** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Well that the season finished in total there were 140 selections with 76 winners to 1 pt level stakes there was a small loss of 3.45pts ( this would have been improved by finding best prices available I only used prices from Sportsbook and W Hill) Breakdown by league Premiership 28 selections 17 winners with a loss of 0.63pts Championship 38 selections 21 winners with a loss of 0.95pts League 1 39 selections 17 winners with a loss of 7.78pts League 2 35 selections 21 winners with a profit of 5.91pts If you had only backed selections that were evens or greater 32 selections 17 winners profit of 3.47pts The work now begins on next season I will start a new thread for that
  2. Final Selection for this season. Its been a long road but the Data collected will be analysed during the closed season With a view to getting something in place for next season. Hope you have enjoyed the journey and for those who created their own leagues perhaps you have learnt something Any ideas or suggestions will be welcomed Will post P/L after results have been entered
  3. They Have a great forum with loads of tips and ideas plus loads of vba code which you can use / modify to suit your needs Note if you are not familiar with using vba then everything can be done from the excel sheet Good luck
  4. Have a look at Gruss they give you a free trial
  5. Today's Championship selection ( depending on early results we may have a selection in Premiership will post later)
  6. Saturdays selections Will post Sunday once early results have been added
  7. Picks for today and tomorrow (any changes I will update later
  8. @scream2012Hi there there new rating method is still in development stage and currently isn't available I will be back testing it during the close season and may have everything up and running for the start of next season
  9. There is one for today Just for info it is also selected by the new rating system
  10. @tryerHi there I now see the enormity of your issue and to be honest it is too complex for my vba skills there are too many variables firstly you have the date then you have the team then you have the Calculated ELO rating that need to be carried forward for each Date/Team. Have you considered trying one of the dedicated VBA help sites ( Mr Excel, Stackoverflow ect) I have used these sites in the past to learn what little I know about VBA or there maybe someone on this forum with skills far greater than mine who can help Sorry I could not be of assistance on this occasion but good luck with your quest
  11. @tryerSo Image 1 is showing all past results and image 2 is showing current games with results added Is that correct? I am just trying to understand how your sheet works do you manually enter the upcoming games and then add the result to image 1 or are you copying data from a site to populate image 1
  12. @tryerHi There could you give me an example of a league where you would enter results (A screen shot will give me an Idea where to start and can you make sure it is showing columns and rows) something like below how many leagues do you do? do you want it just in excel or stand alone with a userform? I would assume that the vba formula would need to check your current ELO to calculate the New ELO once results have been entered (hope that makes sense) if you were to add extra sheets to your current model couldn't you just use formulas to pull your current data to create your ratings?
  13. @tryerHi there depending on what format your current model is in and how you display and update it I may be able to help or point you in the right direction. I am by no means a vba programmer but my program uses excel and displays and updates the data from a user form driven by vba is this the type of thing you are looking for? Kentucky110
  14. Below are Saturdays selections ( will post Premiership when results have been added) Word of warning here the Portsmouth v Rochdale game has a negative rating on the new rating system which could indicate a low scoring game the selection will still be added to the final results at the end of the season Just for info the Crewe v Notts County game is also selected by the new rating system
  15. Selection for Tuesday Just for info the Selection will be recorded as a bet so at the end of the season I can give a full update on P/L The new selection method which I will be using next season picks this game as a under 2.5 (be interesting to see the outcome)
  16. This weeks round 33 is spread over the below dates with other "catch up Games" being played This is due to FA Cup semi finals being played over the weekend To avoid any confusion I will not be posting selections for Premiership Round 33 but will add results of games played this week ready for Round 34. Championship and Leagues 1 and 2 will be posted
  17. This weekends selections If there are any changes to selection After results have been entered then I will update later Note 2 Games with the same Rating in League 1 Just for info the new rating method also picks the Bury game
  18. @alani42Sorry I cannot post the excel 1. It is all generated in VBA (so it will only update from the user form) 2. It also contains lots of other data which I am unwilling to reveal (currently) If you require help in creating your own sheet and need help with formulas then please ask and I will assist where possible if you checkout the link posted 13th March this should give you a good starting point
  19. @note3userAll the info you see has been created in excel It is just displayed using User forms and VBA. (I prefer User forms to display my Data) The same info can be created using the basic info in the sheet that you have been using to create over 2.5 selections A small example is shown below
  20. For those that are interested I have been working on a new Selection method for next season which I hope will perform a bit better than I have done so far this season ( That being said all selections backed are only showing a loss of 3.85pts from 112 selections)The above stat has convinced me that there is hope in the selection method. The new selections will be rated using the same criteria as the original i.e 3 lowest pts from both home and away but it will use a new rating method (Highest being the selection) The new Rating method will use Goals per game and Points per game this combined with table positions and games being won give the selection Back testing over the last 2 seasons is looking promising although it does not always make a selection even when their are enough qualifying games in the round.(for my own personal use it also displays Home and away stats for the game when a Game is clicked in the list) see below image I will carry on posting the original selections as promised until the end of the season. Hopefully I will be able to start next season with the new selection method more than likely under a different thread any comments or ideas are welcome
  21. @note3user Yes I was unlucky also as Colchester had a goal disallowed Just one query re your La Liga 2 selections You are only showing 5 games rated and I recommend that a minimum of 70% of the games should be rated in the round and in round 31 of the league there should be 11 games rated ( 1 game tonight) with there being 22 teams in the league I would recommend that a minimum of 8 games must be played (70% of 11 possible matches = 7.7) and all games even the ones that have been played should be included as previous results can alter the ratings