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  1. For the ATP I think it is Tsitsipas who will like to take a rest and freshen up before the GS. So Ivashka got a chance to beat him at a great value.
  2. Can D Yastremska upset the inconsistent Ostapenko? Any comment, please?
  3. I agree with you that McNally chance of winning is about 50-50 and not what the odds suggest but what put me off in this bet is that Vekic had a day off yesterday whereas McNally played 5 sets of tennis - 3 in Single and 2 in Doubles.
  4. I have not come across any bookie offering such bet! If there is.................. the player who retired will be a millionare!
  5. So it is Zhang, the 33 yr-old Chinese veteran and not the 19 yr-old Zheng. I agree with you that Zhang will beat Busca and could be in straight sets as she does not like to play a 3rd set with younger players (than her) and will try to win it in straight sets. Her stamina has deteriorated and she is not as fit as before.
  6. I also agree with Neilovan and CzechPunter that Nadal is likely to win this year's final and break his own record to become a 22-GS title winner and 14 RG champion in 14/14 finals. I am not betting because of the low odds as due to Nadal's age and health problem, I have no confident that Nadal will win in 3 sets. Nadal is not at his best condition and I reckon at about 70% and his doctor is with him 24/7 throughout the tournament. But of course he is determined to play his best and I think even at about 70% health, he is good enough to beat Ruud who is at this big stage for the first time. At an interview ahead of the final, Nadal said: "I would prefer to lose Sunday's final and get a new foot. I would be happy with my life with a new foot. A win is beautiful, but life is much more important than any title. Especially after the career that I had". Therefore I think this is the last chance for Nadal to win his 22nd GS title.
  7. And of course I have mentioned Coco is also playing the Doubles Final (tomorrow) was to highlight that she has played many more matches compared to Swiatek in the same span of time which is a disadvantage to her. This is one of the reasons that I am taking Swiatek to win the final in straight sets.
  8. @four-leaf. Why are you confused of my short write-up? Maybe you are not aware that Gauff is partnering Pegula tomorrow in the Doubles final match. I was saying that Gauff has a chance to win the Doubles title (tomorrow) but not the Single today vs Swiatek.
  9. 2 youngsters vying for the RG WTA title. Swiatek and Gauff added age is still less than Serena Williams! Can Coco win a RG title in this edition? Yes but she has more chance to win the double partnering Pegula vs the French pair of Garcia/Mladenovic. Unless Swiatek cannot hold her nerves and choke during the final match which is unlikely to happen at this stage, she should be able to go on and win the title in 2 sets.
  10. Due to Kasatkina poor service games like I have said, Easy Win for Swiatek - 6-2, 6-1 (Total Games 15) Like what Neilovan predicted too, it was embarrasing for Kasatkina.
  11. Doubt Kasatkina has any chance against Swiatek who can exploit her service game. I reckon Kasat will be broken (at least) 3 games in the first 2 sets. Unless she can break back - her weapon against others in RG earlier matches - the match might end up Under 18.5 (G).
  12. Taking Swiatek -1.5 set to beat Pegula @1.43 I don't think Pegula can put up the resistance like Zheng to steal a set from Swiatek especially under the hot weather - about 23°C. Swiatek has not lost a set since one month ago until meeting Zheng.
  13. Mother nature was the cause of Q. Zheng losing the +7.5 GH to Swiatek!
  14. Came across this article: Chinese tennis player Qinwen Zheng's French Open bid ended unexpectedly as severe menstrual cramps and a leg injury -- for which she took a medical timeout in the second set -- lead to her losing to world no 1, Poland's Iga Swiatek. Zheng, 19, had everyone awaiting a shock win as she claimed the opener in a tiebreak before slipping to a 6-7, 6-0 and 6-2 defeat. According to CNN, she had no pain during the opening set but took a medical time out at 3-0 down in the second to strap her injured right leg. "Yeah, the leg was also tough. That compared to the stomach was easy...I cannot play my tennis, (my) stomach was too painful," Zheng, ranked 74 in the world, told reporters, after the game. China's Qinwen Zheng during her fourth round match against Poland's Iga Swiatek (Source: Reuters) Referring to her menstrual pain, she added, "It's just girls' things, you know. The first day is always so tough and then I have to do sport and I always have so much pain in the first day. And I couldn't go against my nature." "I wish I can be a man on court, but I cannot in that moment...I really wish I can be (a) man (so) that I don't have to suffer from this." Adding that she enjoyed playing against Swiatek, Zheng said, "If I don't have my stomach pain, I think I could enjoy more, like to run better and to hit harder, to give more effort on court. It's a pity that I couldn't give what I want to give today. I just want (it so that) next time I play against her, I (am in) perfect shape."
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