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  1. 2 hours ago, Fader said:

    I just think the top guys couldn't care less about this event to be honest. Especially ones that don't need it. Also, no crowd atall. Must be so boring.

    horrible picks from me , next time i'll shut my mouth lol 

  2. Opinions on Bingham-Carter?? I only watched Carter and didn't find him very sharp, yesterday he won more cuz Cahill was nervous in the last frame than him actually being above so I am considering taking Bingham.


    Higgins-Selby  should be interesting, it seems as of late the top top guys (Trump, Allen, Ronnie, Selby, Robertson) for whatever reason it is are not that good.



  3. Any early opinions on Real Madrid against Liverpool?

    Real at home (like most top teams) is a bunker, Liverpool lost the first leg 2-5 I am thinking deep in their heart they know they have like 2% chances of qualifiying so I am thinking to take Real ML and Real 1st goal; at home with the home crowd despite the 3 goal advantage they will be fired up and will want to send a message to their future top team opponent.


  4. Yeah that was insane , he wasn't playing a top form O'Sullivan or Trump.

    For the final I greatly fance Ding , he was up 4-1 being incredibly sharp and steady, then missed an easy ball which ended making lose him the frame resulting in 4-2 whereas it should have been 5-1 , after that he clearly lost focus resulting in 4-4 but then got back on the horse and won 3 in a row.

    For me it has to be Ding -1,5 ; and I really don't want to influence anyone but I strongly feel Ding should be a bigger fav than that 

  5. 12 hours ago, Fader said:

    Your double would have come through in the end then. Hope you went with it. 

    yes i did but small stakes only so it's not gonna change my destiny, especially since I lost the winnings on football later on in the evening lol ? 

    Yesterday Vafaie definately had problems facing pressure, he was playing good but twice he missed a rather easy ball to win two frames (but then so did Trump otherwise Trump would have won) so I don't have the balls to take him today, may be Un-Nooh being at home is on a mission to win this?


  6. Considering the format the "less good" player can much more easily win as long as he manages a break of 4-5 reds before his opponent starts scoring.

    I am thinking of taking Vafaei to beat Trump and Un-Nooh -1,5 frame to beat Anda but still haven't pulled the trigger yet , I think value lies in taking either the dog either the favorite with handicap but certainly not the favorite straight up.

  7. Two days ago I took Dimitrov to beat Hurcazk which he did, winning it in 2 tie breaks,  rather impressive considering Hurcazk has a huge serve so I'll be taking him again to beat De minaur, even though as stated above De minaur is very athletic and can run like a machine but technically Dimitrov is much sharper.


    In their last 2 matches at Rotterdam Felix has a much better 1st serve % than Medevedev, their last match against each other dates from over a year ago so personally I don't really take into account the H2H because players evolve over time, especially the younger ones, and after 4 defeats may be it's time for a win since there is not such a huge gap in their level, so i'll go small stakes on Felix at 2.40 



  8. for tonight i am betting against the 14 y/o kid Gradinari ,

    his opponent Sarkis is ranked 129th so even if in a single frame anything can happen I still feel the 50/50 odds have value on the adult lol , I am pretty sure his odds will drop by tonight

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