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  1. Thanks man. Will have a good deep look this week at your file. Amazing work already. Completely agree to everything you said before by the way. And regarding profit / well your ‘technique’ Just needs to be able to be better at the probability prediction than the market. Which in the big picture is impossible. But god knows maybe it does have an angle somewhere.
  2. Very interesting = although, how does this beat the odds (if it beats them at all?). Are you able to use it profitable?
  3. do you know that ANY staking system will not generate profitability. it is the value of the odds.. Also saying doubling stake on 1.5 makes it even.. outch!
  4. Hi, that is a LOT of races done in virtual, I would not have had that patience and gone real a long time ago Well, I would look at the variance, how does your total profit graph look like, think about the feeling you would have at any point with real money. If you feel confident that you can keep your strategy the same with real stakes (many start chasing losses or other non sense), then go for it!! I would start with a bank and then a % per bank as each trade liability, that way you can scale up your stakes automatically, slowly. Would keep that % quite small, like 0.5% of bank.
  5. yea the historic betfair site is crap, never works for me... and I don't think you will find it anywhere else really..
  6. same here just because no replies don't mean no views
  7. Nice one. So what’s are the odds offered though
  8. thanks much appreciated. just curious because I did test something similar (wanted to message you but god knows how that works). Although I did more of an overall performance indicator, taking an average price into account - thinking about your approach, don't you find that mostly for most players you only get a few matches per odds price? e.g. a player might have been priced at 2.5 three times his career but that is way too low of a statistical number to tell us anything no matter if he won 0 or 3 of those..?
  9. Ok cool. So you have one big accumulated performance indicator or so you base it on a certain number of more recent games .. don’t totally get it sorry haha!! can I also ask why u don’t take sp when I think it’s value already. I would just think a 49 ticks is massive and if they go that high they are obv likely to lose? Your results are amazing though so far
  10. Hi. Interesting, so you analysed a players performance versus it’s odds? How many games do you take into account, I assume it’s hard to get both a large enough number to have a clear over/under perform indication and have the data set rather recent so it’s not based on the 90s or something..? Will definitely follow cheers
  11. just do your own? get a software that supports it. like betangel and create bots, it is very easy.
  12. do you back on bookies? If so, they will restrict you quickly