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  1. How would you say your systems have been doing lately? I can start following after the 1st. Been missing out a lot of evening games.
  2. Been away for a while. Working at nights keeps me off the NBA games. Glad to see you are still tweaking your system. I haven't had a chance to watch many games lately but start a new job on March 1st so hopefully that will allow me to catch up.
  3. Thank you for the chart. It does come in handy when I’m trying to add quickly. You use a different one for the NBA correct?
  4. Keep tweaking it. You've got a creative mind for this stuff. I'm confident you'll come up with something. I'm back to the drawing board as they say.
  5. Looks like a productive night for you. I've been working nights so haven't had a chance to play on the NBA.
  6. Its hard being patient waiting on the right game. So many times it's a no play because the bookie's total is higher than mine.
  7. Good advice. Just need to find the right system.. Are you using the system you mentioned earlier at the 5 minute mark?
  8. Hope you're seeing good results with you system.
  9. Great results so far. I've abandoned my strategy for now. Still trying to tweak it. Sounds like you are on to something.
  10. They are lighting it up right now. I had the over at 147.5 and i had the under in Maryland/Wisconsin 131.5. Whew, just made that one.