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  1. never heard of it - what is it?!
  2. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    nice one mate. this still looks promising doesnt it!!
  3. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    I thought you are laying, right? Only thing here - the higher the odds (bookie, pinnacle or whatever), the higher the lay odds on betfair that will impact your whole system.
  4. How great would it be to be able to set up alerts for live games, to define a situation as you described, get an inplay alert and compare offered odds for underdog win versus our probability forecast...
  5. Basketball - 5.50m

    wow.. maybe a sign of some reverting back to the mean ..
  6. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    sure thing, looking promising! i bought a licence for the same tool - any tips how to find those criteria?
  7. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Did you look into restricting the selections to a max price? I like the general idea but the high odds are a bit scary
  8. £500 per week BTTS System

    yes yes yes no no yes no GOOD LUCK!
  9. Using odds to predict scores

    just use google sheets @duckmaster ?
  10. Using odds to predict scores

    @duckmaster A football match is two halves of 45 minutes for 90 minutes total, with 11 players on each team including 1 goalkeeper, plus a referee. AHH! that's what it is all about, I was wondering JK, great input here, good inspiration! We should compare your forecast/value calc with a poisson distribution from CGMBet or other resources.
  11. Basketball - 5.50m

    ah cool. good for you to live in such an amazing country greetz from cold uk
  12. Basketball - 5.50m

    it's just the time. US NBA, what time do you need to be up... Would be good if you could automate that..
  13. Basketball - 5.50m

    Cool thanks. The 4 out of 5 yesterday is pretty good then, good luck!