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  1. 14 hours ago, neilovan said:

    De Minaur playing a guy he should slaughter, and he can't win a point. How excellent!

    Hopefully if he has an injury he retires. But losing a set 6-0 should not have a huge effect. It is not like anything has been invested in it.

    Medvedev losing to Gasquet is also like a cold day in hell.

    for the record Ugo Humbert just in the 2nd set had a total of 11 break points in 3 games in a row and didn't convert a single one, 0 for 11 and then obviously he got broken straight away; he is so weak mentally he is going on my black list never betting on him again.

  2. 2 hours ago, Torque said:

    Lyon about to start and I'm taking Bedene to beat Kwon. I have this as a much more even contest than the odds do and probably the reason for Bedene being so big is his relative lack of activity. Clay is his best surface though so I think he's got a decent shot at winning this.

    10pts Bedene to beat Kwon @ 3.00 365

    i took him too , serving for the match in the 2nd 5-4 30-0 up , lost 4 points in a row to get broken and then...

    he probably had decided not to reach the 2nd round prior to the match because of RG next week , i wonder how much money his relatives made betting against him when Kwon was at @15 then @5 then @2

    hope he gets trashed in the 1st round at RG

  3. 40 minutes ago, neilovan said:

    With two matches yesterday and a 3 hour match today, I would give Alcaraz almost no chance of winning against Busta. Normally he being a 1.66 favorite would be OK, but his opponent has been chilling out , recovering for 3 hours more. No way Alcaraz should be fav here.

    Busta will probably grind him down. 1st set is critical, but if Busta wins it, you won't get more than 1 to 10 on him.

    Just looking at the Esotil qualifying. AM taking Tabenerer over Miralles. Even at 1.53 its a decent price.

    thanks for your feedback, that's exactly what i was thinking but you explained it much better then i did lol.

    i'll go medium stakes on Carreno-Busta hoping Alcaraz is just totally out of gas.

  4. Personally, i'll wait to watch a few frames before placing a bet.

    it should be noted that Xintong won his last 2 long games (first to 9 and to 10) while Higgins actually lost his last 2 long games also first to 9 and first to 10; of course we have to take into account their opponents but still it's interesting.

  5. yesterday Day against Dott was shockingly bad, then Dott also was very very average; even the eurosport commentator was saying how a low level match it is; of course it doesn't mean that today Dott will also be that bad; but yesterday they both looked like ranked 80th or 90th players.

  6. in her last 3 matches Ostapenko has saved so many match points and come backs that the laws of average tell me she totally should not be here; of course winning those matches gave her huge confidence and she is a very good player but 3 times coming back from a set down against very good opponents which were favorites to beat her, and facing several match points, how long can one keep beating probability and odds like this? Any opinions on this?


  7. Personally when i see a good team (i say a good team, not an incredible team) on an away winning streak playing an other good team my first reflex is that the away team streak has to come to an end sometime (except for the top top teams like Man City, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Intern Milan) .

    In the French league Marseille is very good but it's not the PSG neither, even though Lyon is not in the top of the chart they are of course a quality team playing at home (with a win here they would jump from 11th to 5th/6th)  so i'll take Lyon draw no bet at 2.00 because all streaks -especially away wins- have to come to an end.

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