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  1. Admin step in please…… Couldn’t agree more. There is a lot of honest, hard work and dedication goes into the posts on here and it’s always an interesting read. We don’t need this nonsense clogging up the forum. I know we don’t have to read it but it’s an irritating aside that I’m sure the majority can do without.
  2. Maria's a bit like Van Der Wheil. You either believe it or you don't believe it. Personally I don't believe that either were as successful as they would like us to believe. I never saw any before the race predictions from either although they were both very wise after an event. Plenty of people have spent an awful lot of time and research on the 'Flying Dutchman' so they must think it's all worth the effort. I prefer more simple strategies which are also less time consuming. At the end of the day if you can consistently win above the average minimum wage at this game you are doing well. The pleasure is in the action and the joy is when you are proved right. Infrequently for me, unfortunately but I do better now that I can read the research of some of the sages on this forum. Thanks, guys and gals.
  3. I think it's fair to say that our suspicions have been confirmed. Laying long term is the hardest game in gambling.
  4. Nigel Taylor (FORMCAST) has gone and now Sam Turner (Robin Goodfellow) has departed from the racing pages of the Daily Mail. Has anybody any idea who might be taking over from Sam, if anybody, or are they just going to share the job amongst the tea boys and cut and paste artists that they currently employ. FORMCAST has not been replaced and you need super powered specs to read the minuscule print words on the ever diminishing racing pages. This used to be my number one resource but is now just a shadow of what it used to be. Such a shame.
  5. Thanks and well done to all who took part. How you find and name some of those winners is beyond me! And, of course, thanks to MCLARKE whose meticulous record keeping makes it all so easy to follow.
  6. '+32.4 units profit now (using BSP net of 2% commission)' then three losers Friday and three losers Tuesday I reckon brings the 'profit' to less than 29 units. Can you confirm that we're no longer backing to win £30 but that we're backing 1 pt level stakes and, on that basis the system is currently 26 points up or are my calculations out? I'm confused. Anyway, thanks for the postings and good luck with your selections.
  7. You post some amazing stats Mc. Thanks for that. I find them all fascinating and wish I had access to a database such as yours. As a matter of interest, which forecast do you use to gather the favourite information? I’m also following your Cheltenham stats with great interest. Thank you for all the information and for all the hard work that you put in. I hope it yields some good profits for you.
  8. Those were the days. Smoky atmosphere, exciting commentaries, days before tax and the infernal machines. A mix of ‘interesting’ characters, Sporting Chronicle, ‘real’ Sporting Life on the walls for us to read. Happy days, indeed. Gone forever. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, for sure.
  9. Brilliant Ebor, Brig. Fantastic insight and a terrific profit. Thanks for your hard work and well done! Whatever the outcomes you always give us an interesting read and I always look forward to your analysis.
  10. ‘i will be stunned if Alpinista gets beat in this’. Superb analysis and your confidence assured my bet. I hope you got the 9/4. Thanks and well done Zilzalian. Yalwen
  11. £1.30 for Saturday edition. £1.90 for Sunday’s paper. The rule of diminishing returns. The end is nigh for paper editions of newspapers, sadly. I don’t wonder at those prices. Most of the information that we used to rely on is now available on line for free.
  12. Yalwen

    Quick System

    ‘I think your meticulous record keeping is a excellent example for many on this site’. I could not agree more. Keep going, ralphie and thanks for all the hard work. It is appreciated.
  13. Thank you both so much. Greatly appreciated, and the Dunces cap has now been removed from my head. It’s how we learn.
  14. This is an interesting and fascinating post. I have been using the RaceAdvisor site for some time and believe that when combined with At The Races it’s the best free online information there is. I am puzzled, though. You obviously do extensive research and I try to do that too, what with spreadsheets and other daily betting chores but I am wondering how you calculate the ‘price differential’ to such precision as 267%. Would you be prepared to show us how as I don’t think I have come across it before. Anyway, MCCLARKE good luck with your odds on venture and thanks for your post which I always find balanced and interesting. Yalwen
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