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  1. Ok sorry about that I will sort it now
  2. Hi all I enclose Today`s racing which is based on points given to each horse.Points are given to each horse based on criteria ofTop SpeedGoingC / D / BFRacing Post Ratinghandicaps races only based on same criteria but with races 10 or less runners.
  3. @froment That is spot on 100% what i was looking for Thanks very much, Hope members on here will now play with the settings and maybe leave some feedback on what they found to be a good setting to use
  4. Thanks Froment job well done, Is it possible with the excel that it can highlight the ones for a selection to have a bet on Cheers
  5. That's sounds a good ideal I like the look of your software in the screen shot
  6. Well unlucky not win 1 missed penalty 1 goal disallowed Ended 1 - 0
  7. @Kentucky110 Not been following its the first time I made the sheet for National League Yeah evens was the odds so be good if it wins good value.
  8. Hi had a small bet on the Preston match which won
  9. Hi @Kentucky110 Today I have this does yours match this
  10. Hi thanks for the advice, I only made them as well if anyone wants any of them they can get in touch with me
  11. Morning cheers all sorted now, I got carried away and made another 15 leagues lol