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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
** November Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd andellio, 3rd Craig bluenose, 4th Redphil57. KO Cup Winner vangovin. Most Winners MCLARKE: **


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  1. Hope nobody played Alexandrova. She didn't win a single game on her serve in the 1st set. Won only 2 serves in the second set, had a couple of set points and lost 0:2, lol. She was frustrated already from the first game of the match, seems like smth personal tbh
  2. Didn't find today's matches good for betting but don't think about skipping tomorrow 😀. Out of the strong tournament in Mexico, I will go for Alexandrova and Krejcikova. Also I will add 2 more matches, Sonego and De Minor against Bonzi. Don't think Sonego will loose in 2nd straight tournament in Italy in the first round especially against mostly a clay player in the face of Baes, but who knows. Bonzi is really out of form right now and De Minor seems like a decent bet as well.
  3. Nice call there. Played the early matches yesterday, Thiem, Rublev and Ymer and followed with another bet on Wang and Swiantek at night. Having no idea why the odds for Wang were @2.00. For today I would probably go for Korda, Pospisil in the challanger tour and Swiantek against Pegula. Korda looks like a good bet as he beat Agut and Murray. Against Murray he had a downfall only in the second set but didn't have many problems overall and going 6:1 in the third. Rinderknech played a really, really tough match against Carreno Busta after losing the first set and playing a 18:16 tiebreak in the third. Pospisil seems like a nice match as he is the way more experienced player. For the German this is I believe his deepest run in the challanger tour as he is still playing mostly ITF tournaments. The difference in the levels is huge and playing against an experienced player like Pospisil seems like the end of his run. About Swiantek, Pegula isn't playing bad but Swiantek is almost unbeateable right now. Watching her last 2 matches after the defeat against Kreichikova and she is definetely playing goood winning 81% first serve and beating Gauff 6:0, 6:3. Also everyone knows that she was on 37 matches win streak so @1.45 seems okay. Also wondering if I should go for Felix against Musetti. Watched Felix play and he was doing really well also was 91% on first serve. Musetti beat Sapata and Macdonald. Sapata had a lucky win against Sonego (who was playing terribly, watched the match), and against Macdonald that is having a rough season. The bar is too high with Felix now
  4. Had a great day yesterday with Rublev, Macdonald and Swaintek, hope you got some of the cake. Do you have any decent predictions for today? Everything seems so risky and can't take a decision.
  5. What do you guys think about Rublev and Macdonald (low odds but in a combo it's at around ~@2.00 odds with bigger bet)? Passaro against Macdonald has only 2 mathes on hard court that are not ITF 15 tournamets. Don't think Rublev will have a problem as well as I watched Ivashka's last match and he barely beat the 41 year old Lopez who pretty much has only his serve left. If you have better ideas for 2 matches around @2.00, I'm all ears.
  6. He had a tough match against Thiem in the 1/8 Finals and after that he only played 2 more matches. A pretty easy semifinal and the final in which he had no chance. Plus I think Otte is so out of form rn. Evans seems like a decent match but not sure about Khachanov. Looks like the better player rn at @1.75. Cressy looks out of rhythm and hasn't played well at hard courts this year (only had a decent grass season).
  7. What do you guys think about Khachanov, Cilic and Evans for tomorrow?
  8. Hoping nobody played Potapova today, I didn't either. What do you think about Moutet for tomorrow and Carballes Baena (seems like pretty easy matches for both of them) in the Poland's clay challanger, and Haddad Maia against Bogdan?
  9. What do you guys think about Potapova, Siniakova and Thiem at @2.6 with a decent bet. I think that Potapova is probably going to be a close match but she will win it at the end. Siniakova looks like a good match and Thiem seems to be getting in some rythm after all the injuries. Watched his last match, he had some great winners, can't say that he is really good like years ago but is definetely better than Peniston, I think.
  10. What do yoy guys think about the Women's doubles final? Do you think there might be an upset? Obviously the favourites are Krejcikova amd Siniakova as they are have experience in these matches as they won both the AO and Wimbledon finals. On the other hand, I'm wondering to play over 40.5 games on Ruud - Alcaraz or straight win for the spanish on 1.47. Ruud is great but from what we've seen on this tournament, Alcaraz seems to be on another level in my eyes right now. Ruud played against Berettini who was actually terrible and who is so out of form. Against Khachanov, he had some problems as well in the first set and losing the 3rd afterwards. Alcaraz played three 5 set matches but it doesn't affect him and he is recovering well. About the pressure, Alcaraz handled it damn well against Tiafoe who was playing the tennis of his life and didnt choke for a moment. Alcaraz is so fast on the court and with these hard shots, plus he has so much sports malice in every match that I personally think there is no chance for Ruud, especially if it's a long match.
  11. Exactly yeah. And Tomljanovic played against Badosa which was playing terribly and lost 10 straight games. Anyway would probably go for Fritz.
  12. Guys, what do you think about a bet of Tsitsipas + Rybakina + Kudermetova@ 2.9. Tomljanovic seems to be playing not so bad but she didn't play against really good players except for the win against Badosa and the one a week ago against Kudermetova as well. Is Kudermetova gonna take this match or so I pick Fritz for replacement?
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