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  1. Premier League Predictions > Dec 8th - 10th

    Newcastle v wolves Ciaran clark has 2 goals in 6 (+2 sub) appearances for Newcastle. I think the 50/1 first goalscorer looks overpriced with bet 365. I will try a bet on fgs and also a separate bet on him for last goalscorer at 50/1 also Best scenario is he scores the only goal and both bets collect
  2. Championship Predictions > Dec 7th & 8th

    I think @Bang on that you are a very well run club and am a little envious. I'd had a few shandies so was having a cheap dig, so sorry about that. It just must be a bit galling for you as a bit more investment in the team and you could get to the promised land. Selling is part of a successful strategy, something we studiously avoid. As for Chansiri telling the truth I do not expect that to happen at all.
  3. Championship Predictions > Dec 7th & 8th

    i was listening for team news on Wednesday Rotherham and heard the following: Forestieri is injured and bannan has an issue which stopped him training but whether it stops him playing is unclear. For Rotherham paul warne says that they have had illness in the camp so have been careful to not overtrain and have sent a couple home who were ill. So mixed messages and not very conclusive.
  4. Championship Predictions > Dec 7th & 8th

    maybe @bang on could enlighten us - wilder has had a few pops at McCabe and the poundland prince who were in dispute. United have always been a selling club and have sabotaged some promotion campaigns- witness fjortoft and deane being sold at a time when they should have been pushing on for promotion.
  5. Championship Predictions > Dec 7th & 8th

    west brom v villa i have bought harvey barnes goal minutes 3 times this season and he has scored on 77,77 and 87. He has 8 in 20 the timings as follows (in reverse order) 77,77,82,72,87,63,65,45 There is a pattern here of late goals, maybe because he is rarely substituted. I will buy his goal minutes at 16 with spreadex.
  6. Championship Predictions > Dec 7th & 8th

    west brom v aston villa James chester has 4 goals in 19 appearances this season which is pretty good for a centre back. Villa are in good form and west brom do tend to concede so I will buy his goal minutes at 5 with sporting index
  7. Championship Predictions > Dec 7th & 8th

    we shall see @yossa6133-maybe i'm letting my bitterness influence my betting the smart bet based on their recent results is probably a draw
  8. Championship Predictions > Dec 7th & 8th

    Hi Stevie, Luhukay is just a patsy to take the heat for the chairman. He doesn't help himself by constantly changing the defenders and also switching between a back four and five, but the anger is being directed at him because the chairman is not around most of the time and he is an easy target. There have been numerous errors of judgement notably a survey asking if we wanted high prices and continued investment or lower prices and young players being promoted into the first team as if the two were mutually exclusive. What we have ended up with is high prices and kids being promoted. Many senior pros have been frozen out with no explanation other than it is for footballing reasons or they are injured (when the players say they are fit) i.e. westwood and Hutchinson. Michael brown said on sky that if westwood played 2 more games he would be entitled to a new contract. Because the club doesn't communicate this leads the fans to speculate that the reason for freezing players out is financial. The chairman has managed to price out virtually all commercial sponsors so we are left with chansiri and his two fake businesses (D Taxis and Elevate Energy drink) as the only sponsors. He came up with 3 and five year season tickets which people bought into and that money has probably been used up now. He came up with a scheme where you paid 2 grand to have a plaque on your seat and was hoping for 15,000 I think to take up this offer. The list goes on and on. Its a mess and I think will get worse-I believe we have a good chance of relegation, but thought that last year too and was wrong. Against Bolton the official attendance was 19, 000 with approx. 13,000 in attendance (6,000 season ticket holders staying away). I could go on....
  9. Championship Predictions > Dec 7th & 8th

    i said in a previous thread that i thought rotherham were overpriced at 15/4, which has now shortened up to around 5/2. The mood around wednesday is fairly miserable at the moment and maybe rotherham can get their first away win of the season. The crowd want the manager to be sacked but the owner is not one for either admitting mistakes (of which there have been many) or acting decisively. I have sold the second rotherham goal at 79.5 as well as backing them to win. Leeds seem to have an injury crisis at the moment having lost dallas and cooper recently for around 6 weeks. Ayling and berardi are also out. Qpr are 5/1 which will probably shorten up because of this.
  10. Premier League Predictions > Dec 4th & 5th

    mustafi on 26, 22 pts profit
  11. Premier League Predictions > Dec 4th & 5th

    i'll have a bit of that yossa-he would be my pick as his teams play attractive football, he gets the best out of players and recruits well. None of these apply to Mourinho but is he a big enough name?
  12. Premier League Predictions > Dec 4th & 5th

    With man utd's issues at centre back (playing midfielders like mctominay and matic in that position) i will take a chance on shkodran mustafi's goal minutes at 4. He has only 1 in 14 this season but averages around 1 in 10 for Arsenal.
  13. Championship Predictions > Dec 1st - 3rd

    Harvey on 77 the kid is a star I also bought macleod at 1.5 on 85 sorry didnt mention was caught up in the moment
  14. Championship Predictions > Dec 1st - 3rd

    West brom v brentford should be an open free flowing game with plenty of goals. I will try a few scores: west brom 3-2, 4-1 and 4-2 all with ladbrokes boosted at 20/1, 33/1 and 45/1. I have also bought harvey barnes goal minutes at 15.
  15. Championship Predictions > Dec 1st - 3rd

    Looking further ahead to next saturday 08/12 rotherham at 15/4 (unibet) look overpriced to win at sheffield wednesday. I watched rotherham at home to sheffield united and they were the better team. I also watched sheff wed v bolton and both teams looked very poor. The atmosphere at hillsborough is pretty toxic also.