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  1. Basketball - 5.50m

    How's your night so far?
  2. Basketball - 5.50m

    How would you say your systems have been doing lately? I can start following after the 1st. Been missing out a lot of evening games.
  3. Basketball - 5.50m

    Been away for a while. Working at nights keeps me off the NBA games. Glad to see you are still tweaking your system. I haven't had a chance to watch many games lately but start a new job on March 1st so hopefully that will allow me to catch up.
  4. Basketball - 5.50m

    Thank you for the chart. It does come in handy when I’m trying to add quickly. You use a different one for the NBA correct?
  5. Basketball - 5.50m

    Keep tweaking it. You've got a creative mind for this stuff. I'm confident you'll come up with something. I'm back to the drawing board as they say.
  6. Basketball - 5.50m

    Looks like a productive night for you. I've been working nights so haven't had a chance to play on the NBA.
  7. Basketball - 5.50m

    Its hard being patient waiting on the right game. So many times it's a no play because the bookie's total is higher than mine.
  8. Basketball - 5.50m

    Good advice. Just need to find the right system.. Are you using the system you mentioned earlier at the 5 minute mark?
  9. Basketball - 5.50m

    Hope you're seeing good results with you system.
  10. Basketball - 5.50m

    good luck
  11. Basketball - 5.50m

    Great results so far. I've abandoned my strategy for now. Still trying to tweak it. Sounds like you are on to something.
  12. Basketball - 5.50m

    Good luck
  13. Basketball - 5.50m

    Sounds like you had a good night.
  14. Basketball - 5.50m

    Scary but i have ATL/UT over 245.5
  15. Basketball - 5.50m

    They are lighting it up right now. I had the over at 147.5 and i had the under in Maryland/Wisconsin 131.5. Whew, just made that one.