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  1. a really fun event

    i'll be betting live , i think there is value in taking a player when he is down by around 20 pts and the winning player loses his turn , probably odds of 2.50 to 3.00 if they were more or less at evens before the start , i'll see if i'll have the balls to bet on that systematically in every game that it happens.

  2. in the 10th after Hawkins hit a fluke on a red he tried to pot the black in a very very difficult spot, in any other situation he would have gone for a defensive snook never would he have tried to pot that black , you could see on his face he did it on purpose to give back the hand to Trump because he felt guilty of scoring that fluke red; and then lose the frame, and then lose the match, pathetic.

  3. 27 minutes ago, george44 said:

    Its a little bit risky I think. Don't forget that Morocco has no against goals except an own goal at this tournament. In addition to that Morocco hadn't any against goal during the qualification round of Africa. Their defense is perfect. France has a lot of choices in hteir offense but If we look at the match against England we 'll see that English managed to limit French 's  offendive momentum.  That's the point also for Morocco. I think it will be a very closed match. If I had to bet to a match like this, I would like to have all the stats by the best. 

    yes I see what you mean, my bet is mostly based on "probability" , Morocco having over-achieved in comparaison to their actual level and strength for me means that they are due for a loss with at least two goals especially with Mbappe's speed.

    Like in tennis if a player ranked 60th beats a guy ranked in the 30th then a guy ranked in the 20th and then again an other guy ranked in the 20th after all this for me his fourth match the likelihood that he gets blown out by a guy ranked 15th is very high, just like the odds suggest, but then of course on the other hand surprises happen all the time.

  4. Since online bookies all have rather low limits on less popular sports like snooker if they fixed games they would have to find ways to bet big amounts, from what I remember HK betting shops don't offer snooker, so did their "organisation" place bets in European countries in betting shops offering snooker? I am French and in France the national lottery offers snooker bets in physical shops, I guess Ladbrokes, Coral and William Hill physical shops in England even more, and then there are all the other European countries.

  5. 14 hours ago, charliepie said:

    No shocks in the 11 games so far, maybe get one or two tonight? It's a bit surprising they've suspended so many Chinese players recently with Bingtao being the latest this morning. They must have some good evidence to back it up you would think...

    I have lived 13 years in Shanghai (got a Masters degree in Chinese) and got many Chinese friends, sports betting there is absolutely insane, even though it is supposed to be illegal there are tons of websites (including Chinese versions of Betway or Bodog for instance) and people bet like mad.

    I used to bet on Chinese football including 2nd league; some of the games I watched live and witnessed some out of the blue situations of obvious match fixing (the goal keeper pretending blantantly to miss a basic pass and score an own goal , 4 goals scored in 5 minutes with the defenders not moving , players running around stupidly ike Benny Hill videos and pretending to slip etc... ) so I have no doubt that the allegations must be true; fixing games when you are the only player deciding the outcome is so easy.

    And the reason I follow snooker is one of my Chinese friends is good friend with Ronnie O'Sullivan and when he went to Shanghai in 2018 I spent several evenings with them.

  6. The first thing that came to my mind seeing the opening match of this multi-billion event / investment by Qatar was Qatar playing one of the medium weaker teams of the WC is that Qatar was going to fix the match at least not to lose; had they played Netherlands on the opening day and not lost no one would believe it.

    Remember South Korea 2002 world cup when the referee (from Ecuador lol) rather openly fixed the game for South Korea against Italy and Spain?

    At the begining of the year Ecuador managed 1-1 against both Argentina and Brazil which is quite impressive so initially I was tempted by the 2.30 odds but too afraid of the Qatar thing so all in all I won't bet on this game.

    Anyway good luck to all and of course I might be totally wrong.

  7. When watching a match it's sometimes a bit difficult to understand if a player is losing because he is playing rather bad or because the opponent is playing excessively well.

    For Nadal - Fritz not taking account ball hitting and pure racket skills I thought pyhiscally and speed wise Nadal was very below par, he is not that young anymore compared to the  22-25 y/o top athletes he is facing; but for a reason or an other of course my opinion could be biased or wrong.

  8. Yesterday I took PNG -26 which ended up being a winner , their first half was really impressive they were fired up full of energy , second half was quite clear they had a lot less energy. At the end of the second half for about 3-4 minutes they managed to stop 3 sets in a row 1 to 10 meters from their try line which is quite achievement.

    Taking that into account I might take PNG +12 1st half against England, the two things that worry me is they have much less time to rest than England (2 days less) and that the refeering will for me clearly favor England (like it did in their previous games).



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