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  1. Championship Predictions > Feb 20th & 21st

    Wednesday playing no strikers, looks like park the bus time. wildsmith hunt venancio loovens thorniley fox stobbs (debut) pelupessy jones Wallace boyd has some options on the bench but that looks very negative
  2. FA Cup Predictions > Feb 16th - 19th

    apparently they have relaid the pitch
  3. Racing Chat - Saturday Feb 10th

    genius tipping Richard well done was about 44 on betfair
  4. Championship Predictions > Feb 9th - 13th

    hi Stevie i think he is doing well, but has been dealt a shit hand. He watched us and decided we were too open at the back but lacked pace so switched to 3 at the back. However, the wing backs palmer and fox are both poor so that doesn't help the system. He is being forced to play kids in some games who have done well. Players who were frozen out under carvalhal have been picked and also done well (venancio, joao and matias-ironically all portuguese and he wouldnt pick them). The injury situation is ridiculous : westwood, hunt (i think), loovens, lees, van aken, lee, abdi, hutchinson, bannan, hooper, matias, fletcher, forestieri. I've probably forgotten someone. Most of the injuries happen in training and most suffer setbacks when rehabilitating. Someone smells wrong. On top of this the recruitment has been farcical and most decisions taken seem to be based on what is the worst thing we could do-yes lets do that. There is a whole litany of PR gaffes and to compound it he brings in someone as CEO who was hated at Charlton. The latest PR own goal is a survey to the supporters with leading questions in it. Earlier in the season he launched a scheme where he asked supporters to pay £1,000 to have their name on their seat to be removed at the end of the season. An incentive was offered if we reached the premier league (possibly a £500 discount for 2 years- i can't remember). Needless to say it was later withdrawn due to lack of take up. Only 1 player was brought in in January and no loans and i have read there will be no out of contract players brought in either (despite the injury situation). It seems as if the Chairman bet the bank on promotion and now has tightened the purse strings-FFP is often mentioned by the club, but had it been run in a sensible manner this would be irrelevant. i keep banging on about relegation being possible and we are still 20/1 so the bookies haven't cottoned on. Maybe i am wrong and we will get some players back soon and everything will be hunky dory. Pessimistic of Sheffield.
  5. Championship Predictions > Feb 9th - 13th

    some wednesday team news: pudil and matias were sent off last week, matias red card was rescinded on appeal, now he is injured and out for 3 weeks. loovens and butterfield-2 new injuries but both crap anyway. 13 fit first team players including 2 keepers, and 1 centre back. Luhukay has been playing 3 centre backs, so if he persists this will mean venancio plus 2 kids (2 from thorniley. o'grady, neilson). Our injury situation is a joke and the conspiracy theorists are out in force no doubt fuelled by the lack of information from the club. I know barnsley aren't very good but i think we will lose. At the prices i am not betting apart from a couple of daft scorecasts moore and mcburnie and barnsley 3-0 and 3-1.
  6. Championship Predictions > Feb 2nd & 3rd

    Wednesday are 20/1 for relegation with betfred which is still too big imo there are still many long term injured with no information from the club on imminent returns we recruited one player in January and there appears to be a feeling still that we are too good to go down Birmingham in comparison are 3/1 we have a crucial game away to Barnsley next week I have been backing them at 80/1 40/1 33/1 and again at 20/1
  7. FA Cup Predictions > 26th - 28th January

    Wednesday team dawson hunt venancio loovens pudil fox boyd pelupessy reach matias nuhui matias fgs @ 17/2 b365 may be value
  8. Championship Predictions > Jan 19th & 20th

    no worries it was probably a fair result
  9. Championship Predictions > Jan 19th & 20th

    hi ally I think you may be right when we play Warnock teams its usually tight Wednesday team same as against sheff utd but thorniley for loovens wildsmith palmer pudil venancio thorniley fox reach Wallace jones joao rhodes the midfield looks a bit lightweight but we shall see
  10. Championship Predictions > Jan 19th & 20th

    hey stevie we beat you 1-0 last year and 3-0 the year before
  11. Championship Predictions > Jan 19th & 20th

    Its a hard one to predict-jos luhukay came with a reputation as a defensive coach and the first two games have resulted in 2 clean sheets. Early impressions have been favourable-he isn't moaning about injuries, he gave a few youth players a chance in midweek and is also giving everyone a chance. The previous manager would not pick youngsters, was forever whinging about injuries and referees and froze players out. A new player has been signed this week joey pelopessy from Heracles, a defensive midfielder which we lack in Hutchinson's absence. He also said there may be a small surprise in team selection, maybe this player or a youngster. He has played 3 centre backs in each game to afford greater defensive stability. I doubt I will be betting on this.
  12. FA Cup Predictions > Jan 16th & 17th

    Wednesday team: dawson(3rd choice keeper) hunt venancio o'grady (u23 player) nielsson (u23 player) fox butterfield jones boyd nuhiu mattias 8 changes from Friday-3 kids in defence anyone's game
  13. FA Cup Predictions > Jan 16th & 17th

    glen loovens is suspended for sheffield wednesday after being sent off on friday. Wednesday performed well and contrary to my pessimism and slurs about their commitment, they battled well. Luhukay seems to have them organised and played three centre backs on friday. Connor o'grady may come in for loovens. luhukay said one young player may start tonight-clare and thorniley were other possibles but are cup tied. Wednesday still have alot of injuries and i think this will be close. I backed the draw earlier in the week as it was nearly 4/1 but do not have a strong opinion.
  14. FA Cup Predictions > Jan 16th & 17th

    i would wait for team news re cardiff warnock has a history of prioritising the league over cup competitions
  15. Championship Predictions > Jan 12th & 13th

    well I got that badly wrong-apologies to anyone one who listened. congrats to the new manager-amazing what can be achieved in just a few days