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  1. Japan at 3.80 and even more DNB at 2.60 is total value in my eyes. They managed to stand face to face with Germany and Spain so I don't know why they are such underdogs against average Croatia , to me Japan should even be small favorites.
  2. Japan - Croatia , Japan draw no bet at 2.70 seems insanely high , I expected 50/50 even odds ; Croatia is no world beater while Japan even if yes they did lose to Costa Rica has proved they can score and stand face to face with top teams.
  3. The first thing that came to my mind seeing the opening match of this multi-billion event / investment by Qatar was Qatar playing one of the medium weaker teams of the WC is that Qatar was going to fix the match at least not to lose; had they played Netherlands on the opening day and not lost no one would believe it. Remember South Korea 2002 world cup when the referee (from Ecuador lol) rather openly fixed the game for South Korea against Italy and Spain? At the begining of the year Ecuador managed 1-1 against both Argentina and Brazil which is quite impressive so initially I was tempted by the 2.30 odds but too afraid of the Qatar thing so all in all I won't bet on this game. Anyway good luck to all and of course I might be totally wrong.
  4. Damn at the end of the 2nd set Djoko seemed so out of it , nearly as if he was gonna pass out during the tie break, and he then went on to win the 3rd , Wonder how his fitness will be tomorrow??
  5. When watching a match it's sometimes a bit difficult to understand if a player is losing because he is playing rather bad or because the opponent is playing excessively well. For Nadal - Fritz not taking account ball hitting and pure racket skills I thought pyhiscally and speed wise Nadal was very below par, he is not that young anymore compared to the 22-25 y/o top athletes he is facing; but for a reason or an other of course my opinion could be biased or wrong.
  6. funny i wrote nearly the same thing at the same time
  7. Is it just me or was Nadal absolutely awful against Fritz ??? Totally no fitness and incredibly bad at hitting the ball. Technically I thought he was playing like a player ranked 50 or 60 and in terms of fitness like an out of form player. I am trying to understand if I am right in my observations or if I misjudged the whole match.
  8. How on earth is Rinderknech ranked 42th?? this guy is ridiculously painful to watch it's like watching a bad challenger player
  9. Yesterday I took PNG -26 which ended up being a winner , their first half was really impressive they were fired up full of energy , second half was quite clear they had a lot less energy. At the end of the second half for about 3-4 minutes they managed to stop 3 sets in a row 1 to 10 meters from their try line which is quite achievement. Taking that into account I might take PNG +12 1st half against England, the two things that worry me is they have much less time to rest than England (2 days less) and that the refeering will for me clearly favor England (like it did in their previous games).
  10. watched 3 hours of Ymer to see him lose by the smallest possible margin, 7-5 in the tie break in the third set, trash player.
  11. badosa what a pathetic piece of trash 3-1 up in the 1st to lose it 3-6 , ridiculous
  12. Why is Sinner at 3,10 dog against Coric? Davis Cup is not like a typical tournament but it seems huge Tennis Explorer - Match detail
  13. Pretty sure either Liverpool - Ajax and/or Bayern - Barcelona will go over 3,5 (may be both of course) , i am contemplating which one to take
  14. i agree on Napoli , i feel odds should be 50/50 Napoli having home advantage , i 'll take Napoli draw no bet at 2,70. good luck all
  15. damn awful , pathetic gauff got smashed
  16. i'll be taking Gauff to beat Garcia. Gauff the young American talent should get tons of support from the public, Garcia is on a 12w streak which has to end some time or an other and i feel Gauff is the one to do it.
  17. Kostyuk what a pathetic clown, she waited to be down a set and 0-4 to actually win her first break point, LOL 🤡
  18. yeah that's what i told myself haha , i'll watch it and might bet live, thanks for the reply
  19. any one taking Van Rijthoven to beat Zhang Zhizhen at 2.40 ?? Zhang is on a good run but beating very average players, not much experience on ATP level playing nearly only challengers, and historically Chinese male players don't have particular success in ATP main tour. Van Rijthoven won his 3 first matches in Wimbledon losing 3-1 to Djoko in 4th round and had a very good run a couple of moths ago. Basically all in all I don't understand why odds are not more 50/50 or Van Rijthoven being favorite because of more experience being on the big stage and of playing 5 set matches.
  20. Anyone on Fritz to beat Kyrgios at 2.20? Kyrgios has played a lot of matches this month, considering his personality if things don't go his way he might get frustrated and his kind of "don't care" attitude might show up, Fritz is no push over and playing at home so i was expecting more even odds.
  21. hi, according to your experience how many seconds difference is there between a player winning a point when you are physically there and see it, and the bookie updating the odds that you see on your phone? two seconds? three? thanks
  22. how can ''they'' (i guess you mean the organizers) know you are live betting? if you are in the stands they don't have security guards just come check every single person that is sending a text message or Whatsapp message on their mobile phone? if i had the opportunity to go to a tourney and live bet with 3 or 4 second advantage on the bookie I would try it.
  23. Thanks, happy to see i am not the only one who saw it !!
  24. if anyone watched the last frame, Pinches was trailing by like 45 and only one red left, he managed to put both the red and the white in extremely difficult spots both hidden behind colored balls with other colored balls in between, nearly impossible for Lee to hit the red, Lee after missing the second time Pinches went on to play to score an easy ball, but no way in hell would any player I ever watched would play it because it was obvious it was gonna take Lee six seven or eight attempts with four point penalty every time before actually hitting the red.
  25. Pinches an absolute scumbag , he was leading 3-1 then clearly for whatever reason couldn't care less and played totally recklessly and carelessly , unbelievable crap to watch. Seeing several of his missed shots especially in the last frame i also wouldn't be surprised if he sold the match and him / his relatives had all kinds of bets on Lee.
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