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  1. Very good, let's go! It's not a big amount of bets so the results can easily be simply luck, but who knows!! Also depending on the criteria you could automate this for betfair.. cheers
  2. there is an easy way for anyone to calculate this - (1/P)^N P is your losing % (e.g. if you have odds of 2.0 its 0.5) and N is the number of consecutive losses you want to look at, let's say 4. So it would take STATISTICALLY (1/0.5)^4 = 16 bets to come across a 4-loss streak..
  3. Very nice approach. Is there anything you want to share, e.g. excel workbooks or just wanted to talk about a certain point? 🤷‍♂️
  4. wow very nice, exact criteria please, thanks :)) On the serious note - well, the thing with staking plans is this (many just don't get this) - IF you have a profitable system, the more aggressive your staking is, the higher the profit Doh! . So, the question should not just be whats the highest profit, but what is the draw down I will experience with each staking system, what's the risk strategy behind it. You can't assume the profit will always be green, so what's the red month look like with each staking..
  5. interesting, will keep following. but honestly why do you go all the way down to 1.02.. You will need 50 (!) wins to break even with just one loss..
  6. again, you don't understand anything about odds.. the odds themselves don't represent any kind of value - it is about the selections and data behind it.. if 1.09 got value i bet, if 10.50 got value i bet.
  7. well done coming out with a profit though, that's already better than 98% of all people
  8. one time maybe yes maybe no. long term no, if you haven't looked at much more data and games.. don't know where to start explaining. maybe try to read more about odds and what probabilities they imply and how you get a higher hit rate than that probability implied...
  9. does not make ANY sense, please read more about martingale and how it will bust you in a foreseeable future. just friendly advice - do this and you will go bust soon.
  10. I would second that but with a twist - staking makes people to bust quickly whereas with a sensible staking plan (%!!) that would have taken much longer 🤭👍