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  1. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Todays selections Currently no selection meeting requirements in League 2 ( will post if early game makes any significant changes) need to update todays premiership games to see if there is a selection for tomorrow
  2. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Another one for today Having a bit of a bad run at present will give another update after next weeks games
  3. From Top to Bottom

    @Xtc12 Hi there I would need to look at the back testing results to decide on a staking plan but from what I have checked so far it would be 2 singles
  4. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    This weekends selections Not seen this before but 2 selections in League 1 today
  5. From Top to Bottom

    Hi There @Xtc12 Been following your thread for a while now and have found it quite interesting I like the different approach so I have been looking at something similar you may be interested in. I like to use home form tables and away form tables when making selections so he is my take on your idea ( I have only checked approx 10 weeks but will investigate further once i have time) Below are the games played 1st week in January the rules are quite simple First there must be a least 70% of games played in the division and there must be at least 2 divisions playing so below I have split them into Premiership and Championship and league 1 and league 2 to fin selections subtract away position from home position noting the highest difference so below Cardiff v Tottenham 13 Blackburn v West Brom 14 Nottm Forest v Leeds 14 we have 2 in Championship and only need one we select the the game where the HOME team has the higher BTTS average( 58% Blackburn) from the two selections Select the Highest Position difference from the two selections giving Blackburn as the selection Do the same for League 1 and League 2 Gives us Bradford v Accrington 13 and Morecambe v Carlise 17 Morecambe is the selection So from the above 2 Bets Home wins 1 winner on the occasions you only get 3 leagues playing then take the two highest differences for the selections When I get chance I will go through the last two seasons that I have But someone may find the idea useful or even be able to elaborate on it Keep up the good work It nice to see Forum users sticking to their selection methods and posting every week win or lose Hope the idea makes sense and can be followed
  6. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    There is a selection for today note no selections for the weekend (not enough games being played)
  7. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Lets see what the New Year Brings Premiership will be posted once the early results have been entered
  8. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Here are the next set of selections for anyone who is still interested Approx halfway through the season and showing a small profit
  9. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Premiership Selection for today
  10. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Hi All selections for today I will post Premiership (if there is one After the 3:00pm games have finished
  11. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Championship Sunday 1:30
  12. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Today's selections note championship selection may change once todays results have been entered will post once results have been entered
  13. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Today's selection After entering yesterdays results there is no selection for Championship
  14. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Quick update Newport v MK Dons postponed New selection is Notts County v Tranmere Over 2.5
  15. Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

    Morning All Only League 1 and 2 so far as Premiership and Championship picks are Sunday and Monday so selections may change I will update once early games data has been updated