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  1. Changes to the WTA and ATP structures are now only dreams. I am concerned that a huge number of tournaments in 2021 will be canceled due to covid 19 and economic reasons, and it is not certain that TV stations will be willing to pay more for broadcasts.
  2. I am wondering about the idea of tournaments with groups of the best players and I think that is a lame idea. How do smaller tournaments survive? How the worst than top 16 players will survive? What about local young players? Who will be interested in buying broadcasting from smaller tournaments when top 16 tournament is on the way, there are often 3 ongoing tournaments?
  3. @Brandnew You preach on the WTA usually opposing the opinion of others. I've been watching WTA diligently for almost 30 years and been an urgent witness of the birth of Hingis, Pierce, Sisters, Henin, Clijsters, Sharapova, Andreescu and now Swiatek and therefore I'm not naive but experienced observer. The outstanding quality of her game, calmness, speed have been identified as certain advantages for future GS victories by a number of tennis experts and former top players, and I fully agree with that.
  4. Odds on Swiatek before FO was for sure influenced by her I round performance and defeat in Rome. I saw odd, 60 don't remember where. Don't understand your expectation/predictions about her form decay; she is a perfect and complete player, Wilander claims she has no tennis deficiencies, not a one.
  5. You are wrong Delfino! Nobel prize is mine!!! Iga Swiatek!!! She is about to destroy Halep in an impressive way Edited October 4 by lelit
  6. Swiatek is not fighting, she destroys opponents; too much fire, precision and very versatile arsenal. But a month ago she lost in a strange way, without fighting in the I round in Rome, yesterday in double match, she was terrible and hysterical, poor serving.
  7. Ohh.. come on!! Who else is intrigued by Serenas once brutal game, vulgar costumes and dramatic behavior, she should take care of her daughter, at her age, and maybe start knitting. People prefer, for sure, to watch Osake, Andreescu and certainly Swiatek and even Kasatkine or Bencic.
  8. I am afraid that long scientific and philosophical debates about WTA's beauty have won out some tipsters So I decided to type 3 sets in the Kvitova-Kenin match; Bet365 pays 2.5 for this.
  9. @Brandnew You should understand that because of Covid19, many players have left this season either bye not training enough or fearing the corona and canceling their performances. Then the low ranked youth have a chance to show off. Try to remember also the birth from nowhere of Andreescu and Osaka. Swiatek, with her full of courage, agressive, versatile game, has been considered as a great talent by experts for years. I've always wondered about the overdone odds on her matches. I am sure that she will be in the top 5 among all stars, already next year.
  10. I watch the Switolina - Podoroska match and it is difficult for me to notice how Switolina, in its present form, can threaten Swiatek; she is headstrong but weak in tennis form. Not shure that she will win this match. And she lost..
  11. Iga Swiatek!!! She is about to destroy Halep in an impressive way
  12. Kasatkina clutched her food in her last match week ago. So...
  13. I don't expect that Gauf/ McHale can win double match against Carter/Stefani. Gauf should be weared out after match against Muguruza. Unibet offers 1.97 Maybe bet at one ball or set bookmaker?
  14. Yastremska parted with Bajin in a hostile atmosphere. He splited hastily from Wozniacki, Osaka, Mladenovic, now Yastremska; is the reason his personal charm? He is undoubtedly a desirable coach. Considered placing bet on Kovinic (at least one set) but only considered Bencic is still mentally disorganized without the necessary attitude to reach better rank.
  15. Vickery 2.62 leading 1.0 in the match against Swiatek, is an intriguing way to become a millionaire . Iga had 3 set balls and was leading 5-0 in the tie break, despite she lost the set. I wrote about her currently poor game; Vickery is a weak player but Swiatek is out of form and mentally absent.
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