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  1. Betting against the recently mentally weak Bencic is quite logical; she loves her daddy but doesn't respect him, always argueing with him when she looks for good advices. She is hysterical with her mistakes. She wins first sets easily and then loses the next two easily. Very weak second serv, too. Maybe she needs a new coach? I also think the odds on Kuznetsova are encouraging; she is too experienced and Swiatek's tactical skills are not very good.
  2. Tomljanovic played a total of 2 lost matches on h1 in 2018-19. Odd 1.72 has no value at all, imo. Bencic still plays poorly this year, I think 2.2 (bet365) on Kuznetsova is encouraging. Mladenovic lost recently both Thiem and Bajin; remembering her decline in form after split from Garcia, placing bets on her is quite risky, imo.
  3. Iga Swiatek has improved many elements of her game, but I'm afraid her tactical arsenal is too poor to defeat brave Vekic. I have read about Giorgi that she devotes too much time to high life social life which can certainly affect her game. Kvitova suffers from asthma (now large air pollution in Australia) which can affect the game against undefeated in 17 matches Alexandrova; power player who also has positive results against lefthanders. Expect 3 set matches in Zhang-Kenin (2.37) and Riske-Georges (2.25) odds from B365. Any torpedoing those picks opinion?
  4. Calling last year's winner of this tournament unreliable is a slight exaggeration; only 1.66 on Thiem is also an exaggeration. I think there will be 3 sets in this match.
  5. I think Medvedev's psychic collapse in last match against Nadal; morbid mocking gestures to the trainer and wife, are not a good reason to bet on Zverev? He's simply mentally devastated. And now he lost his chances for a semi-final through Nadal's victory.
  6. I think that It'll be 3 set in WTA final. 2.37 at bet365. Players are tired and injured, it's a very bad idea to place this tournament at the season ending.
  7. A question for local experienced tennis bets analysts: Isn't ca. 2.5 odds for Bencic vs Svitolina interesting and inviting? Bencic leads 2-1 in h / h. They have similar skills but Bencic is more aggressive and Svitolina can't outpower her.
  8. It is risky to bet on winners in the final WTA matches. "Heroes" are usually tired or injured and often act as if punished by playing in these tournaments. However, there are always some players who have ambitions related to these tournaments and they need to be recognized first, to bet on them, for the right price.
  9. Y You're right, maybe I needlessly mentioned this match.
  10. kedet, Do not count matches when Belinda recovered from numerous surgerys. In 4 matches of 5 played, Bencic was the favorite. Anyway I admit that value is on Mladenowic 2.5 and Bencic is not in topform. Personally, I believe that everything Kiki can do in tennis, Bencic can do better :)) But this is WTA; players are tired at this time of year, therefore a lot of unexpected results. Bencic is often hysterical; her father is absent, her fiance / fitness coach is coaching her, It could be a problem...
  11. Tomorrow important match for Bencic because she can secure participation in WTA finals (https://live-tennis.eu/en/wta-race). The opponent was once a very close friend Mladenovic. But is around 1.57 exciting enough?
  12. Somewhere I once read the memories of Genie Bouchard where she described her disappointment because when Grigori visited her once, he preferred watching TV series instead of making love to her. Therefore his behavior will never surprise me
  13. This final can end in three set.Odds is close to 2.4 at different "robbers"
  14. Bencic actually has a very bad attitude. She often has primadonna habits and is usually rude to her father. Changing the coach would probably help, because she has great technical skills, but also too often a bad mental approach. I expected problems with Friedsam and she maybe allready knew that she can't collect enough points for WTA finals.
  15. I wonder how the USOPEN's controversy between Paire and Bedene will affect today's match.Will it be long and bloody?