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  1. Anyone knows why NZ is allowed to perform haka dance before each game? And why opponents actually accept and submit to it ?? it's really strange it's unfair towards other teams ; what if France or Ireland players want to perform their own dance or show ?
  2. Two singles , actually i went small stake on Uruguay and "big" stakes on Namibia so hope i am wrong about the law of average 😂 , no luck on the cards may be tonight will be more fruitful. Last time NZ - Namibia played was the 2019WC with 71-9 score , may be this time it will be similar ; 4 years ago NZ was stronger than this year but then again them having lost their 1st match they re gonna be really pumped up ; still i'ill sprinkle a bit of money on +65pts at 2.90
  3. Bookies sure got odds wrong on France Uruguay , even though France played like rubbish it should have been more like +30 than +52. I expect NZ to come out steam rolling since they lost their 1st match they will be super motivated and focused like crazy ; still hopefully they score less then 5 converted tries in the 1st half , Namibia against Italy managed to lose the 1st half only 17-8 so hopefully they can resist against NZ to keep them under 30pts or so in the 1st half ; HOWEVER the Uruguay 1st half +26,5 pts was such an easy win the law of average tells me the Namibia 1st half +35,5 might not be that easy.
  4. I took Uruguay 1st half +26,5 and Namibia 1st half +35,5 The big rugby countries have better fitness but from what I saw from Namibia they can "resist" well the 1st half.
  5. Anyone liking Mensik to beat Barrere at 2.10 ? He won his 3 quali games and been serving a lot of aces ; i might split my stake half on 1st set half on ML.
  6. in the final England is a small dog at 2.85 , i am quite surprised i would have thought they'd be favorites at around 2.30 max , England will have one day rest less than Spain , I am thinking of sprinkling small amounts on England to win , England to lift the trophy , England to score first goal
  7. Today British open qualifiers Anyone understands odds on HENDRY against ASIF ? Both players seem as "not so good" as eachother , basically both seem bad , so why is Hendry such a big underdog at 3.00 (or +1,5 frame at 2.10) ?
  8. I just took Pera as well , the whole situation is odd and if she really plays the final today and then flies to Canada she won't be at her best for sure , hopefully the organizers won't push back her match to wednesday haha
  9. few days ago I took Monfils to lose against Griekspoor which he did , today he's playing Eubanks , older guy near retirement playing a young gun which did very very well at Wimbledon so again i'll take Monfils to lose , Eubanks @2.05 for me.
  10. at Prague WTA , Hibino playing semi final right now , if she wins she'll play the final today as well , AND she is in the final of the doubles if she wins her semi i'll take her to lose the doubles final because i guess she'll be focused on her single's final and not the doubles final ; it's a bit random and pure gambling but still ok taking the other doubles team at 2.40
  11. did anyone watch the 17y/o Prizmic Dino at Umag ?? Considering taking his opponent Popyrin at 1,90 who seeing the results of his last two matches also seems in good form.
  12. Vondrousova - Jabeur My first reaction seeing the odds 2.80 on Vondrousova was how is it possible odds are so big on her; this being a final and except if i am wrong she beat opponents as worthy as opponents that Jabeur beat , she already beat Jabeur twice this year on hard , i feel those odds are purely based on public perception of the rankings of the 6th playing against the 42nd. I'll take Vondrousova and will split my betting amount 30% on the 1st set and 70% on final win.
  13. no but my friend (Chinese guy) is one of the organizers , some kind of exhibition matches in Shanghai and Macao , several Chinese brands sponsoring the events.
  14. nothing crazy , for my punterslounge friends snooker fans if anyone wants i'll have more behind the scenes videos
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