova needs her head examined. She is just too mentally fragile to be doing business in the WTA. Maybe she was expecting Barty to give her an arm-chair ride to the victory podium. Gutless turd!!!
  25. Reading from page 1 of this thread, it becomes so apparent how this indulgence almost seems a complete waste of time. If this forum was a university then most of our parents would have given up paying our school fees from us being too dumb to excel....Always hopeful but never really coming to the knowledge of the truth. It is like trying to catch the wind in the palm of your hand to show someone as evidence. Hahahaha!
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