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  1. Two days ago I took Dimitrov to beat Hurcazk which he did, winning it in 2 tie breaks,  rather impressive considering Hurcazk has a huge serve so I'll be taking him again to beat De minaur, even though as stated above De minaur is very athletic and can run like a machine but technically Dimitrov is much sharper.


    In their last 2 matches at Rotterdam Felix has a much better 1st serve % than Medevedev, their last match against each other dates from over a year ago so personally I don't really take into account the H2H because players evolve over time, especially the younger ones, and after 4 defeats may be it's time for a win since there is not such a huge gap in their level, so i'll go small stakes on Felix at 2.40 



  2. for tonight i am betting against the 14 y/o kid Gradinari ,

    his opponent Sarkis is ranked 129th so even if in a single frame anything can happen I still feel the 50/50 odds have value on the adult lol , I am pretty sure his odds will drop by tonight

  3. a really fun event

    i'll be betting live , i think there is value in taking a player when he is down by around 20 pts and the winning player loses his turn , probably odds of 2.50 to 3.00 if they were more or less at evens before the start , i'll see if i'll have the balls to bet on that systematically in every game that it happens.

  4. in the 10th after Hawkins hit a fluke on a red he tried to pot the black in a very very difficult spot, in any other situation he would have gone for a defensive snook never would he have tried to pot that black , you could see on his face he did it on purpose to give back the hand to Trump because he felt guilty of scoring that fluke red; and then lose the frame, and then lose the match, pathetic.

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