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** February Poker League Result : 1st rosco, 2nd Danshot, 3rd avongirl **
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** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **


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  1. horrible picks from me , next time i'll shut my mouth lol
  2. Opinions on Bingham-Carter?? I only watched Carter and didn't find him very sharp, yesterday he won more cuz Cahill was nervous in the last frame than him actually being above so I am considering taking Bingham. Higgins-Selby should be interesting, it seems as of late the top top guys (Trump, Allen, Ronnie, Selby, Robertson) for whatever reason it is are not that good.
  3. I watched Norrie and he was very impressive , he was hitting back just about anything Rublev was throwing at him , if he was 1,75 or above I would have taken him
  4. Any early opinions on Real Madrid against Liverpool? Real at home (like most top teams) is a bunker, Liverpool lost the first leg 2-5 I am thinking deep in their heart they know they have like 2% chances of qualifiying so I am thinking to take Real ML and Real 1st goal; at home with the home crowd despite the 3 goal advantage they will be fired up and will want to send a message to their future top team opponent.
  5. up 2-1 how did Ding miss that "easy" pink to win the frame and make it 3-1 instead of 2-2 ?? Ridiculous
  6. Yeah that was insane , he wasn't playing a top form O'Sullivan or Trump. For the final I greatly fance Ding , he was up 4-1 being incredibly sharp and steady, then missed an easy ball which ended making lose him the frame resulting in 4-2 whereas it should have been 5-1 , after that he clearly lost focus resulting in 4-4 but then got back on the horse and won 3 in a row. For me it has to be Ding -1,5 ; and I really don't want to influence anyone but I strongly feel Ding should be a bigger fav than that
  7. yes i did but small stakes only so it's not gonna change my destiny, especially since I lost the winnings on football later on in the evening lol 😂 Yesterday Vafaie definately had problems facing pressure, he was playing good but twice he missed a rather easy ball to win two frames (but then so did Trump otherwise Trump would have won) so I don't have the balls to take him today, may be Un-Nooh being at home is on a mission to win this?
  8. Considering the format the "less good" player can much more easily win as long as he manages a break of 4-5 reds before his opponent starts scoring. I am thinking of taking Vafaei to beat Trump and Un-Nooh -1,5 frame to beat Anda but still haven't pulled the trigger yet , I think value lies in taking either the dog either the favorite with handicap but certainly not the favorite straight up.
  9. Fokina against Rublev won the first set , in the second set tie break he was up 6-1 and in exactly 1 min 30 sec he lost the tie break 6-8 , no words to describe this.
  10. Anyone one Lehecka beating Zverev at 1.90? Zverev having a hard time finding his old level of game
  11. ha ha yeah but i didn't have the balls so i played it safe; there is a good reason why "glory belongs to the bold"
  12. i took Krejcikova to win at least 7 games , she already beat Sabalenka which was on a 13 wins streak
  13. I am thinking Murphy wins it , -1,5 frame odds are a bit too low but -2,5 is a bit risky so I am hesitating which to take
  14. Albot won his last match being a 5.70 dog and the previous match being a 2.10 dog, and both "easy wins" 2-0 , so I don't know about betting against him
  15. My bookie Betclic offers Dimitrov over 1,5 aces at 2.20 , while Bet365 has over 2,5 aces at 1.80 Anyone thinks it's good value?? Considering going high stakes
  16. Dimitrov won but I pity anyone who had Deminaur , such a lucky win. Deminaur was leading 3-0 in the 3rd set , Dimitrov came back , tie break , Deminaur leads 3-0 Dimitrov came back to 3-3 , then 6-4 for Deminaur with 2 match points and .............................................................................. Dimitrov won 4 points in a row to win the tie break 8-6 .
  17. Two days ago I took Dimitrov to beat Hurcazk which he did, winning it in 2 tie breaks, rather impressive considering Hurcazk has a huge serve so I'll be taking him again to beat De minaur, even though as stated above De minaur is very athletic and can run like a machine but technically Dimitrov is much sharper. In their last 2 matches at Rotterdam Felix has a much better 1st serve % than Medevedev, their last match against each other dates from over a year ago so personally I don't really take into account the H2H because players evolve over time, especially the younger ones, and after 4 defeats may be it's time for a win since there is not such a huge gap in their level, so i'll go small stakes on Felix at 2.40
  18. Liking Murphy -1.5 frames at 2.10 against Mcgill , Murphy's latest defeats are against top / good players whereas Mcgill latest defeats are against average players
  19. Samsonova - Bencic Samsonova leads 3-0 (matches in 2020 and 2021) , her last 3 matches to reach the final she was at even odds while Bencic had "easier" games being fav at 1.30, 1.35 and 1.45 , so I don't understand why Samsonova is the dog at 2.30 , which seems very tempting to me.
  20. Anyone on Fils beating Halys? Halys has a great serve but that's about all , Fils on a rather impressive run recently
  21. I am also contemplating taking Shelby Rogers but she has played the last 3 days in a row, including two 3 set games the last two days so I am hesitating , I might take her just to win the 1st set.
  22. Barca if i am not wrong has not lost in 13 games , their next loss will most probably happen in an away game sooner or later , Betis DNB at 3.20 seems attractive to me.
  23. for tonight i am betting against the 14 y/o kid Gradinari , his opponent Sarkis is ranked 129th so even if in a single frame anything can happen I still feel the 50/50 odds have value on the adult lol , I am pretty sure his odds will drop by tonight
  24. i got 0 out of 3 lol so no more , odds differential change is too great , goes from 3 to 1.30 in a second or the opposite , too chaotic
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