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  1. Europa League Predictions > Oct 4th

    From BBC: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Aaron Ramsey will miss Arsenal's Europa League tie with FK Qarabag on Thursday. Forward Aubameyang is ill, while midfielder Ramsey requested to stay at home as his wife is due to give birth.
  2. Europa League Predictions > Oct 4th

    i clicked on it and it goes on about aubameyang as a key component of arsenal's success tonight
  3. Championship Predictions > Sep 28th & 29th

    leeds unchanged I think-hernandez and roofe still out forestieri replaces mattias and thorniley back for pudil I am biased but leeds too short for me, i'll try Wednesday at 13/5
  4. Championship Predictions > Sep 28th & 29th

    Barry douglas goal minutes look a cheap buy at 4 with sporting index. Best chance would be a free kick on the edge of the area. He's a wing back but takes free kicks and gets forward well and scored 5 last year for wolves.
  5. Championship Predictions > Sep 28th & 29th

    Hi Stevie, he inherited a very difficult situation and kept us up. He has now been tasked with clearing out high earners and introducing home grown players in so doing reducing the average age of the team. He is having to address the mistakes of the previous manager and the owner who may be well meaning but has relied on an agent as his main advisor who had vested interests. The recruitment in the past was haphazard at best with ageing (often injury prone ) players being given long contracts. To compound this carvalhal ostracised many players who weren't his favourites, leading me to think he had limited say in recruitment. This was compounded by playing players when not fully fit and making the injuries worse. The strategy was to be indelicate 'shit or bust' and he is having to try to rectify this. I think he is doing a good job and is very measured and dignified. He doesn't criticise referees like Carlos did or try to find someone else to blame. As a consequence of introducing so many young players we have been inconsistent but the likes of Penney and Thorniley would never have been given a chance under the previous manager. to answer your questions:1 better 2 yes 3 it is a combination I think of ffp or fs or whatever the fcuk they call it and maybe the owner having either run short of money or realising he was spunking too much (I don't have a high opinion of either his financial acumen or acuity).
  6. Championship Predictions > Sep 28th & 29th

    Team news will be interesting as Leeds have been missing Roofe, Hernandez and Bamford. I think Bamford is long term but if still missing the other 2 i think Wednesday might just have the edge. Forestieri has been suspended but is eligible tomorrow but i suspect he will start on the bench. The performance at Villa was very good and you would expect an unchanged team. Reach never stopped running, Bannan has been excellent all season and has even scored a couple of goals. Fletcher could have had 5 but has led the line well. Young left back Matt Penney has been excellent also. He looks a very accomplished footballer and gets forward well too. He has a wand of a left foot and is a free kick specialist. Unfortunately Bannan and Pelupessy tend to pull rank on him. I have backed him anytime goalscorer at 25/1 with Hills but this is more in hope than expectation.
  7. Premier League Predictions > Sep 22nd & 23rd

    yerry mina goal minutes are 4 to buy with sporting index, which looks worth a play after his world cup exploits and also a leaky arsenal defence.
  8. Championship Predictions > Aug 24th - 26th

    hi stevie-i like the btts bet but am unsure about the outcome. I have already backed Ipswich at 3/1 and will stick with that but the result is difficult to call and it will be interesting to see the line up for Wednesday as forestieri was left on the bench in midweek. Most people would stick with the same line up but Jos does seem to like to tinker.
  9. Championship Predictions > Aug 21st & 22nd

    I go this wrong. Luhukay went away from playing 3 centre backs to 2 and stopped them playing out from the back. The keeper kicked virtually everything long. This pragmatism served the team well and a rare thing a barry bannan goal early on helped the confidence. Millwall were generally disappointing and though they had a number of chances, lacked the quality to make the most of them. The right back Marlon Romeo took the eye for Millwall but they look a functional team. Youngsters penney and preston both did well for Wednesday and bannan dictated play most of the time. Its too early to tell whether this was a false dawn, maybe we will know more on Saturday.
  10. Championship Predictions > Aug 21st & 22nd

    cheers tiffy i fear we may be relegated before he departs- i hope he has deep pockets as we will lose approx 5000 season ticket holders at the end of this season-fanbase totally pissed off and no info from club, no structure in place and one bizarre decision after another.
  11. Championship Predictions > Aug 21st & 22nd

    As I said before stevie I think millwall will beat Wednesday in midweek, they are everything we are not. Apparently Bannan at one point shouted what do we do to the manager who promptly stared at the ground. He is promoting too many youth players who are not getting help from the senior pros. I wonder if the way westwood has been frozen out is affecting morale. They have tried to force him out and he is no3 keeper behind two youngsters, but wasn't even on the bench in the cup. I suspect he is not being played so as not to trigger some sort of bonus. There were rumours last season of this sort of thing going on with all our 'injured players'. We could easily lose the next two and the fans will start to turn. The blame lies with the clueless owner who listens to no-one but his advisor who is a football agent and his attitude to supporters is if you don't like it stay away. Rant over: millwall at 6/4 is the selection
  12. Championship Predictions > Aug 21st & 22nd

    i don't support derby tiffy but think they are too short at home midweek -around 8/11 and have been generally disappointing
  13. Championship Predictions > Aug 21st & 22nd

    i know this is the wrong place but i'm getting on Ipswich at 3/1 to win at sheff wed as I think it will shorten after we have lost to milwall . The club is in a state and there are rumours that forestieri is off. Onwards and downwards-anyway I shouldn't be too upset the chairman thinks we will go up.
  14. The club has officially announced that the embargo has been lifted-without ever officially admitting (until pressed) that we were under embargo. They knew about this in April but said nothing so as not to affect season ticket sales. They even issued a bizarre survey asking fans if they preferred high prices and continued investment or low prices and the promotion of youth players. Hereby justifying the high prices knowing full well that they couldn't invest in players. I suppose you had the same sort of set up with your owner initially (strange decisions based on ego and lack of empathy).