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  1. I certainly believe they're both winning against Fu & Williams respectively.
  2. Perhaps. But it's highly unlikely that John will overcome the obstacle called J-Trump. Judd owns him. I think Ronnie, Judd and Mark will all prevail. My choice will be Zhao Xintong to beat Neil Robertson, although I cannot find this match anymore... Something must have happened.
  3. Let's hope Jackpot hits the 180 multiple times!
  4. Peter Wright vs Krzysztof Ratajski - Total sets: over 3.5 at 1.44 with bet365 Ratajski will fight hard to get his long awaited first win against Wright. I think he may come very close tonight. MvG to beat (-1.5 sets) Stephen Bunting at 1.61 with bet365 MvG might look a bit vulnerable at certain times, but I won't be surprised if what we witness tonight is him toying with his opponent. He can destroy Bunting if he's focused from the start of the match. 3-1 or 3-0 for me. I agree with @Fader on Lewis vs Dobey, but I just can't trust Lewis these days, no matter how good and effective he was the other night. It could well have been a short glimpse of his glorious past, I don't know. Clayton somehow finds ways to win matches he shouldn't have won, I completely agree. Very difficult to predict, but I'd go with him beating VdB if I had to choose. Good luck.
  5. Daryl Gurney to win a set & Searle to beat Razma will be the double for me tonight. Good luck. 🀞
  6. So you think Chisnall beats Van den Bergh tonight? Shit, I have already backed the Belgian to win...
  7. Ryan delivers, wins 10-7 in an emphatic way!
  8. Hmm, I cannot resist the temptation of buying Ryan at 3.2, it's such a juicy price to ignore.
  9. Due to the expected impact of Hurricane Ian on South Carolina, the remainder of the #ATPChallenger event in Charleston has been canceled. All players will receive ranking points and prize money for rounds reached. source: https://twitter.com/ATPChallenger/status/1575246481510043660?t=WjoFm5kmCXqh_oz9SXUVww&s=19
  10. Team World to win the Laver Cup at 6.00 with bet365 Ruud and Tsitsipas gave an early lead to Team Europe after their wins against Sock and Schwartzman respectively. I expect Alex to grab the first point for Team World in his match against Murray. Tennis is a lot of the times about match-ups, and I feel that this is a pretty bad one for Andy. How will he cope with the Aussie's insane speed? I think the timing is quite perfect for those who desire to back Team World, and I cannot hide that I happen to be one among them. Besides, Team Europe is lacking arguably its most valuable member (Zverev), and this, if nothing else, is a great blow for the team. Zverev has played an instrumental role in Team Europe's early success in the competition, winning the clinching matches in 2018 and 2019. Team Europe is also lacking the out of form Medvedev, who's still Medvedev though (apparently Europe in its entirety does not want anything related to Russia these days). Taylor Fritz and FAA might score a lot of points for Team World the upcoming days. They're the truly elite players of this team, and along with Djokovic (and maybe Nadal, but I highly doubt he's currently in a good condition), the most elite players of the tournament.
  11. You were right. I'm a huge Fedfan. So yeah, Zverev is my second favorite player.
  12. He's by far my favorite player in men's tennis. Zverev should have already reached #1 and won at least a couple of majors, but, he hasn't, and it's his fault of course. Winning Masters Cup twice (2018, 2021) and the gold medal πŸ₯‡at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (in 2021 lol) must be his greatest achievements so far. He's also the only active player outside of the Big Four with five Masters 1000 titles. I don't know if he has underachieved... It's quite complicated. I'd say that he has underachieved only in Grand Slams, which are the most important tournaments on tour.
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