Using odds to predict scores

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I decided to put all of last years data from the English leagues into a spreadsheet to show me which scores were most prevelant depending on the odds of the home team. I came up with the first chart (attached). The odds of the home team are shown at the top (odds according to Bet365), with the number of times each scoreline occurred following downwards. From this I made a second chart showing the percentage of times each scoreline happened, and from that I made the final chart showing the scores ordered in how many times they appeared for teams with those odds (bold and italic numbers are tied with the same colour of box in their column).

Lets take the 1.81-2.00 range of odds and find a game with similar odds for the home team. I'm going to go with Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Alem v Racing de Cordoba (mouthful!) in Argentina at 11.30pm tonight. According to my chart the most likely score is 2-1, with Skybet offering odds of 8.50 on that. But they have lower odds than that on FIVE scores (1-0, 2-0, 0-0, 1-1 and 0-1) suggesting my bet is a "value" bet.

I'm going to take the following bets:

Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Alem v Racing de Cordoba - home odds 1.80; most likely score 2-1; odds 8.00, 4 scores with lower odds

Instituto de Córdoba v Quilmes AC - home odds 1.73; most likely score 1-1; odds 6.5, 1 score with lower odds & 2 with equal

Club San José v Oriente Petrolero - home odds 1.22; most likely score 1-0; odds 11.00, 4 scores with lower odds


I'm going to take that as a £7 patent bet, covering the singles, doubles and treble with £1 each and see what happens!

If one wins I'll either lose 50p or make £1.50 (depending which one), if two win I'll make £63-106 profit and if all three then £847!


Let's see what happens!

scores all leagues 1.png

scores all leagues 2.png

all scores 3.png

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First coupon


Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Alem v Racing de Cordoba - home odds 1.80; most likely score 2-1; odds 8.00

LOST - SCORE 2-0 (HT 1-0)

RANKING OF 2-0: 3rd


Instituto de Córdoba v Quilmes AC - home odds 1.73; most likely score 1-1; odds 6.5

WON - SCORE 1-1 (HT 0-0)

RANKING OF 1-1: 1st


Club San José v Oriente Petrolero - home odds 1.22; most likely score 1-0; odds 11.00

LOST - SCORE 5-0 (HT 1-0)

RANKING OF 5-0: UNPLACED (but was 1st in the 1.0 - 1.2 odds column?)


Will need some tweaks but that's a 50p loss from £7.00. Any suggestions?

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7 hours ago, liero1 said:

Interesting. What I don't get is why do you analyse English Leagues and then start betting on non English leagues.. Surely the market mechanisms can't be transferred 100% across leagues.. ?

I forgot to put in the original post that I also entered all the stats from all major leagues from last season and the table didn't change that much. The sheet I've made has all data for the following leagues from last season:

England & Scotland - top four leagues

Germany, Spain, Italy & France - top two leagues

Holland, Belgium, Portugal Turkey & Greece - top league

Its 7,258 games total.


My theory is that the difference in scores between leagues is negligible. Whilst the quality of player in the English Premier League is overall far higher than the quality of player in the Dutch Eredivisie, the difference in quality between players in their own league remains about the same. For example, a top striker in a top six English team may be "ranked" 85/100, but the defenders he is coming up against are also ranked in the 80-90/100 range. A top striker in Holland may only be "ranked" 65/100, but because the quality of defenders is 60-70/100 the overall difference in quality remains the same. (note that these are rankings I just made up to make my point, they're not based on anything!)

A football match is two halves of 45 minutes for 90 minutes total, with 11 players on each team including 1 goalkeeper, plus a referee. Those are the only facts which remain constant whether the game is being played in England, South Africa, Brazil etc. When looking at statistics, and assuming the quality difference of players in each league is reasonably constant, the same scorelines should occur at approximately the same rate in one league as in another (there are other factors like number of teams in league, number of games etc as well of course, but the main ones are the fact the games are the same length and played under the same rules with a similar quality of players on the pitch).

Another interesting thing I have discovered with spreadsheets is this: assume the following scenario:

Team A is at home to Team B. Team B scores two goals in the first half. The score is 0-2 at half time. In the second half, Team A scores 3 goals to go ahead before Team B equalises. The score finishes 3-3.

In a 20 team league there will be 380 matches. The above scenario will occur approximately the same number of times per season as the season before that. It is impossible (probably) to predict the game in which it will happen, but it is extremely probable that, at some point in the season, it will happen.


15 hours ago, duckmaster said:

Slightly different here: El-Masry v El Daklyeh, home odds 1.75, 3pm Monday (GMT)

Expected score 1-1


1-1 @ 6.00

1-0 @ 5.50

2-0 @ 7.00


£1 each

Anyway this was 1-1 so £3 bet and £6 back, £3 profit

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I have made a new table which converts the percentages into odds.

What to do is look for the home odds column for the team you are interested in. The numbers which correspond to the scores are the ideal odds the bookies should be giving you for that particular score for that particular team. If they're offering higher odds, that's a good bet.

Looking at Liverpool vs Napoli for tomorrow, Liverpools odds are 1.62. So on the 1.61-1.7 column we can see the odds for the following scores are:

1-0 7.05

2-0 9.90

3-0 11.52

4-0 41.25

0-0 15.10

1-1 7.05

0-1 25.00

0-2 66.60

2-1 5.76

1-2 27.17


skybet are offering us:

1-0 10.00 (good!)

2-0 9.50 (bad but only just)

3-0 13.00 (good)

4-0 23.00 (terrible)

0-0 19.00 (good)

1-1 8.00 (good but only just)

0-1 19.00 (bad)

0-2 34.99 (bad)

2-1 8.50 (good)

1-2 15.00 (terrible)


The value bets here appear to be 1-0, 3-0 and 2-1 as Skybet are basically rating the chances of that score happening as lower than my chart suggests they are. i.e. my chart suggests it has a 14.8% chance, Skybets odds suggests it only has a 11.76% chance.

Then again its a Champions League game so not touching it, but just as an example!

ideal  odds.png

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@duckmaster A football match is two halves of 45 minutes for 90 minutes total, with 11 players on each team including 1 goalkeeper, plus a referee.

AHH! that's what it is all about, I was wondering :D

JK, great input here, good inspiration! We should compare your forecast/value calc with a poisson distribution from CGMBet or other resources.

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WEYMOUTH 1-0 10.00 1
ST JOSEPHS 1-0 12.00 1
  2-0 10.00 1
OXFORD CITY 1-0 7.50 0.5
RAVENNA 4-3 101.00 0.5
  5-0 51.00 0.5
  2-2 19.00 0.5
  3-3 81.00 0.5
  4-1 29.00 0.5
SLOUGH 1-0 8.50 0.5
  2-1 7.50 0.5
GIANNA ERMINIO 3-2 29.00 0.5
ABERDEEN 3-2 51.00 1
  0-3 81.00 1
  2-3 81.00 1
  2-1 9.50 0.5
  4-2 101.00 0.5
  4-3 251.00 0.5
  2-2 23.00 0.5
  3-3 151.00 0.5
WESTON SUPER MARE 0-0 13.00 0.5


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Above (and game above that, which finished 2-0) is based on expected odds according to my chart. If bookies odds are at least 50% greater than those odds (i.e. my odds are 10.00, theirs are 15.00), its a half point bet, if bookies odds are 100% more it's a 1 point bet.

13.5 points total... we'll see what happens :eek:hope


edit: in another words, I think the 0.5pts bets are 50% more likely to win as the bookies do, and the 1pt bets are twice as likely. doesn't mean they will of course...

Edited by duckmaster
addition to previous post

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6 hours ago, duckmaster said:
WEYMOUTH 1-0 10.00 1
ST JOSEPHS 1-0 12.00 1
  2-0 10.00 1
OXFORD CITY 1-0 7.50 0.5
RAVENNA 4-3 101.00 0.5
  5-0 51.00 0.5
  2-2 19.00 0.5
  3-3 81.00 0.5
  4-1 29.00 0.5
SLOUGH 1-0 8.50 0.5
  2-1 7.50 0.5
GIANNA ERMINIO 3-2 29.00 0.5
ABERDEEN 3-2 51.00 1
  0-3 81.00 1
  2-3 81.00 1
  2-1 9.50 0.5
  4-2 101.00 0.5
  4-3 251.00 0.5
  2-2 23.00 0.5
  3-3 151.00 0.5
WESTON SUPER MARE 0-0 13.00 0.5


@liero1 mentioned earlier that I looked at stats for certain leagues then bet on others, my theory being that with this market the scores will remain consistent over different leagues... BUT the only bet that won (or even came close!) was Aberdeen in the SPL whose league are in the stats I am gathering the data for!


Will stick to the leagues I've got the data for... so probably no more selections until Friday

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Just trying out with champs league...


REAL MADRID 1-0 10.00 1
  3-2 26.00 0.5
  2-2 23.00 1
  3-3 81.00 1
  0-2 81.00 1
BENFICA 2-0 7.00 0.5
  3-2 34.00 1
  4-0 15.00 0.5
  2-2 23.00 0.5
  3-3 81.00 1
  0-2 51.00 1
MAN CITY 1-0 13.00 1
  4-0 12.00 1
  5-0 19.00 0.5
  5-2 51.00 1
  2-2 21.00 1
  3-3 67.00 1
  0-2 81.00 0.5
  1-3 81.00 1
  2-4 201.00 1
SHAKHTAR 1-0 13.00 1
  4-0 51.00 1
  4-1 34.00 0.5
  5-0 101.00 1
  5-1 81.00 1
  5-2 81.00 1
  3-3 34.00 0.5
  2-4 51.00 1
VALENCIA 3-2 34.00 1
  4-0 67.00 1
  4-1 51.00 1
  5-0 201.00 1
  5-1 151.00 1
  3-3 51.00 0.5
  1-3 26.00 1
  2-3 34.00 0.5
  2-4 81.00 0.5

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    • Bet £10 Get £10 at Mobilebet! £10
      New customers only. Deposit and bet a minimum of £10 on multiple (combo) bets of two or more with min. odds EVENS (2.00). T&C's apply.
    • Acca Boosts! £0
      18+ T&C's apply.
    • £300 Cashback or Win an iPad at Spreadex! £300
      New customers only. Get up to £300 cashback or win an iPad when opening an account and staking £300 on qualifying markets in first 28 days. T&C's apply.
    • €100 Sign Up Offer at Tote Ireland! €100
      New Customers only. Bet €10 & get €10 back! Place your 10th bet & get the average value of first 10 bets back, up to €40 max. Bet €60 in first 4 weeks & get €12.50 back, can repeat 4 times.
    • Grosvenor Sports - Double Odds First Bet! x2
      New customers only. Offer applies to Grosvenor Sports bets only. Max stake £20. Bets made with Odds Boost Token. Neteller & Skrill deposits excluded.
    • Acca Protection at Jenningsbet! £0
      18+ T&C's apply.
    • £10 Free Bet Insurance at Genting Bet! £10
      New customers only. Deposit & bet £10 at odds of Evens (2.00), if first bet loses you get a £10 free bet. Only losing win single part of an each way bet qualifies. Free bet credited within 24 hours of settled qualifying bet and expires in 14 days, with no free bet stake returnable. T&C's apply.
    • £35 Free Bet Bonus at 12Bet! £35
      New customers only. Place 6 bets each with a minimum stake of £10 at min odds of 2.00. Your Bonus Token bonus will be equivalent to your lowest stake during all your qualifying bets. Neteller & Skrill excluded.
    • £30 in Free Bets at 21Bet! £30
      Place 5 bets of £10 or more at 2.00 (EVENS) or higher and receive a £10 free bet. Repeat every 7 days to get a £10 free bet each week forever. UK only.
    • Bet £10 Get £10 if first bet loses at Black Type! £10
      New customers only. £5 Free Bet & £5 Casino Bonus if your first bet loses. Min bet £10 single at evens (2.00) or higher. T&C's apply.
    • £1000 Cashback + 2% Commission at Betdaq! £1000
      Must opt in and use promo code DAQBACK. £1000 cashback offer expires after 30 days.
    • £25 Free Bet Offer at McBookie! £25
      Scottish residents only. First bet must be within 30 days of registering. Min odds of 2.00 (EVENS). Payment restrictions apply. Free bet stake not returned and expires after 7 days.
    • £10 Free Bet at SportingBet! £10
      New customers only. Min deposit £10 at odds of EVENS (2.00). If first bet loses, you'll be refunded up to a £10 free bet. Skrill & Neteller deposits don't qualify. Free bet cannot be withdrawn and expires after 7 days.
    • £10 Free Bet at £10
      New customers only. Deposit and make a first bet of at least £20 at minimum odds of 4/5. Applies to pre-match or in-play single bets only. Should your qualifying bet lose, you will be refunded with a £10 Bonus Token.
    • Marathonbet - Great Odds! £0
      No welcome offer currently.
    • £30 Free Bet at Dafabet! £30
      New customers only. Min bet of £5/€5 at min odds of 1/2 (1.50). Skrill is excluded for this promotion. Dafabet will match the first bet of qualified player up to a maximum of £/€30 if it does not win, as a free bet.
    • No Free Bet at Super Lenny £0
      Super Lenny is not offering a free bet currently, but is UK licensed and worth a look.
    • £28 Bonus at Fun88! £28
      Stake 6 qualifying bets of at least £10. Min odds 2.00, Multis 1.40. Min stake to qualify £10. Contact customer support to request your Bonus token and credited within 24 hours. T&C's apply.
    • £20 Free Bet at Betfair Exchange! £20
      New customers only, bet up to €/£20 on the Exchange and if your first bet loses, we’ll refund you €/£20 in Cash. Bet must be placed in first 7 days of account opening. T&Cs apply.
    • Up to £1000 Acca Bonus at BetEast! £1000
      ALL customers up to a £1000 acca bonus. 4fold accas minimum. Email to claim within 7 days of settlement. T&C's apply.
    • OLE777 - UK Licensed £0
      18+ T&C's apply.
    • £30 Bonus at TLCBet! £30
      ALL customers! Place 6 qualifying bets of £30. Min odds 2.00 and min stake £10. Bonus will be lowest stake of qualifying bets. T&C's apply.
    • Vernons Sports £0
      No sign up offer currently.
    • LeTou Bookmaker £0
      No welcome offer at present.
    • Setantabet - Irish Bookmaker £0
      No welcome offer at the moment.
    • BetVision £0
      No welcome offer.
    Casino 13
    • £200 Bonus + 10 Free Spins at NetBet Casino £200
      New players. £10+ deposit required. No e-wallets/prepaid cards. 30x Playthrough on Bonus and 50x on Free Spins winnings. T&Cs Apply.
    • Up to £1000 Cashback at Rolla Casino £1000
      10% back on net losses, real money bets minus real money wins. Valid 10:00GMT Fri to 10:00GMT Fri. Min £1, Max £1,000. money back credited, every Friday at 10:01GMT. T&C's apply.
    • £300 Bonus + 20 Free Spins at Casumo! £300
      18+. New UK customers only. 100% deposit bonus up to £300. Opt-in required. Minimum deposit £10. 20 Free spins on Starburst game upon registration. 30x wagering requirements apply for bonuses and bonus winnings before withdrawal (game weighting applies). Max bet applies. Terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly,
    • £5 No Deposit Bonus at Energy Casino! £5
      18+ New players only. You must click through Punters Lounge link. Register, then email to get bonus. x50 wagering within 3 days and min £30 withdrawal. Geo restrictions apply. T&C's apply.
    • £250 Bonus & 50 Free Spins! £250
      New players only. 100% deposit bonus up to £250 + 50 Free Spins if depositing min £10. Use Exclusive Code: PUNTER50. NO WAGERING needed on free spins!
    • 10 Free Spins + £200 Bonus! £200
      18+. New customers only, *10 Free Spins on mobile verification (UK Only), 3 day expiry on Free Spins. **100% deposit match up to £200. Available on selected games only. 7-day expiry on Bonus. 40x wagering (max bet £5) before Bonus Balance can be withdrawn. Wagering is with real money first. Game contribution weightings apply to wagering requirements. £10 min deposit + 2.5% fee (min 50p). Not available using Neteller or Skrill. Cash balance withdrawable anytime + £2.50 fee.
    • 25 Free Spins! FREE
      New UK&IRL Customers only. Free Spins can only be played on eligible games. No wagering requirements on winnings. SMS verification required. Opt in required, full T&Cs apply
    • 30 Free Spins! FREE
      New Customers only. One bonus per customer. 30 free spins added to accounts verified by SMS (x1 wagering). Free spins expire within 10 Days & on selected games only.
    • £100 Bonus - William Hill Live Casino! £100
      Opt-in required. Only first deposit qualifies. 100% deposit bonus up to £100, with 70x wagering on Roulette tables only. Min. deposit £10. Max. bonus £100. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. Player, country, currency, game restrictions and terms apply.
    • Up to £200 Bonus! £200
      New players only. Min deposit £20. Wager 40x before withdrawing. Game weighting applies. Max bonus betting limit – slots: £5, other games: 10% of bonus amount. T&Cs apply.
    • Up to £100 Casino Bonus! £100
      Min deposit £10. x45 wagering, Roulette and blackjack 50% weighting. Bonus Valid 7 days. No using Moneybookers/Skrill or Neteller as a payment method.
    • £50 Bonus + 20 Free Spins £50
      New UK&IRE customers only. Deposits made with e-wallets are not valid. Bonus wagering x35 on eligible games. Max winnings from bonus £500. Spins available after bonus is redeemed/lost. 10 per day with no wagering.
    • £400 Slots bonus + 100 Free Spins £400
      New UK&IRE Players only. Min buy-in £20. Bonus wagering 35x on eligible games. Spins available day after bonus is lost/redeemed, 10 per day for 10 days, no wagering.
    Bingo 1
    • Deposit £10, Play with £50 + 15 Free Spins £50
      New players only. Deposit min £10 to get 200% bingo bonus plus 200% games bonus (total max bonus £100) + 15 Free Spins [FS]. One 1st Deposit Bonus available per player. FS available for 7 days , FS wins granted in games bonus after all FS are used and capped at £4. Bonus wins are capped at £100, exc. jp win. To withdraw winnings related to bingo bonus, wager 2 times the deposit + bonus funds. To withdraw games bonus and related winnings, wager 50 times the amount of the bonus; wagering requirements vary by game. Deposits can be withdrawn at any time. Withdrawal restrictions and Further T&Cs apply.
    Poker 1
    • £20 No Deposit Poker Bonus £20
      New players only • £20 free bonus: includes $1 immediate bonus & $31 in tournament tickets • Bonus will be granted gradually throughout 7 days after claiming • Each part of the bonus expires after 24 hrs • Immediate bonus may be withdrawn after a player has accumulated 2.5 bonus points for every $1 of the received bonus amount •This offer may not be combined with any other offer • Wagering requirements vary by game • Withdrawal restrictions & T&Cs apply
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