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  1. "Well it doesn't say "decimal" odds!" .............Pedantic eh Try reading about Occums Razor Your explanation fits So does Stake minus 1 (so why would this not be correct) So do several other math equations you could concoct No other site I have known or do know does it either way like that .
  2. What does it say @ the top of the table , If I see decimal advised odds that is what they are advised at.( Sort of a giveaway is it not) Or could it be Stake minus 1 etc etc etc , if you want to go down that route ?
  3. Just where is this mythical 9/1 as all the odds in the table are decimal. So if you can do the math as you say why is the Monthly profit 17pts when it should be 1pt as posted on the table . (note the word profit not return) Do the math Or is that just an error . Seems this error Has been going on since the tables were put up, cant have Sir Hugh looking like the usual crap tipster can we .
  4. The point is the stake is added to the winnings then the total winnings are classed as that. decimal odds 6 wins is 6 returned not 6 profit which is included at the end of the month profit. The actual profit for that month was 1 pt not 17 as stated . Go through all the other months exactly the same , conning the stupid Do the maths
  5. A bit of due diligence should be taken before following Shysters my bad 'tipsters' I meant. They fluff up there records (no surprise there then) thats if they even bother to update them (how difficult can that be 'cough cough') Ive highlighted what no one seems to have noticed about Sir Hugh's results (more fluffing than on a gangbang porno) He claims 17 points in Feb 2021 Hmmmmmm Answers on a postcard to Alltipstersareshysters.com NB The pic above is just a sample of Feb 2021 results the full results for feb are HERE
  6. Harrys Hero 8.18pts @ 3.25 Exquisitely 11.82pts @ 2.25
  7. Friday Divine Libra 7.91pts @ 2.75 Pocket the Packet 12.09pts @ 1.8
  8. Libre Office is the better of the 2 I am an engineer only use what you need If I was using either Id put them on a pen drive and use when needed keep the free space on my puter. Your talking to someone with a modified 2 terabyte 4k firestick (no buffering and need for a cache cleaner for me)
  9. I mentioned wps spreadsheet purely as its less bloated software and I dont know how much space he has on his device.
  10. Bit of advice, you can take it or leave it, Learn how to use excel first rather than programming (python is usually the preferred language) Only learn what you need (there's no point filling your head how to do stuff you wont use,if you need certain formulas later learn them then ) DON'T BUY Excel for Dummies, Excel in 24 hrs , Beginners guides to Excel etc etc , Get an Excel for Kids book ( pref 10-12 age group) you'll learn most of what you need a lot quicker ( the basics) Try WPS OFFICE SPREADSHEET if you dont have excel (looks and works similar to excel, not as good but a good enough starting point) Its worth the effort G'Luck VT
  11. Whatever calculations you can do with a pen & paper you can do with a computer a lot quicker
  12. Isn't that a tad contradictory as he must have used rigid diagnostics (dogmatic beliefs) to come up with his conclusion therefore making his own predictions less accurate. More bullshit for the masses
  13. Lennys spirit 5th @ 16/1 Peachy Carneham 4th Close but no cigar
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