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  1. Basketball - 5.50m

    Still working on the right numbers for the various leagues. My thinking is to wait until the 3.0 minute mark of any basketball game and take the under but that has been inconsistent. More winners than losers but not sufficient enough margin for steady profits. I'm using the formula I stated previously but it seems every game keeps coming under and I might as well not try to figure out the score and just take the under but as I said that doesn't produce enough winners for my taste I'll use your suggested 17 points at the 3.0 mark for the NBA but do you have an idea what number to use for college basketball or European leagues?
  2. Basketball - 5.50m

    Thanks McNamara. I think the number varies depending on the skill of the league. I have been adding a few more points when watching the NBA and I'll try 17 for college basketball and international games. I also thought about adding a few points if the difference is scores is 6 points or less thinking there would be a few more stoppages due to fouls and the extra incentive to win. What do you think?
  3. Basketball - 5.50m

    Thanks for updating this. I've been playing around with jumping in on basketball games with 3.10 left in the 4th quarter. been figuring out the points per minute scored and then multiplying it out to see what the predicted total score would be. Not bad so far.
  4. Basketball - 5.50m

    The last 3 games went 2-1. TOR/POR at 5.50 score was 210 under was 236.5- Loss OKC/DEN at 5.50 score was 184 under was 212.5- Win GS/SAC at 5.50 score was 226 under was 257.5- Win 4-5 on the night.
  5. Soccer Predictions (Software Base)

    Will you continue to post your picks in here? Enjoy following along.
  6. Basketball - 5.50m

    I missed the Dallas/PHX game but great night last night. Big card tonight. GL
  7. Basketball - 5.50m

    I was able to get a couple of the early games last night. NYK/CLE at 5.50 score was 192 under was 221.5 -Won BKN/PHI at 5.50 score was 206 under was 236.5- Loss BOS/WAS at 5.50 score was 189 under was 215.5 -Loss DET/CHA at 5.50 score was 192 under was 221.5 -Win Split 2-2
  8. Basketball - 5.50m

    Thanks. I think some leagues are better to play than others. I've been jumping around using the system on all kinds of games from women's college to U21. I think I'll stay with NBA and a few other leagues. Great stuff though. How did you come across this?
  9. Basketball - 5.50m

    Like you McNamara, I was only able to watch the LA Clipper game which was a win. What other games did you watch in which you had 16 wins and 2 losses? Was it European basketball? If so, what leagues do you apply this method to?
  10. Basketball - 5.50m

    I know it's hard to stay glued to the computer when life is happening. NO/BOSS at 5.50 score 186 under was 212.5- Loss CLE/MIL at 5.50 score 175 under was 203.5 - Win SAC/CHI at 5.50 score 180 under was 208.5- Win UT/OKC at 5.50 score 194 under was 233.5- Loss ORL/DAL at 5.50 didn't record score but under was 183.5-Win MEM/DEN at 5.50 score 182 under was 209.5-Win LAC/PHX at 5.50 score was 199 under was 229.5-L (this was a big winner until they tied it up in the final seconds and went into OT)
  11. Basketball - 5.50m

    Ok, so we ended up 6-5 with one game losing by .5 point and another we had it easily but it went into OT. Still a good day.
  12. Basketball - 5.50m

    5-4 with 2 games left. C'mon, need these last two.
  13. Using odds to predict scores

    Great work. This is really interesting.
  14. Basketball - 5.50m

    Great stuff. I used it last night on USA college basketball and even women's college basketball. It works. Pretty amazing. However, living in the states we are unable to set up an account with Bet365. Have to settle for watching and testing until gambling becomes legal in all of US.