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** July Naps Competition Result: 1st Gary66, 2nd BBBC, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner tonythepaint. Most Winners Budgie65: **


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  1. Thanks, happy to see i am not the only one who saw it !!
  2. if anyone watched the last frame, Pinches was trailing by like 45 and only one red left, he managed to put both the red and the white in extremely difficult spots both hidden behind colored balls with other colored balls in between, nearly impossible for Lee to hit the red, Lee after missing the second time Pinches went on to play to score an easy ball, but no way in hell would any player I ever watched would play it because it was obvious it was gonna take Lee six seven or eight attempts with four point penalty every time before actually hitting the red.
  3. Pinches an absolute scumbag , he was leading 3-1 then clearly for whatever reason couldn't care less and played totally recklessly and carelessly , unbelievable crap to watch. Seeing several of his missed shots especially in the last frame i also wouldn't be surprised if he sold the match and him / his relatives had all kinds of bets on Lee.
  4. Any opinion on Gojowczyk to beat Paire at 1,65? Gojowczyk is no world beater but considering Paire's I don't care about tennis attitude...and even if Paire actually shows up it's still a kind of 50/50 game.
  5. any insight on Kubler - Thompson on Newport grass ? Kubler had a very decent run at Wimbledon winning 3 quali matches and the 3 next matches, but on the other side Thompson has the more experience and better record on grass.
  6. Slightly dumb question, since it rained and it's so humid, could the grass be slightly damp therefore the ball slower when bouncing off the ground resulting in less aces? Thanks
  7. Any opinion on Cressy to beat Draper at 1,75? He won his last 3 matches as an underdog in straight sets, Draper also won his last 3 in straight sets but beating easier opponents. Haddad Maia is on a 13 game winning streak on grass so it's tempting but it also means she has played a lot of games and might be tired; however yesterday Tsurenko withdrew so yesterday she didn't play which could be a good luck sign for her today?
  8. Murray just beat Kyrgios's huge serve , can he do it again against Berrettini?
  9. i took Germany too , they had so many opportunities I can't believe those bums didn't manage to go 2-0 and that they then conceded that stupid penalty
  10. anyone knows why MERTENS is such a big dog against GAUFF ? I haven't watched them play i just check results on tennisexplorer and i can't figure out why they are not more or less at even odds.
  11. Kerber was awful , she only won because her opponent is a kid with little experience and no mental strength who converted just 1 out of 11 break balls; from what I saw they were both very bad. In next round Kerber is playing Sasnovitch, Sasnovitch is dog @2.10 which after watching how bad Kerber was today seems crazy to me.
  12. very interesting and very good analysis, thank you.
  13. for the record Ugo Humbert just in the 2nd set had a total of 11 break points in 3 games in a row and didn't convert a single one, 0 for 11 and then obviously he got broken straight away; he is so weak mentally he is going on my black list never betting on him again.
  14. i took him too , serving for the match in the 2nd 5-4 30-0 up , lost 4 points in a row to get broken and then... he probably had decided not to reach the 2nd round prior to the match because of RG next week , i wonder how much money his relatives made betting against him when Kwon was at @15 then @5 then @2 hope he gets trashed in the 1st round at RG
  15. Busta absolutely disgusting attitude, he had already decided to lose the game before even going on the court; no idea how he could be in top 20, watching the match i thought i was watching an underdog ranked 100 with odds of 7 or 8 not world 19th with odds of 2.30 ; awful mistake taking him.
  16. thanks for your feedback, that's exactly what i was thinking but you explained it much better then i did lol. i'll go medium stakes on Carreno-Busta hoping Alcaraz is just totally out of gas.
  17. Pablo Carreno Busta won a quick match , the Alcaraz game was a hard fought 3 hours and a half match with tie breaks and tons of deuces. anyone thinking taking Carreno Busta is value simply on the energy / tiredness factor?
  18. anyone taking Monteiro to beat Khachanov at 2.40? Khachanov is the better all around player but Monteiro is a clay specialist and just beat Krajinovic in straight sets as a 2.60 dog.
  19. Personally, i'll wait to watch a few frames before placing a bet. it should be noted that Xintong won his last 2 long games (first to 9 and to 10) while Higgins actually lost his last 2 long games also first to 9 and first to 10; of course we have to take into account their opponents but still it's interesting.
  20. had Kyrgios 1st set, serving for the 1st set and obviously gets broken and then loses the tb , typical rat face man
  21. thanks to both for the feedback on Nadal / Evans.
  22. Nadal in his last match was losing 2 breaks down 2-5 in the 3rd set and came back to win 7-6 which is really impressive but might also show that he is not as sharp as before? Tonight he is playing Daniel Evans which has a good serve, i am thinking to take Evans over 7,5 or 8,5 games, any opinion on that pick?
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